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  1. The Vento add is misleading a bit by Next Year they mean next fin. year which starts in 3 weeks. Car wise Vento is lovely front or back seat. Manza is a good suprize a family member has it daiy commute from Andheri to Fort and back been two years now not a single complain or any rattles looks and feels solid. If u have the money Vento by far but if on a budget Manza put a smile on your face as u get a lot more (and it works also more imprtantly) for your money.
  2. Honda City would be a good at this price range. with a years warrenty and service as a cover is good honda engins are built to last. Check condition and milage covered. Pay attention to rear suspention and how well the gear box shifts. And for the Sx4 only if your Honda dealer and work shop is too far away.
  3. I second that anyone who has ever taken part in racing evens will know the practice and efforts. Hats off Mr. Singania.
  4. Have owned a 02 Tata Sumo since 1995 and service back then was through a bucket of water and return the car Autoriders were the dealers if I remember. Second one was a bit better. In 2009 shifted to a Innova instead of a Safari.Service with Shinrai Toyota except for the external washing and cleaning have no complains. Two services 6 month interval.Annual driving 7000km cost about Rs.8500/- per year for service.
  5. Laura is a good choise but as solid as she is one problem is all it takes to keep u high and dry. The City is what u should look at she is very driver friendly and has a good set up. What u loose out is top speed 20/30km but seriously how manytime do we get such a chance to hit top speeds. acc is good, turning is confident (Honda even provides a change in suspension for soft or stiff ride). My choise would be the City. Good Luck
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    Speed Run?

    Really miss the evens, taking part in all the speed runs it was our little car heaven in mumbai. Not just the ferrair and porsche but also the mod cars were a sight underdogs going up against big names was fun. The last even I was at entry fee was about 5-7000/- only troophy if u win. There were only about 30 cars there though organized well stands, food, car park, track all good. No exotics took part event had clashed with the Supercar run so most cars were there. And then there is the factor that our tuners are able to get zens and city to match and better supercar times is a bit undigestable also.
  7. have not run against a polo, esteem does quater mile in 15.090sec, love esteems seats wonder y that generation cars were more of a delight than todays.
  8. Traction is what kills the time, stock has last power but can put it all on the road. as the power goes up you just spinning in one spot before u go. Its good for show not for timing specialy 0-100 but0-200 she will be gone before u can wipe the smile off your face.
  9. I have been enjoying my Esteem with a 280 cam and the sheer madness of power and the shiver of my monthly petrol bill (she averages 7/ltr) This is a good offering + with a tuner box few after market parts this should be a fast car. Will wait to see how she times on the road. Never got a chance to run with the 1.6 petrol polo want to see how quick she is in comparison too my esteem.
  10. It is a something to be carefull of. When ever you are getting fuel put check it starts at 00 sometimes they distract you by asking to check oil & water level. It has happened to me but to the guys bad luck he filled 65 liters in a 60 liter tank capacity and got cought. This is very common at night when you are filling.
  11. Have a modded Honda with body Kit, Engine work & exhaust. Even after turning down the noise of the exhaust cops want their money, say body kit is not allowed. is a safety issue. any ideas to deal with them.
  12. I guess all type 1 &2 honda are done with their warrenty period.
  13. Go for a K&N filter ensure the pipe is made that the mouth is big and it tappers to the end will compress the air in. Port& pollish is fine. Get an FSE fuel regulator. Blaster Coil and 9mm cables to go with it. And stick to 155 size tyers. should help you.Can upgrade your carb too.
  14. Has anyone done rear brake conversion from drum to disc on a Type 1 Honda City. Could you send some information if available.thank you.