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  1. All figures are delivery figure from manufacturer to dealer. Kizashi & Aria: It is difficult to tell whether they have succeeded or failed. Both are aspirational product for their company (MSIL & TML) and part of brand building process. Interestingly, neither company has explicitly specified sales target.
  2. My observations: 1. Honda City: City under attack from Vento & SX-4. However Honda may have hold back some City due to faulty part issue. More clear picture will emerge next month and we can then conclude whether King is about to loose its crown or not. SX-4 sell figure is undoubtedly boosted by diesel engine. Vento is also more diesel oriented. So as far as petrol engine goes City seems to be the better bet. Superb 255 : Accord 242. May be new face-lift will be more helpful next month. All other Honda products have cut sorry figure. 2. Volkswagen: Despite long waiting period & not-so-friendly dealer attitude, VW is marching along. However its early days of Polo & Vento. Actual ownership review/cost will come into picture after a year only. It will be interesting to see if VW can sustain the steam in long run. 3. Nissan Micra: It reminds me of Octavia in early part of last decade. A no-nonsense product selling on its merit alone despite very very weak dealer support. In long run Micra may overcome Beat and may be Ritz as well. 4. Swift: It is surprising that Swift is clocking 10k figure despite being at the fag end of life cycle and new Swift waiting in the wing. Two things may help sale figure: a. New Swift (NS) is not very much different visually and many people consider that it is not worth waiting for another six month for NS. b. Waiting period of Swift: Many people may consider that NS will also attract a long waiting period and so it is better to grab hold of present Swift. itssanguine2011-03-02 06:10:55
  3. Comparison with January'11 sales figure: Make Jan'11 Feb'11 Chevrolet? Optra 296 359 Cruze 715 766 Aveo 240 172 UVA 331 118 Tavera 1691 1554 Spark 3267 2998 Beat 3338 3183 Captiva 91 133 Total 9969 9283 Fiat? Linea : 947 757 Punto : ? 1203 1082 Palio : 24 3? Total 1842 2174 Ford? Figo 8616 7883 Fiesta 1059 1074 Endeavour 351 336 Total 10026 9293 Honda? City 5059 3668 Civic 508 512 Accord 174 242 Jazz 579 400 CRV 38 21 Total 6358 4843 Hyundai? Santro? 4,648 8070 i10? 16,694 15105 i20? 5,773 6834 Accent? 1,317 1224 Verna? 1,858 1241 Sonata? 11 29 Santa Fe? 5 126 Total 30,306 32,629 Mahindra? Logan? 1120 1151 Xylo? 2733 2287 Scorpio? 4304 3924 Bolero? 8463 7161 Marshall, Maxx etc.?588 916 Total 17,208 15,439 Maruti? M800? 1876 2712 Omni? 8059 7756 Alto? 33118 33015 Estilo? 3652 4469 WagonR? 14186 14131 Dzire? 9771 9490 SX4? 2159 3534 Eeco? 5886 5780 Swift? 11353 10936 A-Star? 4124 3657 Ritz? 6046 5882 Kizashi ? 0 25 Gypsy 191 151 GVitara 1 5 Total 1,00,422 1,01,543 Mitsubishi? Ambassador 450 302 Cedia 21 19 Outlander 69 72 Pajero 94 140 Montero 2 11 EVO X 0 1 Total 636 545 Nissan? Micra 1784 2030 X-trail 52 36 Teana 21 14 370Z 0 1 Total 1,857 2,081 Skoda? Laura 630 538 Fabia 1460 1466 Superb 391 255 Yeti 344 253 Total 2,825 2,512 Tata? Nano? 6703 8262 Indica? 10591 10044 Indigo + Manza?8456 8966 Sumo? 2187 2315 Safari? 1796 1850 Aria? 321 173 Venture? 158 299 Total 30,212 31,909 Toyota? Etios 1651 2786 Innova 5284 4515 Corolla 1183 985 Fortuner? 1103 991 Camry? 3 20 Prado? 3 8 Landcruiser?1 3 Prius? 1 0 Total 9,229 9,308 Volvo? S60 0 11 S80? 4 2 XC60? 26 10 XC90? 9 5 Total 39 28 VW? Jetta? 247 201 Beetle? 20 25 Polo? 3,023 3303 Vento? 2,308 3548 Total 5,598 7,077 Analysis is welcome!
