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  1. May be called a cynic but I would like to take this story with a little pinch of salt. None of the auto mag or website saw it (new improved engine) coming. Had it been a really new engine, some info may have been leaked previously. Anyway given informations are more like that of a marketing gimmick than that of any substantially altered engine. Let us wait for a test drive by any forum member or next issue of ACI to judge this 'new' engine. However, lets hope GM has done something good to improve lackluster 2nd gear performance.
  2. As per ACI, starting price for Brio shall be 4.35 L - almost same as Polo. Thats an worrying thing-atleast for me. I believe Brio can not compete directly with Polo. Polo is more beautiful and definitely larger in dimension. Infact Polo is a segment above as Brio is more likely to belong to Beat-i10 segment. Hopefully fully loaded top version will be priced well below Polo Highline. VW has placed Polo Highline considerably above Trendline. Likely positive points of Brio: 1. Brilliant engine. Honda is expected to give the same 1.2L Jazz engine which may be tuned for efficiency. In lighter Brio this engine will give enough performance with good mileage. 2. Space utilization: Honda is a master in optimum space utilization. We know that rear space of Polo and Swift is not generous. Brio may trump both these cars as per ACI report despite being compact. 3. Interior: Interiors are simplistic- no doubt. But if good quality material is provided than it may look lively and better than Etios Liva or Figo. But with Dewali launch (as initially predicted by ACI) coupled with typical Honda waiting period, will it be too late for Honda?
  3. Echoing opinion of @creativebala, there seems to be enough space in the market for both the vehicles to live side by side. 1. Looks of New Fiesta are completely different from current Fiesta and its not a case of design evolution (a.k.a. Indica vs Vista & old Swift vs New Swift). 2.If reports are to be believed both cars will have different power plants as well. Engines of present Fiesta are quite old we do not expect same engines to be carried over to an all new vehicle (unlike new Swift which is likely to have same engine) 3.As 1.4 TDCi is already shared with Figo so it makes sense to continue with same engine in present Fiesta. More engine production will keep the cost down (so essential for Figo's success). 4.New Fiesta with its exciting looks, contemporary interiors and brilliant dynamics can take Vento, SX-4 & Linea head on in 8-9 Lakh segment. While old Fiesta (Classic) can lure customers of Dzire, Manza & Etios in 6-7 Lakh segment. We may see some rationalization of variants of present Fiesta, however lets hope Ford wont skip the essential safety equipments. Also with Fiesta Classic around along with new Fiesta it may be all over for the Ikon.
  4. Buddy why these 3 cars only? One more eagerly awaited car is Honda Brio. Also if Fiesta hatch is launched in India that would add more excitement. Anyway as we do not know detailed specs of Liva (how much power will 1200cc Liva will generate) so at this point accurate comparison is not possible. However Swift may again be the Drivers hatch.
  5. Yet to read the test drive report as I am still waiting for my issue. However , I guess its the European Swift and not the India bound one.
  6. Beat with its futuristic exterior look, funky interiors and decent pricing looked on paper all set to appeal the young enthusiast. However on engine front the story is bit different. Petrol engine, even with good P:W ratio is tuned more for mileage than for sporty performance. As many in the forum have pointed out, KB & Kappa engines are more responsive than Beat's engine. Now with a mere 58HP 1L diesel engine same story is all set to be repeated. Not sure whether this is the right approach by GM. May be they could have positioned Beat as sporty little hatch for young people (like Swift) and repositioned UVA with little make over as the family hatch (like Ritz)
  7. I am not very optimistic about Hero's future. Bajaj and TVS have over the years developed decent R&D wing. But has Hero developed a decent R&D centre for themselves ? Difficult to say at this point because during HH partnership we did not see too many product/engines from their stable. How will Hero attack the market? Specially when Honda seems to be getting more serious about Indian market and Bajaj already establishing themselves as VFM manufacturer.On the other hand, Yamaha & Honda have tasted success as premium player (means offer quality product with slightly more price) in all segments. 150cc: R-15 & FZ series.Even Honda Dazzler & Suzuki GSR is not that successful. 125 cc: Honda Stunner. 100cc: Twister. Splendor & Passion have been the cash cow for HH. But it will be difficult to establish such brands without back up of Honda. People will be more skeptical about quality too and may not offer the blind trust any more. So may be Hero will attack entry level market with VFM proposition since they would not be able to compete with Honda & Yamaha as premium player. The real battle will be between Bajaj and Hero with TVS as the other strong contender.
  8. I believe Fiesta is quite stylish and has fresh design. Its negative point : Lacks styling: is it really so But then beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Anyway, thanks for the info. How the cars would be priced? I feel hatch should target i20 & sedan should go for Vento.
