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  1. The report states that the new compact sedan would be launched next year. IMO, there is some juice in the story. Present Fiesta (to be renamed as Fiesta Classic) is getting a bit long in tooth and Ford will have to replace it near future. That would leave a big void in Ford's portfolio. So may be this compact sedan based upon Figo is meant to replace Fiesta Classic. However in present scenario, I do not see this sedan exist together with Fiesta Classic.
  2. These are the pictures of Fiesta hatch (courtesy Autoguide). Looking at these pictures I come to believe that new Fiesta's design is more suitable for hatch than sedan. However, we have no information/confirmation regarding launch of the hatch. Wish it was priced as a competitor against i20 & Polo! What do you think? Fiesta hatch more beautiful than sedan? BornFree2011-02-15 14:02:02
  3. Close fight between Mitsu & Honda. But voted for Outlander as it is more modern vehicle with amazing road presence. CR-V's look is a no-no for me. But it is outstanding in handling deptt. though.
  4. I for once thought about the same line. However a closer look on the wheel design will reveal that both the snaps belong to same car. Also colour is also same. And herein lies the problem IMO. As being discussed in another thread, Cars are beginning to look uncomfortably familiar to their cousin. Some may pull this design philosophy off with inspiring products (e.g. Porsche) but I for once do not like this philosophy implemented by companies like Hyundai & Maruti (SX 4 grill in Kizashi) & Tata (same christmass tree tail lamp from Indica to Vista to Aria). Back to new Verna: being a Hyundai we can safely expected feature packed interior in Verna. But will they settle the dynamics issue ? This may tilt the balance against Verna.itssanguine2011-02-12 04:30:45
  5. Just like the facelift given to old Fiesta by altering the headlamp & grill, Ford should give one last facelift to present Fiesta by altering the drab looking tail lamp. Alteration in Side panels would prove costly and might not feasible for Fiesta classic. What about some sporty stickers, offered as accessories to lighten the boring side profile? However as per reports, Fiesta Classic would be downgraded to take on likes of Dzire, Manza & Etios none of which sell because of its beauty. Fiesta in present avtar is quite good looking as compared to DEM (Dzire, Etios & Manza).
  6. I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm but can u point out the advantages Figo sedan will have over Fiesta classic. IMO, Ford sells Figo as a Fiesta without the boot. So Figo with a boot will not differ much from present Fiesta. Your points are: 1. Figo has a good engine: So does Fiesta (same diesel engine and a brilliant petrol engine which Figo does not have). 2. Figo has good interiors: So does Fiesta. Many parts are shared. 3. Decent fit & finish: Same with Fiesta. Forgive me but I could not comprehend how a Figo sedan will be different from Fiesta. IMO they would be similar. Fiesta S IMO is more beautiful than Figo. Please structure your thoughts and tabulated the advantages that Figo sedan would have over Fiesta.
  7. Top played tracks of my recently added playlist: 1. Ainvayi Ainvayi : BBB 2. Laung da lashkara: Patiala House. 3. Sadi gali: Tanu weds Mannu 4. Yeh saali zindegi: Yeh saali zindegi. Top played tracks of My Top Rated playlist: 1. I still have not found: U2 (the jashuaa tree) 2.Magnificent: U2 (No line in the horizon) 3.No line in the horizon: U2 (No line in the horizon) 4.Udi: Guzaarish (Sunidhi) 4.Gal mitthi mitthi: Aisha (Toshi, Amit Trivedi) 6.With or without you: U2 (the jashuaa tree) I seriously thought Sunidhi might win Filmfare/Screen award for this Udhi song this year.
  8. In gear acceleration figures of Micra 1.2P, Polo 1.6 & Fabia 1.6: 20-80kmph/ 40-100kmph Micra 1.2P 16.08/22.94 Polo 1.6 12.60/21.61 Fabia 1.6 13.85/23.05 Punto 1.4 14.11/19.53 So it is clear that Punto 1.4 is the fastest in 40-100kmph range and return respectable figures in 20-80kmph range. As we all know these are the figures that matters more in day to day driving than 0-100kmph figures. So for normal use Punto 1.4 can never be called sluggish. Myth busted, courtesy @ creativebala.itssanguine2011-02-08 16:27:36
  9. Thanks for busting a myth. Now please make another comparison among petrol hatches considering Punto 1.4, Swift, i20 and Polo 1.2 & 1.6 Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for your responses. Chart has been updated (Link in first post.) @Crazy Doc does have a point regarding herd mentality. It has been reported that in India people believes more in ownership review of peers/word of mouth than expert review. Also for majority of us, purchasing a car is a big decision and hence we want to play it safe. Rather than venturing into an unknown territory, we would like to go with a tried & tested (by peers,relatives, neighbors etc) product rather than the best available product. A statement appeared in ACI (IIRC) that: 80% of car owner knows little about cars. Thats why word of mouth plays a big role. However many of times these words are unreliable & biased. I have heard many absurd opinion of many educated person/colleagues such as: --Swift Diesel has a better engine than Ritz which in turn has a better petrol engine than Swift. --Swift Dzire is the more efficient Swift. Please note that above statements are not out of my imagination. They come from some well educated human beings.