  4. Comparison between Liva & Brio: 1. Dimension: Brio: Length 3,610mm x width 1,680mm x height 1,475 mm. Liva: Length 3775mm x width 1695 x height 1490 mm 2. Engine: Brio: 1.2 L engine from Jazz . However power output needs confirmation as it may be detuned (without VTECH?). Live: 1.2 L delivering 80HP. 3. Price: Brio 4.5 L onward. Liva: 4.5 L onward. On paper Brio is smaller that Liva. But I believe Honda do consider Liva as its competitors. Main reason being price and badge value. Brio will be priced similar to Liva and both have top badge value in India. Also as far as space go, Honda is a master of space utilization (machine minimum & man maximum principle) and Brio could well turned out to be as spacious Swift & Punto. Further with Etios sedan competing against Dzire & Manza I don't think Liva is distinctly more premium than Brio. Because Liva will have to undercut Etios as far as pricing goes. And Etios is already a competitively priced car with serious cost cutting. Look and interiors of Etios are nothing to write home about and do not match up to standard of VW, Skoda and Hyundai. Be it single wiper, ultra thin seat with fixed head restrain, dashboard plastic quality Etios is build to a price and is a mass market product rather that premium product. We can safely assume that same will be the case with Liva as well since it has to be cheaper than Etios sedan. Brio too has areas of cost cutting: no conventional dash, seat with fixed seat restrain etc. With Jazz Honda has burned their fingers in India and are playing seriously with Brio. Honda showcased their Brio prototype during launch of Etios in India. Similarly as launch of Liva is getting nearer, Honda is trying to creat some buzz out of Brio by showcasing the car in India on 17th March. When the car will be available to customers only in July-Aug'11 (or may be in Sep-Oct'11 as confirmed earlier) what is the reason of creating so much hoopla. Just to take some steam out of Liva, I guess. IMHO, Honda is serious with Brio and considers Liva as one of the chief competitor.
  5. Any idea, whether the 3 cylinder diesel engine of Pixel will see its day in Nano as well? or a different engine is being developed for Nano. As pointed out by @Dr. Nishu, Pixel seems to be fancy iteration of Nano.
  6. If Fiesta can co-exist with old Fiesta (renamed Fiesta Classic) so new Fiesta hatch can definitely exist alongside Figo. One will target i20, Polo, Jazz category while the other will fight it out with Ritz, Swift & i10. However only thing that is confirmed as of now is arrival of Fiesta sedan. No date available for hatch as of now.
  7. As per NDTV, only showcase will happen on March and actual launch is expected in June-July'11. Honda India has by the way opened a section for Brio in its website and invite details of person interested in Brio for sending update of Brio.
  8. Honda shall showcase Brio in India on 18th March - same day as its Thailand launch. However official launch may not take place before June-July and availability not before Aug-Sep'11. (source is ET & Twitter) I guess Honda is trying to steal some thunder out of soon to be launched Etios Liva- Brio's chief competitor.
  9. Unicorn with its monoshock suspension is very good to drive on highways for a very long period of time. And nothing can beat Honda in terms of quality. Efficiency should be similar. SO if we have sufficient money, Unicorn is the bike to pick. Looks and features of Unicorn are also modern w.r.t. Hunk and this should be added benefit for you. P.S. By Unicorn, I mean Unicorn Dazzler and not old CB Unicorn.
  10. In order of preference: 1. Fiesta: Head turning looks. Best combination of dynamics and engine. 2. Vento: Unmatched build quality and very good engine (second only to Verna in terms of performance on paper). Negative side is arrogant attitude of VW sale & service and unacceptable waiting period. Looks are too similar to junior sibling Polo. 3. Verna : Worst dynamic (going by present Hyundai cars) but scorcher of an engine. Looks are debatable (external ok but interior is so so). 4. SX-4 : Lack of novelty factor: looks are old and wont win any beauty contest. Rattling is an issue.
