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  1. No doubt, an SUV/MPV is the most practical vehicle under Indian road & traffic conditions. Lets forget about the phoren ones as they are priced way beyond the budget of the masses & as someone rightly put it, they are more a lifestyle (ego) statement & would come under the "mall cruiser" variety. For most of us its the locally made SUVs/MPVs. Ive lived for years in UP & travelled extensively in the Himalayas. Very happy with a 4x4 Armada Grand under most conditions. But gotta agree, nothing like the Gypsy King for the Himalayas. Ive gone thru two in a span of 10 years. The width is just ideal for narrow mountain dirt tracks. I now live in Thane & commute to Mumbai daily for work, with the occasional weekend trip into the ghats. I drive a 4x4 Scorpio & am very happy. The high driving stance makes for "very relaxed" bumper to bumper Mumbai traffic. Throw me ur worst potholes BMC/TMC!!!!
  2. Ive been happily using diesel vehicles now for nearly 9 years now. They burn better, hence are more eco friendly & definitely easier on the wallet, what with my frequent Bharat darshans. Keeps the wife smiling too, as I have a few left over by the end of the month to continue putting food on the table.
  3. wheels are like music, man. If you love em, you love em all. For their brilliance, for their quirks & at times for their sheer evil genius, when they decide to go cussid on you.