  11. Firstly, I wish the question was put in the form of poll. Secondly, picture of new generation Micra should have been uploaded instead of the last generation. New generation has more road presence (personal thoughts only). While deciding best diesel hatch we may require to draw certain lines e.g. 1. Diesel hatch is meant for someone who prefers practicality over flamboyance. 2. The car shall used for extensive mile munching. 3.The car should over value for money proposition. Now based upon this three criteria, Figo in my opinion comes as winner, because: 1. It offers space for a good middle sized family. More spacious than Swift & Punto. 2. Diesel engine of Figo is not only efficient but also drivable. Although Micra has a better engine and being a lighter car performance is also better. However Micra's handling does not give enough confidence and Figo with its better road manners is more suitable for long trips specially in highways. Also Micra does not have ABS. Punto can match Figo in dynamics but its engine performance is definitely lethargic as compared to Figo. 3. Further, as compared to Micra & Punto, Figo is tremendous VFM. However, Figo also has certain weaknesses. Its interiors are more for utility purpose than for any sense of luxury. Some parts feel filmsy and does not give feel good factor. In looks department, Figo comes as last as it is based upon a dated Fiesta platform. Also spare part/maintenance cost is a suspect area. If the car is mainly to be used for city trips than Micra with its over all better quality makes more sense, higher price notwithstanding. Else its Figo.
  12. This seems a good news. At least VW is concerned about dealer experience. However, its the follow up action taken by VW upon your feedback that would matter the most.
  13. Hi friends, Of late, while discussing among friends & colleagues about which car to buy, I have come to conclusion that logic behind choosing a particular car varies from person to person. However what are the factors that our fellow members mostly take into account while determining a particular model? I wish to structure our thoughts so that a distinct pattern could be observed. I zeroed upon five main parameters which are vital from a prospective customers point of view. Now, how much weightage our fellow members give to each of the following parameters: 1. External look & brand: 2. Interiors, feature & quality: 3. Performance: Engine pick up, acceleration, ride & handling etc. (in short fun to drive factor) 4. Space & size: Size means: do we like a bigger car with less feature or smaller car with full features (e.g. Dzire or i20) 5. Cost: Initial cost, running cost, fuel economy, resale value etc. Let us assign 100 points to each member which shall be distributed among these parameters in accordance with the weightage. Finally average of these weightage shall be plotted to give a clear picture. A graphical representation shall be made like this Chart However in this chart equal weightage has been given to each parameters. Final chart will depict actual weightage. Let me put my requirement & weightage: 1. External look & brand: : 30 2. Interiors, feature & quality:: 20 3. Performance:: 35 4. Space & size:: 05 5. Cost:: 10 Kindly chip in with your thoughts and weightage. Also if any other parameters to be included, then same may be discussed. Thanks.itssanguine2011-02-04 17:26:07
  14. @Roadrash: It true that SX 4 might have cheaper spare part than City. But SX 4 have many niggles. Its quality is not as good as City. City might have costlier spares but it will make less visit to workshop. So in the long run, City will give you more peace of mind.
  15. First of all the title of the thread is confusing. This thread is not about judging the best sedan, rather it is about judging/advising the best suitable sedan for Roadrash. @Roadrash: In your requirement, handling comes below after sale service & interior. So it should be City over Linea T-Jet. Vento Petrol & SX 4 does not match up to the level of City. T-Jet comes into the picture mainly because of its thrilling performance & dynamics only to be let down by poor/suspected after sale & quality issues. So it should be City, I suppose.
  16. Achilles hill of Kizashi would be: 1. It does not have a diesel engine. Even in a luxury segment, people prefer oil burners over petrol engines. 2. Price is in higher side considering it is a Suzuki product- meaning little snob value. However Suzuki may take heart into the fact Tata has launched Aria in similar price range. But there is some differences vis-a-vis Aria & Kizashi: 1.Kizashi does not offer diesel option. 2. Aria surely lacking snob value but it offers tremendous road presence due to its size. In India people relate status symbol of the vehicle with its size. Bada hai to behtar hai. 3.There was a definite market for an urbane cross over. However Kizashi, as per its marketing strategy has to create a niche market for itself: market for a sporty & luxury saloon below BMW's. I will be highly surprised if Kizashi could catch up Aria in sale figures.