  11. If pricing of Kizashi (SX-4 Diesel to some extent) is anything to go by, then new Swift might be placed bang into Polo territory. The biggest drawback for me about new Swift is the lack of novelty factor- it is so much similar to present Swift. One might not be tempted to sell out extra 50k or 1L buck just to have a modern interior. Suzuki should be careful with pricing and not be over enthusiastic. Also with present Swift going along nicely, MSIL might take their own sweet time to launch this new Swift.
  12. Suzuki's main test will come now. Response of initial lot of customers: what they feel about of the car, how niggle free is the experience, how dealer handle the affluent customers, how rich the overall experience is etc. If all these aspects are covered then I see some potential Laura customers going to Suzuki stable. Personally, I don't rate brand image of Skoda as a cut above that of Suzuki's. In any case brand image is mostly overrated affair. After all companies with better brand value offers better quality car and thats how a brand is build. So if Suzuki can tick all the boxes and can pamper its customers,then ultimately word of mouth will help it to overcome the drawback of brand image.
  13. Two questions: 1. Will it be a hot hatch: For ultra light Micra, 97 HP should be enough to zoom past Polo 1.6 . But drivability may be an issue since power band may not be linear as usually happen with a smaller capacity engine tuned to increase power output. But more importantly, fun factor may be spoiled by super light steering. 2.Will it make to India? With 1.2 engine, excise benefit will be there. So some hope is still there but I am not entirely optimistic due to very high Compression ratio (our fuel quality may be an issue). However, I wish Nissan put it as flagship Micra with all the features (alloy, ABS, sculpted rear seat etc) right against Polo 1.6.
  14. Pulser is definitely VFM. But not a maintenance free bike. I have owned Unicorn and FZ-16 while my brother owned Pulser & Apache. My rating based upon experiance is as follows (in decending order only): 1. Unicorn (changed one nut of Rs. 6/- in 2 years). 2. FZ-16 (Seat clamp becomes loose). 3.Pulser (G/B become vouge, steering clamp loose/changed) 4. Apache (Electric start failed/repaired, gear shifting is very notchy)itssanguine2011-02-22 05:39:41
  15. Ultimately customer is the king. In this age, I found it hard to believe a seven-eight month waiting period for a car which is yet to prove its mettle. OT: Nano also caused tremendous hype and despite all those booking Tata Motors is battling to sell nano. Similarly, if Etios customers start cancelling bookings than Toyata might find itself in a tricky position. So my point is: Should a company launch its car only when supply chain is fully established ? In that case, Nano & Etios would not have long waiting period and all those people who booked the car and later cancel it would have been actual buyer.
  16. This issue is quite sensitive. Firstly, I think discrimination of any sort should not take place in a free society. So this concept of labeling diesel cars as pollutant creating machine and imposing heavy tax on them so as to make them economically inviable is a retrogressive step. Green tax if at all to be imposed should be strictly based upon the emission of a vehicle under standard testing conditions. If a diesel car is emitting more pollutant than a petrol car then its OK to fine that car. However if reverse is true than there should be any tax on the diesel car just because it runs on diesel. On the other hand, I feel it unethical to own a 20 Lakh rupee car and run it on a fuel which has been subsidized so that poor can be befitted. Ideally only the transport vehicles (Bus, Trucks & Train) should got the benefit of the subsidy so that inflation (food inflation in particular) can be kept in check. But knowing the level of corruption prevailing of our country, I doubt its feasibility. UID can be used to transfer cash benefit to deserving people (below poverty line) and remove all subsidy. Lets hope something will happen for the better.itssanguine2011-02-21 05:51:05
  17. I got ESPN World Cup HD package for Airtel HD @ 150+tax = Rs. 165.00. Now no irritation from advertisement and added pleasure of watching cricket in high definition. Recommended.
