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  1. Off late, Hyundai is airing two ads in TV, both of which contain noticeable mistakes: 1. Hyundai Test drive: In this ad, a cricket coach advises his boys to prefer Hyundai Test drive over other drive shot of cricket, namely cover drive & leg drive. Now there is nothing called leg drive in cricket: it is called On drive. After airing this ad for many days, Hyundai finally changed the term to On drive. Keen observer can still detect that On drive word has been added afterwards. 2. i20 navigation ad: This actually is an old ad (change the game) in which an executive took his i20 to his office in a lift as parking lot is full. This was first aired when i20 was refreshed and silver centre console was introduced. Now in its new avtar, old car is shown all throughout but in one close up new navigation screen is shown in centre console. Both the above ads portray Hyundai India in a nonchalant way. Among TVC of Auto Cos in India, I always find TML ads very good & interesting (except Aria ad- very simple & unimaginative). While Mahindra ads are very flashy, MSIL ads are inconsistent (some very nice, others so so).
  2. I will take this news with a pinch of salt. Toyota categorically stated that petrol models of Etios & Liva will launch first and diesel models will follow later. Last month ET reported that diesel variants have been postponed till 2012. Toyota recently postponed launch of Liva due to capacity constraint. Now all of a sudden they are planning to diesel variants of both Etios & Liva. What happened to capacity constraint? I still feel Liva petrol will be rolled out first. OT: May be Toyota employed ZooZoo 3G in assembly line.
  3. Strictly between the two, Hunk is better all rounder. It offers very good ride thanks to its gas-filled shock absorber at rear. But CBZ is more fun to ride (Stiffer chassis). As both share same engine from Honda Unicorn with different tuning, FE figures should not vary much.
  4. I have categorized the car sale data as per segment for the last three months. Here are the charts for hatchbacks (if you want me to post chart for other segment also then let me know) (this categorization is unofficial-as per my understanding only)
  5. Launch of Diesel Etios & Liva in next year only: As reported by Hindustan Times: Toyota has deferred the launch of diesel versions of its latest sedan Etios and its small car Liva to next year, as the demand for the sedan has far exceeded the company
  6. Biggest news regarding March'11 sale data is: Honda City: 2773 VW Vento: 3973 Honda City has been dethroned and how. Anyone closely following sales figure saw it coming sooner than later. It was only matter of time for VW to effectively manage supply chain to reduce waiting period of Vento. I do not see City coming back to no. 1 position if VW can keep waiting period of Vento to minimum. Main reason for Vento occupying no.1 position is its diesel heart. Also, till now, City was not threatened by any car with proper badge value (so important for 8-10 Lakh category). Now VW has arrived which can match Honda's brand image. This has made Brio even more important for Honda India.
  7. OT: Hyundai has introduced new i10 and Verna replacement (RB) & new Sonata are in pipeline - all sharing new corporate grill. It is evident that new i20 should be around the corner. So Hyundai will not do much at this point to address all the flaws as mentioned by @creativebala . They would rather concentrate on new i20.
  8. This could be the ultimate hot hatch. However Figo needs to shed its VFM image and should be well equipped. Because VFM conscious people won't buy a 104 BHP car. It will be for enthusiast only who won't mind spending some money for essential features such as Rear Power Window, Steering/seat adjustment etc. We are not supposed to discuss any news here but this news was too good to be leave alone. itssanguine2011-03-25 08:55:40
  9. Fiesta's USP has always been driving pleasure. Space, interior quality etc. have not been its forte. Now with new Fiesta Ford has moved along in the same territory. Fiesta's dynamics beat any other mid segment cars including Linea. But interior space is again at premium. Ditto with interior quality. Some parts look out of place in 8L rupee car. So I doubt that it will sell like hotcake. But it is capable enough to find a niche among enthusiast.
