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  1. ^^ In a country as diversified as India this kind of generalized statement (no one will buy a second hand City) does not hold true. I for one will prefer a well maintained City over new Etios any day. Because City will provide me a gem of an engine with modern interior and exciting exterior with arrow shot design. Etios has simple & boring looks, confused & purely utilitarian interior and cost cutting is evident everywhere. It is a car to be bought from head only. My heart won't allow me to chose an Etios, ever. Forget Honda City, I will prefer a pre owned Fiesta S in blue colour over Etios. P.S.: All above statements are my opinion only and not necessarily be echoed by majority of people. -------------------------------------------------------- Back to topic: IMO Liva is a rare car where sedan is conceived first and hatch later. But surprisingly, Liva looks more modern and well proportionate. Sadly, it too will have same boring Etios interiors. Else, it could have been a good competitor of Swift. itssanguine2011-03-16 19:06:12
  2. ^^ +1 to that. Body rattle is a known issue in SX-4. For a through comparison between SX-4 & Vento interiors, you can refer to this month's ACI. Of course the shootout covered in ACI is between diesel variants but both SX-4 & Vento diesels are identical to petrol sibling in terms of exterior & interior.
  3. You can use no registration is required.
  4. @apvkt: Bajaj Auto is going to detach Bajaj tag from Discover, Pulser & Avenger. They are going to develop these as dedicated sub brands with own identity i.e. Discover for commuter , Pulser for stylish & VFM sporty bike while Avenger would be high end (from Bajaj's POV) cruiser brand. It is an interesting thought I will be eager to watch how it unfolds. It might work in future if Baja want to go up in the ladder. As we can see from Maruti & Tata story, it is very difficult shed image of initial models and produce upmarket models later.
  5. Car companies usually resort to discount and other lucrative schemes to boost sell of struggling vehicle. I would like to draw attention of forum members to a different possibility i.e. customization. How it should works: Customer can pick and choose whatever features he/she wants in the car. For example let us suppose that Mr. X does not want fancy stuffs which can retrofitted later such as alloy wheel, stereo, body colored door handle & mirrors, split seating. But he would like ABS, Airbags , tilt steering etc. Normally these features are available in top end only. So to avail these facilities X will have also to pay for other features which are redundant in his view. Now customization will ensure that X would not have to pay for the stuffs he does not want. This effectively will bring the cost of the car down and will be a good deal from X's perspective. This will be possible for models such as Linea, Punto etc who are selling in limited numbers. Manufacturer can resort to this customization process for a limited period to boost interest and sell. However ideally, I would like to have customization in all cars just like Dell laptops.
  6. You make also look at Slingshot+ as well but to be frank Slingshot is no match for CBF Stunner. It is the best 125 cc bike around.
  7. Honda has postponed launch/showcase/preview (whatever...) of Brio on account of Tsunami. First it was Toyota delaying Liva : now its Honda's turn. They were initially playing "pehle mein pehle mein" and now it is "pehle aap pehle aap." source
  8. Good point @cmayur: Linea P Emotion Pk comes in the budget and is a good choice. It comes with all bells and whistle, gorgeous looks and best ride & handling combo. However @asethi has not considered it in his shortlist. Maybe after sale service and gas guzzling nature of safire engine are turn off factors for him.
  9. At 7.24 ex delhi' date=' one should not expect these features.[/quote'] See you completely missed my point. We are not discussing here what features Vento IPL edition should have. We are discussing here the appropriate car for @asethi. If one is investing 7-7.5 Lakh and is not concerned about snob value (so called) of a saloon then Airbags & ABS should be in his priority list. There is no point compromising in safety if you can afford it. As TSiVipul summarized: "why to get a featureless car only for its shape?" I could not have agree more with @TSiVipul.
  10. Vento IPL also missed two important things vis-a-vis Vento Highline: ABS & Airbags.
  11. Japanese automakers Nissan and Mitsubishi today announced partnership that will see the two companies work together on a mini-car project. The joint venture brings together the struggling Mitsubishi Motors with the more successful Nissan brand. As a part of the plan, Nissan has appointed its Senior Vice President Junichi Endo as CEO of the joint-venture, while Mitsubishi Motors Senior Executive Officer will be COO. No details on the vehicle itself have been named, but a mini-car is likely to be smaller than the new Concept Global Small Car that Mitsubishi unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show last week. Of note, Nissan recently had to scrap plans to deliver a vehicle for the Smart brand in North America after a corporate restructuring by Smart parent company Daimler brought development of that car to a halt. source
  12. This car can be at best for promotion only. I don't think anyone with some sense of aesthetics will buy this one. I am for one won't for sure. @Dr. will you please start a poll on this: : Is stock Ritz better than IPL Ritz?