  9. I don't think Hyundai can follow Maruti's footstep and create another Swift-Ritz scenario. Maruti can sell Ritz alongside Swift because both the cars have different personality. Ritz was meant to be a family hatch with more space and comfortable ride while Swift was promoted as sporty hatch. From picture it appears that Picanto will be a vehicle in same league as that of i10. i10 with its roomy interior, ultra light steering has establish itself as urban family hatch. So only option left for Picanto is to target the sporty Swift. With 1.2 Kappa2, Hyundai has developed the engine to match K12. All it needs is good dynamics to target Swift. A nicely weighted steering along with sporty suspension set up (to prevent body roll) should do the job. Unfortunately none of the Hyundai cars are exactly known for sporty trait. So will Picanto be an exception: very difficult to say at this stage. But market for a sporty hatch as an alternative to ubiquitous Swift is definitely there.
  10. Blaming Tata for sale debacle of Fiat will reveal only a partial picture. Yes Tata-Fiat JV is producing ore fruits for Tata motors than Fiat, but hard truth is that with current product mix Fiat can not achieve desired success. Both Fiats product Linea and Punto are similar in nature - have similar USP and similar weaknesses. I dream about owning a Punto but after studying pros and cons realized that its a vehicle to be purchased by heart and not mind. At present scenario, Fiat vehicles are meant for a niche market only. USP of Fiat vehicles: 1. They look beautiful. 2.Ride and handling is brilliant 3. Safe feeling due to heavy and solid sheet metal build quality. However these are overshadowed by: 1. Engine with average performance (barring T-Jet) 2. Inefficient petrol engines. 3. Poor interior fit and finish. In addition quality of the vehicles are also susceptible. There are many horror stories regarding peeling of paint, rusting and interior body pats falling off. So people like me who are willing to overlook poor service of dealer and W/S are repelled by above facts specially about unsure quality. Such customers are likely to go to Polo or Fabia stable. A.S.S. of VW & Skoda is also not very good but the quality of their vehicle is simply outstanding. That is why Polo has a long waiting period, Superb is trumping accord, Vento is off to a flyer and repositioned Fabia is also showing good sign. If we compare Punto with the competitors we see that: 1. Swift offers better engine performance and efficiency. Even MJD is better tuned for Swift. Light weight of Swift also helps. 2. i20 is sheer VFM. It offers feature packed interior with premium quality. 3. Polo matches Punto in terms of looks offering better overall quality. Specially after launch of Polo and repositioning of Fabia, Punto's future look even more bleak. Similarly, Etios and SX-4 diesel will do the same to Linea as well. T-Jet case is different. Its a brilliant vehicle which can take the competition head-on. And here the poor service of Tata Motors is likely to play spoil sport. Further bad names generated by poor quality of Punto & Linea (normal) will also hampers its prospect. So whats the way forward: 1. Improve overall quality specially interior fit & finish : particularly that of Punto. 2. Launch a Palio replacement with an efficient engine may be with new age multi-air engine This should bring the volumes and position Punto as premium vehicle only. No more lackluster Punto 1.2 version. This will do one more thing. In India people believes in word of mouth more than in expert review. So if a company can increase its customer base by selling a volume product and offer good A.S.S. chance of selling its other models increases considerably. 3. With present infrastructure Fiat has no other option but to depend upon Tata for after sale service. However, Fiat can open its own sale point and directly interact with prospective customers. Prospective customers of T-Jet will surely appreciate that. But sad news as that Fiats new small car will not be in 2011. So under present circumstances, Fiat may not script a turn around story unless considerable effort is put in by QC & marketing people.
  11. Some points: 1.Every month performance of one model created maximum buzz. Last month it was dismal sale of Nano. This month its sub 2K sale of Figo.Iis this the end of honeymoon period for Figo? We should wait for one more month before jumping to conclusion. 2.Micra can be termed as Mr. (or Miss) Consistent. Totaling 1k mark each month even with wafer thin dealer network. 3.Fabia manages a turnaround: would be interesting to note how it fared against Polo. So much common between the siblings. 4.Aria sale figure is difficult to interpret. For such a highly priced vehicle we do not exactly know the sale expectation of Tata motor. 5.Honda is all down except for City. Expect the same status to continue untill launch of new Civic and Brio. One thing for sure-they have to price these models sensibly.