  10. Since you drive a WagonR so we assume that you will want a petrol vehicle only and that too for city driving. Lets analyse our choices in addition to recommendations of Dr. Nishu: 1. Figo: Petrol Figo does not make the cut since requirement is that of a powerful car. Figo has only 70 horses. 2.Punto: Punto is out as it is not the most ideal car for city driving due to its long turning radius and visibility issue caused by A-pillar. Else Punto 1.4 would have been perfect as it is comfortable as well as powerful. You may test drive it. 3.Swift: Spoert suspension set up of Swift may be uncomfortable. Rear leg room is another issue. 4.Ritz: Strong contender. Suggest you to test drive it. Ticks all your boxes. Good engine, roomy interior and soft suspension. As a city car, body roll of Ritz will not be an issue. 5.Polo: Another strong contender. Comfortline model will come in your budget. With adjustable steering, best gearbox among hatch, amazing road manners and comfortable seat, Polo should suit you perfectly. Lets not confuse you further. In case you are not yet confused, Micra is another very good city car.itssanguine2011-03-23 13:24:00
  11. As reported by CNBC, there is going to be a 25% additional tax on diesel vehicles sold only in Delhi. However good news is that CKD duty has been now fixed at 30% instead of earlier stated 60%. Prior to budget duty on CKD vehicles was 10%. Sourceitssanguine2011-03-23 11:48:37
  12. Honda launches the CBR250R in 2 variants. Rs 1.43 & 1.68 lakh respectively ex-Delhi. It will be made and exported worldwide from India and Thailand. Specs: Fuel injected 249.6cc engine with 25bhp power, 6 speed gearbox, Electric-Start. Top spec includes Combined ABS. Available in 3 colours: Silver, Red & Black. Source: Siddharth Vinayak Patnakar via Twitter
  13. Thanks for sharing pictures. But the post is wrong section IMO. It should be in International Scene rather than in Readers Test Team. Anyway, Ford is adopting "One Ford" principle and we can expect to see global cars in India rather than drab looking made for India cars. For example new Fiesta is quite a head turner as compared to earlier made for India Fiesta.
  14. One can not judge a car by engine capacity alone. Although SX-4 has got 1.3 L engine, this VGT engine delivers healthy 90HP. There are many factors that contribute to engine performance. Engine capacity is one of them but not the only parameters. Others such as turbocharging , FGT, VGT, peak power output, torque output, power curve, cylinder no. & configuration etc. So just because Nano has 1.2 L it does not mean that Sx-4 should have a bigger capacity engine. Nano 1.2L may not have turbocharging to cut the cost. Or it may be tuned for offering better efficiency at the cost of performance. Sx-4 engine is very capable and good enough for the car. Only Vento has a better engine in the segment. itssanguine2011-03-20 04:39:49
  15. Mods, I searched but could not find any dedicated thread (like the Official Music Thread) where movies (English & Hindi) can be discussed and opinion/recommendations can be shared. Today, I saw The Next Three Days (2010): Its a thriller movie starring Russel Crow. His performance was dependable as always although nothing spectacular. This movie is about minute planning of Jail-Break. Recommendations: 3/5.
  16. Issue of rear wiper/defogger is an important one and need to be addressed. Lack of fog lamp has always been issue with Honda. Even in City they do not provide any recess in bumper for after market fitments. Fog lamp is available in top variants of City only. IIRC, same is true for Jazz also. But for boot space, I do not think Brio belongs to A Star category. It is longer than A Star by 110mm and wider by 80mm. So it will offer significantly larger boot space. As per ACI data, i10 despite having more compact dimensions than Brio, offers 225 L of trunk volume. We can expect Brio to have atleast same boot space as that of i10 if not more.itssanguine2011-03-19 09:21:38
  17. @DD: very pragmatic point. OT: We may see some variation in price difference of petrol & diesel in near future. Due to Tsunami Japan's economy may take a temporary hit and crude oil price may come down a bit. Accordingly, some relief in Petrol price is possible. Otherwise, until the implementation of UID (which will make direct cash transfer to BPL people possible), price difference between petrol & diesel will only increase with time.
