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  1. Hi frnds, yesterday I got a test ride on FZ and later booked the bike. This would be my 2nd bike after Unicorn. As i have been a great admirer of Uni's refinement,quality and handling so I was little suspicious regarding the power train of FZ and whether i would like it or not.Because as far as look and features are concerned FZ just blow away the competition. First Engine: As far as refinement is concerned Uni is still best and i doubt it whether anybody will be able to eclipse it.But FZ is very good.I tried it in different gear and different rpm but it never coughed up. Vibration is also very low: more than Uni but far less than pulser.Pick up is very good and i was literally breezing past the traffic.But i never tested the limits.The exhaust note is good -- in musical terms: more bass than treble.But overall sound is slightly lower than pulser. Handling: Due to heavy centralisation of mass the front feels very nimble.Also the handle bar is slightly low and almost straight.It reminded me of my bicycle in schooldays(Hercules RockSox).In city it is far better than Uni who feels heavier at front.I never sat on the pillion and cant comment abt it but riding is surprisingly plusher than Uni.The heavy front shock absorber make u very comfortable.Its ergonomicscs is addictive I realy wanted to ride the as far as possible which i never felt in Uni.Also despite being nimble it felt planted also thanks to the heavy section rear tyre and thats where it scores over pulser.There were not many turn in the road so whether it is as good as Uni in the corner i have to wait and see. One more thing all the talk about the tacho being not vigible is over aggegerated.I was driving at noon with sun blazing down but it i didnt have any problems. I am realy getting forward to this bike which the dealer said would be delivered next monday.Count down is starting forme
  2. I think main drawback of the bike is the design of the tank. though its a huge capacity tank but not enough surfaces in it. infact it looks that of a 125cc bike.
  3. Well The Hindu has reported that the bike will be launched in January. This is beyond comprehension.Why are they then unveiling the bike in October????I have decided to go with FZ-16.Cant wait till Jan.
  4. guys what to do me out.... I was to book FZ-16 on sunday . Now this bike with almost same specs is launched. Really confused. FZ-16 looks cool but tail lamp and instrumentation of suzuki is better.Also I think Suzuki will offer better efficiency as it is having 6 gears. But i think its better to go with FZ-16,it will be a stand out bike in crowd...but GS-150 will not draw much glances.What do u say....
  5. is this honda's answer to FZ-16....i cant digest it....... i liked Uni so much..... but sadly it need serious up-gradation such digital instrumentation, LED taillamp. Honda should act fast otherwise it would be too late to revive the brand image of Uni.
  6. buddy, Uni, Xtreme and Hunk --- all basically share the same engine with some fine tuning to produce more power in the latter two. This engine has been specially designed for indian summer with two wind flow tunnel around the cylinder. but the engineers seemed to forget along with summer india has got chill winter as well.
  7. all the discussion will be made redundant by FZ-16. Till now I was a fan of Uni and voted for it. But i have changed Fz seems to be a better choice. so we better restart this poll and include FZ-16 as well. Not so sure abt R-15 though as it is in Karizma and P-220 category rather than 1500cc
  8. Hi guys, has anyone of here booked FZ-16.I ask my nearest dealer at Panipat but he told me that bookings have been stopped due to production constrains. But bookings in delhi are going on. I think either Yamaha is playing a discriminatory role or my dealer is a dumb.Can u people give some advice????
  9. Dude starting trouble is common in shine and unicorn . But its actually quite simple: the engine cools down quickly.So adjust your idle speed setting of the engine-keep it little higher in winter. Use choke and once the engine warms up reset back to the normal setting.In unicorn the normal speed is 1500 rpm and from my experience i prefer to it to be around 1800 rpm in winter.Since shine dont have tacho so go to ur nearest mechanic.
  10. Buddy ur answer lies in ur question: Bajaj is Bajaj. It can never compete with Japanese when it comes to quality & reliablity. Till now its forte has been look & VFM. Now as far as look is concerned dont u think pulser would look a generation older when parked alongside FZ-16. So if u want to spent ur hard earned on a quality product than FZ-16 is for u.Or if want to extract max value out of ur money(i.e.200cc engine with more power) than go for Pulser. But I am willing to go for FZ-16 and is ready to wait for a month.
  11. A story is going around about a new CBZ Xtreme to be launched soon by HH.Does anyone get any picture or information regarding it??? I would like to see Xtreme with new front fairing,digital instrumentation and gas shock absorber. But whats the point having two bikes in the same category with same sporty attitude and same power train?HH should concentrate on one bike with top features comparable with the rest (read Digital instrumentation,LED) .
  12. Dude if u r aiming for a hassle free ownership and will use the bike only for commutating purpose than look no further.Its pick up is good but after 60kmph vibration creeps in.Reliability,quality are top notch.My uncle is having one and not a single problem in one year. Gladiator is a sporty bike and not as efficient as Shine,some quality niggle do exist in Gladi. Also seat is too soft for long ride. Stunner though looks fantastic but mileage would be an issue as it is tuned to produce more power.
  13. cum on guys unicorn is tied with pulsar.....u all know uni is much better than pulser... so vote for it
  14. For now in 150 cc its all Unicorn. 1st generation Uni's had problem with front cowl vibration but subsequently addressed in new models.Two year of ownership... no problem whatsoever.My brothers pulser and cousins apache are giving them a terrible time.Overall also i think Uni is the best.Honestly have not tried R15 so cant tell abt that.Till then my vote is for Unicorn
  15. Can any one predict when is it going to be launched and expected price tag? I zeroed on Honda CBF stunner but the waiting period is around two months .Will it be available then?
  16. Being a mechanical engineer I can tell that in India two thing doesnt count much: Quality and Safety.We look for VFM and style. Dikhawa pe jao akal mat lagao. Thats why Bajaj Pulser is highest selling bike although it is no match to unicorn as far as quality is concern.