  12. As mentioned by @ singhji1977, color choice varies from model to model. Cocktail green (metallic) which looked exciting in Beat & good in Figo may look horrendous in Swift. Following is list of my personal favorite: 1.Beat: Green 2.Swift: White. 3.Polo: Red. 4.Figo: Metallic grey. 5.i20: Maroon/White. 6. Punto: White/Azure/Maroon. 7.Linea: Azure/Maroon. One tip was given by somebody: Cars with curves looks better in light shades while cars with sharp or prominent edges looks better in dark shades.
  13. Although I love Fiat products very much but I think with present portfolio it may not able to revive its fortune in near future. Logic behind the statement is as mentioned under: 1. Low on performance and high on fuel consumption: Fiat cars have very good sheet metal build quality and feel like tank. However it also increases the weight of the car considerably lowering mileage and blunting performance. With present 1.2 & 1.4 FIRE engines Fiat ended up neither here nor there. 1.2 engine which deliveres only 67 BHP is worst among competitions as far as power output figures goes. Swift & Ritz (84), Micra (74), Polo (75), Beat (80), i10(79) offers significantly more powerful motor. Add to it the heavy weight of the car, Punto 1.2 is perhaps possess the worst power to weight ratio (if not the worst!). To seal its fate, the engine is not among the very efficient either. So Punto 1.2 attracts neither the enthusiasts nor the practical man. Now one can argue about the relative success of Vista which shares the same engine. Vista however is more family oriented as it offers much more space and more goodies at lower price point. 1.4 FIRE engine offers decent performance. But it has earned the bad reputation of being a gas guzzler. Punto 1.4 is not extremely VFM either. Punto diesel I think is the one to buy if one zeroes on Punto. However the same engine with better tuning is available on many models at lower price point (Swift, Ritz & Vista). When compared, it somehow tilt the scale against Punto. 2. Interior quality: This I think is a serious issue. Punto was supposed to be a premium hatch and it should have had top fit & finish from the very beginning. Polo despite being a pricey car has been well received as it offers the premiumness in its quality. However interior plastic quality of initial lot of Punto rendered very bad impression. Although plastic quality has improved gradually but it has still a long way to go before reaching i20/Polo level. 3.Dealer attitude: Many people have complained about the fact that dealers are more inclined to sell Tata cars than Fiat cars. Also, standing beside Tata cars which are terrific VFM, Fiat cars feel slightly overpriced. 4. Lack of models: At present 4-5 L price bracket is where most activity of Indian car market is taking place.. Fiat's only product in this bracket is horribly under powered Punto 1.2. Fiat should have launched Palio replacement with top model being priced under 5L. This would have been bread and butter car for Fiat and Punto 1.4 & 1.3MJD could have been positioned as premium models like Hyundai did with i10 & i20. All in all I think Fiats future at least in near future does not feel very bright. Only car that could take competition head on is the Fiat Linea T-Jet which is an out and out enthusiast car. Sadly, in India market for such cars is still in developing stage. Thanks for digesting such a long post. Your views/comments are welcome.
  14. Voted for Polo as it IMHO has set new benchmark as far as exterior look and build quality (both interior & exterior) goes besides offering very good balance of handling & ride quality. However had Figo (D) been included, would have voted for the same.
  15. @ Rahil: You are in tight spot, really. Since you want performance and i20 feels underpowered to you, so Punto 1.2 will go in the same way. It has only 67 horses inside the bonnet. Ideally K12 engine is the choice for people who loves to drive a 1.2L patrol hatch. Polo is also quite peppy but it is noisy as well being 3 cylinder. Since you have almost gave up on Polo so no point discussing its merits. Among K12 bearers, you own a Ritz already and not very happy with it. So only option left is Swift. New Swift although looks almost identical to present iteration , has a better interior. Although we are not sure how much features Maruti Suzuki will provide in the India bound version, but it is advisable to wait for the new Suzuki Swift. Especially since none of the present 1.2 hatchback seemed to fulfill your requirement. If your budget permits Punto 1.4 as suggested by @nikvint is also an option worth considering.itssanguine2010-11-18 06:45:23
  16. Called Etios callcentre couple of days back. Sadly, they have nothing interesting information at present. Just took my contact no. and promised to give detail info once all the specs are firmed up. Present info: Launch will be Dec'10 end. Availability not before Jan'11. Only petrol models will be available initially. 1.2P for hatch & 1.5P for sedan. Feel hatch look slightly better than the sedan although none is a headturner. If the hatch is offered with a 80-85PS engine with F.E. about 18 kmpl and at a price of 5L, there may be some taker. What do u say guys? What are your expectation from Etios?