  18. In ACI Jan'11 issue, Hormazd Sorabjee mentioned that starting price of Brio is expected to be Rs. 4.35 Lakh. Last time when ACI speculated about starting price of Polo, they were spot on. Lets hope this time too, ACI will hit bulls eye.
  19. Comparison with peers: All the above cars are petrol variants. Data taken from ACI. For Punto & Vista, 1.4 Saffire version considered while for Polo & Fabia, 1.2 version considered. IMO, Brio will be priced closer to these models. Length, Width & Height is in mm, weight in kg & power in HP. As can be seen from figures, Brio enjoys considerable power to weight ratio advantage. Further Brio could sit 3 person at rear in relative comfort. It can be seen in following pics that edges of body have been scooped out to creat more space at the edge of seat. However, legspace & bootspace can be at premium as Brio is neither very tall nor lengthy. Hope Honda will prove me wrong here.
  20. Congrats @ankur_cars for your new possession. You will have a grand holy this time, i guess . Now its time for a detailed ownership review. What are the cars did you test drive before zeroing on Sx-4 diesel? How do you compare Sx-4 with its peers? How is the beast performing in different habitat i.e. in highway and in city? Diesel avtar should rejuvenate SX-4. Its amazing how Fiat engines seems better tuned for Suzuki cars!
  21. Leading player in compact superzoom digicams, Panasonic has launched new digicam in its TZ (ZS in US) series. In addition to its present flagship TZ 10 (ZS 7) model a new model TZ 20 (ZS 10) with following feature has been launched: 1. 24 mm wide Lecia lense with 16 x zoom. 2. 3" touch screen with touch functionality for Touch Zoom, Touch Auto Focus (AF), Touch Shutter, and Touch Playback features. 3. 3D Photo mode, which creates a 3D stereoscopic image that can viewed on a Panasonic VIERA 3D HDTV. 4. 1920
  22. The interior looks similar to Etios in layout: For example position of HU of stereo, AC vents (by the left side of steering wheel) etc are similar. But this interior looks much more modern and chick. Some nice touches such as speedometer console (would not look out of place even in a sedan), iPod/USB connectivity for stereo, color combination of dash etc. From pictures it appears that there is no prominent hump in the middle for transmission tunnel. Flat floor will add to comfort of rear passengers. The best thing for me would be the engine: 90 HP and 20 kmpl. Couple with Brio's light weight this car should be a pleasure to drive and own. So in which segment would you like to see the car? And how the features should be distributed across the segment? My opinion: S : with Airbag but without alloy, EBD, seat pre tensioner, body coloured door handle, mirror, rear defogger etc. Price = 4.0 L V: with all of the above at 5.5 L As the car would be produced in India, so I believe the car would be cheaper than Thai model. Even Jazz is cheaper in India than in any other countries.
  23. Some information: 1. Same 1.2 iVtech engine of Jazz is being used. Power output: 90 HP and FE of 20 kmpl (may be due to light weight of Brio). 2. Tailgate design is as shown in prototype (single glass). 3.3 tone dashboard: Black chocolate & beige. 4. USB & iPod connectivity is available in double din music system. 5. ABS, EBD, Airbag & seat belt pre tensioner available. 6. 3 variants: S & V-MT & V-AT. 7. Alloy wheel in top model: not sure about safety equipments. 8. 5 colours: Black, Blue, White, Silver & Green (Don't know the fancy trade names!) 9. Price after converting Baht to INR are: S : 5.95 L V- MT: 6.98 L V-AT: 7.56 L We can assume that some of gadget/features will not be available in Indian version so as to keep price below 5.0 L. However engine is expected to be same and would be hoot to drive considering the power to weight ratio of Brio. Some pics: itssanguine2011-03-17 10:34:03