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  1. Kudos..Hyundai wasted some time..!!
  2. lolz Bala..Thats a nice one..!! I love the Passat's and Jetta's tail lamps...especially when they glow. Pramod2009-09-03 11:04:02
  3. No one would dare to run away from that Caparo..!!
  4. i10 has better styling...feels like it belongs to an upper segment than the Estilo.
  5. The Polo (80%) for its looks alone..!! Dying to see it in the Indian market.
  6. Pramod

    happy onam

    Wishing one and all very happy car buyers, bargain will be raining discounts..!!
  7. Welcome to the ACI forum.....a place where you never get bored..!!
  8. I am somehow against the opinion of bringing back the old work horse. They might be doing this just because Ford has plonked Fiesta's diesel unit in the ikon and are promoting it as if there is no tomorrow. I want to see new, technologically advanced products in the Indian market. Car makers - Dont exploit our market please.
  9. Hyundai always messes up with the grille on almost all of its cars...lets hope for a better looking car than the one pictured here. Pramod2009-09-01 09:58:14
  10. Side profile is too good...the bonnet creases flowing into the bumper is artistic. hope they make similar changes to the verna too..!!
  11. Contact them for Dynamat products Preeti Trading Corp. 2, Vakil Building, 1, Avantikabai Gokhale Street Opera House Mumbai, 400 004, INDIA Phone: +91 22 2385-9820 Fax: +91 22 2604-6963 Email: Pramod2009-08-28 06:50:03
  12. My neighbour in hyderabad owns an optra. We used to discuss a lot about cars. He never faced any problem as far as chevy's A.S.S is concerned. Infact, he was so happy with the chevy product that recently he bought a spark to use as a city run about. This is the experience of just one among lakhs of chevy owners in India. Its just an example. I would not ask you to purely go by my words neither would i ask you to hold back. Spark is a good city car is the bottom line.... and I personally feel its a better buy compared to the santro.
  13. I too suggest you to consider buying the spark. Its much newer than the santro. Also, Chevy also has good warranty packages.
  14. The captiva for me.. mainly because of its interiors and its fantastic diesel. Pajero and Endeavor very badly need a make over. Fortuner loses badly on interiors...too similar to the innova. Still it looks macho.