  17. IMHO main weaknesses of i10 have not been addressed to the extent one would have liked: 1. Look of the rear. i10's rear always looked to be half cooked. As if designer/stylist lost all concentration in making the front end only. Same situation remains. Front end is heavily tweaked and look quite contemporary. However the design of the hatch remain dull and slight tweak in the tail lamp cluster has not been able to hide the age of the car. 2. i10 lacks much needed road presence as compared to rivals such as Swift, Figo etc. An increase in the shoe size would have make it more imposing. A nice set of 14" wheel is what required. 3.Ride & handling: Remains bumpy and as uninspiring ever. However still i10 make a strong case for itself due to: 1.Striking new facia. 2. Improved feature packed interior (ACC notwithstanding). 3. Ever reliable Hyundai After Sales Service. itssanguine2010-09-24 10:40:24
  18. My take: In nut shell: Beat is beaten by its competitors because all of them has distinct USP and has their own market where Beat has none. Let us examine one by one. 1.Beat vs Swift: Beat with its funky looks is meant for urban young person. So who is its chief competitor : none other than present best seller: Swift. While Swift has a gem of an engine, Beat is let down by its spiritless engine. Also handling of Swift is a notch above. 2.Beat vs i10: Beat may be a overall better car than i10, but i10 has its own share of fans who love its interior. Ladies love beige interior and most of them give thumbs down to dark, claustrophobic interior of Beat. So for ladies its i10 over Beat. 3.Figo vs Beat: As we all know Figo was meant for "Sandeep": A urbane male of late twenties with settled family & salary. Now, with its spacious interiors & better ride & handling Figo would look more appealing to him. Besides Figo has another trump card: the superb TDCi engine. 4. Beat vs Polo: Polo with its premium look, feel & lineage is actually a segment above than Beat. So the problems with Beat can be summarized as: 1.Beat has got funky, sporty looks: but its sedate engine & so-so handling diminishes its sporty appeal. 2.The looks are too striking for mature adult. In addition, its cramped interiors & limited boot space are also negative points. 3.Absence of diesel engine. 4.Other minor factors are such as unimpressive media campaign, lackluster ICE, driver visibility issue also contribute to its lack of sale. So considering above, I am not sure what is the target market for Beat. Also it is highly unlikely that the sale figure will go north in near future.
  19. @ greycloud: Sorry to play spoilsport, but Fazer (14PS) from Karizma (17PS)would be downgrade for sure. Fazer is nothing but normal FZ-16 with a fairing & raised handlebar. Infact, FZ-16 is a better handler as compared to Fazer. Go for Fazer only if you are bowled over by its gorgeous looks (Blue Fazer looks so beautiful) and like its somewhat exclusivity. But then it seems that you don't have too many options before you.
  20. @Sandy: nice post. This Slingshot appears to me as a derivative of GSR150 as far as looks are concerned: specially the tank & side panels. Not sure how Indian customer will accept the the headlamp & instrumentation design. History suggests (post 2k)that completely covered bikini fairing is preferred by Indian customers. Yes, FZ-16 was an exception but it has a macho style to complement the rugged headlamp design. As far as 8.5BHP engine is concerned it should belong to 100cc segment rather than 125cc.
  21. Nano:its not just a car its a revolution.
  22. @rahul1810, @rahulgupta3101, @horizon, @rameshbabu.n,@rssh,@naren64: Thank u guys for ur input. So Figo it should be.
  23. "If I had been in your place I would go for the Figo Diesel, eyes closed." Thanks. I was hoping this sort of concrete reply.
  24. Dear Friends, I have been searching for a hatchback in 5-5.5L range and already posted one topic regarding the same. And again thank you all for your suggestions in that topic. But since my requirements have changed, I have found myself at a crossroad: not sure which option to pick. According my GF/to be wifey
  25. This is new Fiat Uno launched in Brazil. The big question is whether it will come to India: According to EVP of FIAT (Head of international business), Fiat shall launch a B-segment car below Punto. But the car may be an existing model or developed for India. Strong possibilities are that this new car may be the new Uno to fill the void of Palio. Incidentally, it was Palio who replaced Uno in India in 1999-2000. According to other auto blogs road test of this car is expected in Aug'10 although nothing concrete has been heard. Main feature of this model are: 1.Engine: 1.0L & 1.4L flex fuel multiair engine. 1.4L multiair engine with 88bhp has been awarded as the best new engine. I hope it will come to India although it wont get tax/excise benefit applicable for engines <1.2L 2.Design is a mix & match of original Panda (front) & Punto (back). 3.Around 3.8m length but better interior space management than Palio or Punto. I hope Fiat brings this car to India & price it below 4L for 1.0L version & within 4-5 L for 1.4 L version. I am tired of present 1.2L brigade. Barring K-series none has an engine worth for a 5-6L car. Wish Palio S10 was still available with its 100 horses.