  17. Highest monthly sell by Nissan Micra: From a mere 40 units of the Teana (30) and the X-trail (10) sold in January 2010, Nissan (India) has sold 1,857 units this past month, with the Micra hatchback leading sales figures. The company sold 1,784 units of the Micra, the highest monthly sales of the model so far. Source: Indian Express. Nissan Micra success story is noteworthy simply because Micra is backed up by a very feeble dealer network. So if product is good enough people may risk weak dealer network. With increase dealer base, Micra may be a rival to somebody like Ritz.
  18. Overall I believe this months figure is a good reflection of Indian car market without any major upsets. 1. Unless VW ramp up production Polo-Vento combo will reach the same 5.5k mark. 2. Tata Aria is giving a good fight to Skoda Yeti. Good to see an Indian car manufacture standing up to an established premium (in India) European brand. 3. Etios of to a good start. But Toyota should ramp up production if Etios intends to give good fight to Dzire. If it can reach 4k next month, long waiting period of Dzire will dry up fast. 4.Swift's story reminds me of Last Gen Honda City & Qualis. Both the cars were replaced by new version at their peak. Same might happen with Swift. The fact that new Swift is not substantially different than present Swift could be one of the reason. However not sure whether customers awareness level is that high. 4. Polo's success story give birth to a new question: why Fabia is not equally successful. Later has got the same engine, almost similar transmission, ride & handling and beter interior space. Still it sells half of Polo. Maybe VW brand image & Skoda's weak After Sale Service is the culprit. People believes Punto is much better car than sales figure depicts-I feel the same for Fabia. 5.Another under achiever is Outlander. It even sells less than its ancient cousin i.e. Pajero. 6.I believed Figo's success will impact Indica considerably as both have similar USP: good diesel, space & VFM. However sale figures indicate that both are enjoying good run. Probably, Indica & Vista are being preferred by Taxi market while Figo is the choice of families. No data to back up my theory though. 7. Bolero figures may raise some eyebrows. But they are mostly used in Govt./PSU sector as official vehicle. Predictions for Feb'11. 1.Hatchback segment may not witness much change until launch of Etios Liva. 2.Etios is expected to reach 4k mark. Fiesta may feel the pinch. Dzire will not change much atleast for 2-3 months as it stil got healthy waiting period. 3.With diesel engine, SX4 may reach 3k mark at slight cost of Manza. 4.Finally, Nano basher's dream may not fulfill as Nano figure will go towards north only.
  19. Today, I read the ACI report on new Suzuki Swift. Although tested car was UK spec one but following salient points shall be applicable to Indian version also: 1. Evolutionary design has made new Swift even more beautiful (not by much mind you). However untrained eyes need to be careful to spot the differences. 2. Rear seat space has increased as wheelbase has been increased by 50mm. 3.At 204 litre capacity, boot space remains a area of concern. 4. Dashboard design is neater and more functional but cabin quality has not improved by much. 5.Ride and handling improved considerably. Feels more planted and confident now. 6.Suzuki may price this model aggressively and provide goodies like start -stop button & Bluetooth connectivity.
  20. I believe henceforth (from Feb'11 onwards) Beat will be offered with so called 'new Smartech' engine only. So if the car is produced after Feb'11 (which can be verified by VIN) it should get new engine only.
  21. Problem with VW Polo is not Polo: its VW. Polo is no doubt a much loved & admired car. It commands a second look whenever it goes. However with a three month long waiting period and handful of dealers offering unsatisfying buying experience, prospective customers have to think twice before shelling out the money. Long waiting period is not arising out of huge demand: its mainly due to production constraint. With a sub 2k monthly sale figure, VW is not well prepared to cater to demand of Polo. VW should be able to produce around 4k Polo per month. Else this sad story of long waiting period will continue. On the other hand : It would be interesting to see the impact of Etios Liva & Honda Brio on Polo's waiting period. Launch of both these cars might reduce the waiting period of Polo by around 50%.
  22. Confusion As per ACI GM has already unveiled the first engine developed by its Indian unit: a 1.2-litre petrol engine, which will initially be offered in the Spark from February and later, extended to other models. The locally produced unit will further help the company to compete with rivals such as Suzuki, Hyundai and Ford I think 80 PS engine for Spark is just too much. May be it should have been Beat.