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  1. I saw this while i was running for mumbai marathon. Ducatti opposite jaguar and next to it rolls royce A treat to watch
  2. I had seen one review where the person tested it at 90kmphr speed on 2nd gear..and i was like supercar at small price. But fortunately/unfortunately we got a nano..lolz
  3. I guess maruti cervo is also there to wait for..dont know whether any diesel variants will be available or not
  4. why is flame missing in the list??
  5. well right now finalized either go with stunner or increase the budget and go with Fi.....but again on another forum they saying stunner having serious delivery issue stuff.....Btw how is yamaha service points all over india..i havent seen their showroom also at my place in mumbai
  6. But being a noob i m really worried abt service......its my first bike..... any review abt flame btw??
  7. Well i m seriously interested in tvs bikes.... Earlier was interested in 150cc one than 160 came now Fi..... But problem for me they declared their new product coming and kept delaying...also the Fi with all it looks and kit will cost 80k for which i m not ready to go as my dad is financing and had 65k as the budget in extreme condition.... So now i m thinking to settle for within 60k bike and thinking to get flame...but problem is i dont see the bikes on road..nor any review on site or comparision within the same range with other bikes...... So wht u peeps suggest...not interested in exceed as it looks yukk and and dont want to go with common bikes like pulser...or honda(heard it has very poor service records)...but if u peeps suggest that flame not good than in extreme condition i may change my decision