  13. But Etios does not have a diesel heart at present. And will not have one for another year. So its difficult to deduce that this car was made for Taxi market only. On the contrary, engine performance of Etios is very good as compared to its primary competitors such as Manza & Dzire. One does not make cars with good performance for taxi market. But yes, with a diesel heart, base model of Etios would be ideal for taxi market.
  14. I have a feeling that Toyota is preferring Etios over Liva as Toyota is more confident of Liva than Etios. Toyota wants to cash in on Etios hype as much as possible. With a slew of new launches coming up Etios will have a tough time in fighting it out for market share. Not so much problem for Liva. Yes by June, probably new Swift will be launched. But present Swift is already a formidable competitor so launch of new Swift will not change the equation by much. Honda Brio will never reach customer's door before July. So Toyota can safely postpone launch of Liva to June and use the production capacity to garner as much Etios customer as possible itssanguine2011-03-10 11:37:42
  15. Disappointed with looks of Tiguan. An SUV is meant to be muscular with road presence. But this has very formal look as grill & headlamp shared their origin to VW other family cars. But they were cars and this is SUV. I feel Tiguan looks are as out of place as a Bride with red sarees and jewelery would be while dancing in a pub
  16. Microsoft paid Nokia $ 1Billion to use Win 7 platform.Will two loser combined to be a winner? I think its a fair deal for MS but Nokia is risking its future in this deal. Source
  17. Conflicting reports coming up. Today Sirish Chandran tweeted that Brio delivery would as per schedule i.e. Dewali (Nov'11). If Honda is start delivery in Nov'11 so does it make any sense to so called launch it in March'11---- eight months earlier? I am expecting actual delivery to start around July'11. Nov'11 is too late and it will be impossible for Honda to keep the steam of Brio launch alive till Nov'11.
  18. I lost count of number of variants of Discover and Pulser. They do mix-and-match with various variants and create confusion in buyer's mind. It somewhat erodes brand image. Thats why Discover could never be a Splendor or Passion.
  19. Buddy, if Unicorn could not fulfill your requirement than no other 150cc will do. Bajaj, FZ-16 all are shorter than Uni. It also got rear disc as well. IMO as per your requirement, Uni should fits you the best. By the way, IMO among 150cc bikes, both FZ-16 & Uni-D are among the top bikes. But FZ-16 does not have rear brake and little shorter. People with long legs may find it little cramped for long use. As per my experience, Uni is more comfortable for long ride but FZ-16 is more fun specially in city traffic. If I were you, Uni-D would have fit my bill.
  20. I am using now-a-days. It takes some time but gets the job done.itssanguine2011-03-07 16:09:29
  21. As you are concerned about driving pleasure so the only car that is worth waiting for is the New Fiesta. But launch of Fiesta may take another 2-3 months. Combined with an approximated waiting period of 15-30 days, you may not be able to drive a new Fiesta home before July. Further as you would like your car to be feature rich so you should go for top end rather than low end. New Fiesta's top end might exceed your budget. Similarly, top end of Vento should be out of your budget. Considering all points it is advisable that you should go for Polo 1.6 Highline. And spent rest of your money in upgrading ICE. (Get parrot bluetooth system for Kenwood HU of Polo + one good Amp)
  22. Congrats for Polo. Share some Photo of your German beauty. 1. How much did your Music system cost? Attach a photo also. 2. Did you test drive Punto ? I would like to know about steering feel of Polo vis-a-vis Punto. 3.Please share about total cost including accessories. itssanguine2011-03-07 07:42:15
  23. This issue of cancellation shows Toyota in poor light. Toyota should have been candid with customers and give them actual idea of booking period. You can not promise a booking period of one month and ended up by 5-6 months late. OT: Booking period issue is frustrating for any customer. I don't why dealers ended up considerably late vis-a-vis promised delivery date. I mean: any company can keep a central database and generate booking number in real time. With production being almost constant, it is not very difficult to predict delivery period. Delay by an week at the most is acceptable: but by a month or more shows that dealer and company are cooking something else.
  24. After observing Suzuki Swift concept, I kind of beginning to loath present design. How difficult it would be to replicate the front design atleast? Ok, headlamps may be toned down but still it would a very good looker/head turner. May be rear end with spoilers would prove costly and two door is impractical, but still there are many design bits which could have been incorporated in new Swift. It would have differentiate new Swift with old Swift.