  18. I am not very enthusiastic about Beat diesel (but I am a fan of Beat petrol): 1. It has the smallest engine both in terms of capacity & power. 2.Though Micra too had only 64 horses under its hood but engine capacity was higher. Hence more linear power delivery could be ensured. As they say, there is no substitute for cubic capacity. 3. Fiat MJD engines are known for some turbo-lag unlike Ford TDCI & Logan/Micra diesels. If we get only 56 PS that too with turbo-lag, performance may hamper considerably. 4.Three cylinder engine inherently has more NVH (case in point being Polo diesel). 5. Apart from being highly FE, I do not see any USP of beat diesel as compared to other diesels. 6.Hopefully GM will launch it with very competitive price tag. But with low volume of Beat it will be hard to continue. I am sure that this puny engine will not see its day in heavy & solid U-VA. 7.I wish GM had launch 4 pot MJD both in Beat & U-VA (after some minor face lift). That way GM might have some more volume to play with. A feature packed diesel Beat (75 PS) with 5 lakh price tag is more appealing to me than a half cooked (in terms of performance & refinement) Beat at around 4.5 Lakh
  19. First of all: the title should be changed to Chevrolet Beat or Hyundai i10 magna 1.2. Mods: Please do the needful. Secondly, choice of Beat & i10 largely depend upon individual requirement. If we want a family hatch with roomy interior than i10 wins. However if we want a sporty kind of modern hatch than Beat may be preferred. Beat offers modern exterior & interior and better ride quality.Handling is also better than i10 and overall it is better VFM.But on negative side rear is claustrophobic. Also on engine and space front i10 trumps Beat. So ultimately it boils down to individual requirement & preference.
  20. I do not entirely agree with you. Look at VW Polo. It is by no means a VFM product or lower segment product. It is in direct competition with Punto. But sale record of Polo is very good. It is clocking 2.5-3k figures regularly. Without production constraint this figure could easily shoot up to 4k as Polo commands waiting period of 2-3 months in most cases. Other notable example is i20 which is another premium hatch cloaking 5-6k per month figure. So Punto could have easily cross 3k mark if it has been positioned correctly. So point which I want to make is that dismal figures of Punto & Linea is not because of the fact that they are premium segment product. This is because: 1. Improper & confused positioning: appropriate market for the cars based upon their strengths was not identified. 2. Sole dependence on Tata for sale. 3. Lack of proper brand building. 4. Quality issue. However I completely agree with you that Fiat needs Palio replacement in its portfolio urgently. But for this small car to be successful it should be powered by a highly efficient engine (may be new age multi-air engines). However if Fiat wait too long, market may already be saturated as Etios Liva & Honda Brio is about to hit the market.
  21. I am in no way supporting Apple. In fact I hate the way they are manipulating the market. However I feel that there are some other factors behind this phenomenon other than market manipulation by Apple or MS or any other Cos. Is the life cycle of products somewhat related to afford-ability ? Purchasing power of people in general has increased over the years and they can now afford to replace their 3 year old phone just because its OS has become outdated. Also technological leap has become so frequent in some cases that we have no other option but to replace existing product. For example I have Sony casset player in perfectly working condition but hardly use it because of the obvious reason. Soon same will happen to CD players. So may be as @ Durango Dude mentions Change is the only constant thing.
  22. This is true that Fiat's brand image takes a beating when their cars are parked alongside with an Indica Xeta. So this step should have been taken from the start itself. IMO, managing exclusive sale points is no big deal as compared managing after sale service. So Fiat should continue depending upon Tata's after sale support as it does not have enough infrastructure. However it should have managed sales point on its own specially in major cities. With cars like 500 in portfolio, Fiat could have easily resurrected its brands image specially by highlighting its association with iconic brands like Ferrai & Maserati. Thirdly, renowned for its impeccable ride & handling backed some juicy engine like T-Jet, Multi-jet with VGT and 1.4 FIRE, Fiat should have promoted its cars as performance oriented vehicle only. Fiat can no way match companies like Suzuki & Hyundai in FE in petrol cars . So why bother launching cars like Punto 1.2 and Palio 1.1. Fourthly, to depend upon Tata for vendors was a big mistake. Tata was always lamblasted for poor quality. Now same tag is being given to Fiat also because it also depend upon Tata for vendors. However with quality gradually improving, Fiat should launch aggressive marketing campaign to highlight the unique qualities of Punto & Linea e.g. ride, handling, steering, performance and features. People should be make to believe that quality of Fiats cars is no longer an issue.