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  1. New Alto = Ugly stickering on the old Alto, some chrome at wierd places, fabric seat covers and maybe a new grille in front! OR, Spoil the looks of it completely by doing something very drastic! This is what can be expected!!
  2. I agree with you totally on the divorce between HM and Mitsus in India. They should plan getting the new Lancer and then think of those expensive cars they have. IMO, This car is not a looker apart from the side profile of it. Mitsu! Bring the new Lancer please!! there are a lot of Indian small cars which would run over this car in sales charts!!
  3. Manza of course! A 16" wheel would do wonders on the looks department of the Manza for sure. The 15 inchers do not do justice to this big car.
  4. Always wait for the color you like or you want in the first place. This is one thing no one should compromise. Else after buying a different color, you would start disliking the car you own. My personal opinion!
  5. We had a 1996 model Maruti 800. Fitted with gas in 2002. Served us well. My dad drives a OHC still running like new. Bought a Tata India Turbo DLG in 2005 after loving the space inside and TATA brand name a diesel@ that price, we could only afford it Sold the Maruti and TATA now sharash2009-10-02 00:53:31
  6. I dont think Harleys would even be available for 4 Lakhs! Its quite a expensive prospect and would be limited to people who have loads of cash stacked and do not know where to put it.I dont see much of sales from Harleys in India!
  7. Thats a very good news! Do they have workshops set up in all the metros or is it a order it - post it - fix it urself kind of setup? Any information as to where we can have a look at the customisations available?
  8. @Rahul, since you are now looking at the ANHC, why dont this topic get renamed to something appropriate? People look at the topi heading and anticipate a SX4 v/s Fiesta battle. Just a thought! Anyways has the decision made yet?
  9. Polo compared to a Maruti car!! You guys must be kidding!! Polo - 2009 World Car of the Year. It has the 5 star safety rating (ANCAP), 7 airbags, added to it is the German Quality! I am not sure how much of this would come over to Indian shores but hey! even if there is a complete stripped down version of this car, There is still the reliable German tech engine!!! The Golf, a perennial favourite in the Volkswagen line-up, has sold more than 26 million units in 120 countries!!! making it one of the top selling vehicles of all-time.The Golf has been designed to be quieter, sportier, fuel efficient and present a clean, distinctive appearance that
  10. What a dissapointment! Why does Hero Honda think that people did not appreciate the looks and tried to overhaul the bike only in the looks department?? Come on HH, plonk a higher revving engine! Biking enthusiasts are ready to pay the premium!! Please!!!
  11. sharash

    Fiat 500

    Hi Guys! I was one of the lucky people to have the privilige to visit a display of all the golden beauties of old times yesterday here in sydney. The beauties include Fiat 500 (Oldest form), Ford Mustang, Mazdas, Holdens and much much more. Not sure where to upload the pics, but since we are talking about the Fiat 500 here, i will try uploading a few of these here. FIAT 500! Rear Engine, the owner did not let me touch it hence could not get a clear view! Front Badge, Owner has done some updates!! Another one! the ones standing by also are the Fiat 500s Stickers! Interiors! sharash2009-09-21 03:18:01
  12. I have seen this car and this one is no where near a Honda City killer! This is actually a hatchback which has been pasted with a boot. Nothing special to write home about!!