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  1. WEll, i bought on its first launch in ma city, and it absolutely gives a pleasure on riding ... one thing in it is really adorable due to its suspensions, gives more comfort in Off-road Motocross type riding..! and sounds great..! One of best bike i have observed..and im loving it to drive..!! and also its speed is nice as compare to similar segment other bikes..! and very quick responsive gearbox even needs a sixth gear..! only one problem is this bike, the front mask is really delicate and have to prevent it from any side impact..!! overall nice bike in India..
  2. Its..just something looking like X6, but ..really great design features as it is derived from BMW's very new high-end Seven series car..!
  3. Hyundai's one of the newest innovation for the GENESIS is gonna rock to beat its rivals specially to BMW, Mercedes, and many others in its segments, but this car really considered to be greatest innovative sedan, as a top notch sports sedan.
  4. This could be 'Elegante'>>> Tata Motors, aren
  5. yeah..!.. Hola.. and even..i got to...know..about the Matiz..the people drive this daewoo,,is the one which rejected by the FIAT..specifically designed for its new 500..!!
  6. Superrbb..!.. Tiny Fiat...500 ...would be one of the grt India too. ! Well, after hearing lotz...of voices..about its presence..and awareness of this car, which could lead the Brand name to make on top..! But...people..just see if..this could be a response right from now, that may cause a diversion to the co. being walking on a CBU turn at Indian Manufacturing...amenities...right? So, now..letz..hope...this CAR would be everyone's car..if it is 'made in India' @ just 50% almost cut-price as of now..and..affordable...!!
  7. HOla..!..superb.... AUDI launched....R8..series..super cars. .. And this pic above is really..looking great debut...!
  8. Well guys...I owned the HONDA STUNNER recently...and its really a Stunning bike i've been quoted right here.. The looks are awesome and its pretty much beautiful rather that those BAJAJ's and many other segments in 125 CC bikes... The Real Stunning Quote about the HONDA STUNNER is tat this is a kind of bike which really appeals u lot to drive bcoz of its improved ergonomics and fuel efficiency ofcourse (as claimed about 60+ kmpl by co.). One thing i liked most its ride quality and the peppy engine which could sqeesed on highway rapidly and with lots of pleasure while driving (especially with ur GF !..sitting back on 2nd step seat at back)...
  9. Point out me if i am not correct at some lines, becoz it is really an interesting topic to study and keep such a kind of engineering knowledge in our minds and being an engg student i need to polish my skills by providing some automotive facts.
  10. I 've previously gone thru the BOSE suspension innovation study which is really a one of the kind of great revolution for upcoming Auto companies to implement such a kind of technology being suggested by an Indian and first lucky company "Mercedes" implemented this Technology in their wagons from 1984 . The Bose's Technology for advance suspension management is one of the setup for a Body tilt prevention when a car undergone with irregular surface driving condition where which the whole Body is being controlled and pretends to not tilt at bumps and updown digs too. but the suspension itself controlled by an ECU HUB under which all the suspensions are connected by wire and Mechatronics applications.
  11. The Avensis platform shared by ..Lexus LS series car..! ?
  12. I think this might be in a production...coz on of ma fnd went to the factory ..itself and described about the production has been how can we expect it so much long time by DEC 09 ?
  13. ya recently in august..i also .caught it in ma Pune...being testing at ARAI..when i was leaving from arai...but not posted b'coz..picture was not perfect...
  14. Guys ..if u 've been there at auto expo in Delhi..this year...The concept is already shown and the design of Kizashi was looking superb at that time only..and once i thinked about its launch soon at similar segment and price tag just to compete wid Accord or camry too..!.. does it smoothly..well...just to admid its new variant with lots of Cheers and meant always for a joyful ride..! let see..if suzuki would announce its launch in India..may be next year end.
  15. Honda Would debut JaZZ till mid of 2009, a SuperHatch Variant from HONDA which directly beat to da Skoda Fabia. Its now in a production at Honda Factory and a confidential testing is already been done..too!