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  1. stoner

    Dead end

    A question that begs answering..... Whats your opinion guys? Will the advent of superbikes coming into India direct from the big manufacturers spell out a dead end for the superbike grey market that has thrived all these yrs in India? Or will these modern day smuggler types continue to survive, thanks to being able to offer bikes at so much cheaper cost........ without legal import duties paid, without papers, without service backup, without insurance, without spares back up, with proper trained mechanics to back up their bikes.
  2. YZF R1 + MT 01, both for 11 odd lakh on road. Yes it sounds like much, but then again theres so much to gain here, with the bikes being available through a completely legal chanel, with papers, INSURANCE, after sales, spares and even a hotline to Yamaha direct and only for these bike owners.
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Well, it seems like the site has now made an english version, as I just gave in my three votes in English. Thanks u Autocar
  4. I just read about the International bike of the year award in my latest Autocar India copy. Its great that Indians can take part in the awards this year. I just gave in my three votes. Go for it guys. Anyone can vote at the website-
  5. I still think the Hunk must handle way better than the RTR. And then there is the other important bit, the RTR will not be able to provide the same mileage as a Hunk..... my friends brand new RTR gives him only 28kpl when he rides fast, and max 35kpl when he goes slowly.................. bad news!
  6. The Hunk is a great choice. I wouldnt think the RTR handles better. The Hunk with its superb CBZ lineage (which has always been acknowledged to have amongst the best handling of all Indian bikes) should surely offer way better handling than an RTR. Its got all the good stuff from the past CBZ's, and then some more add ons as well. Hunk all the way for me.
  7. I know its a little off topic, but how about getting HUNKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. No choice. I agree with Autocar India which says the only cruiser to buy is the Avenger.
  9. What a poor scooter for a company like Suzuki to make. I expected a much better model from such a famnous Japanese champion. Also, look at the price of the Access. It is highway robbery......the Access gets a big
  10. My list in no particular order- Honda CB 400 Super Dream Yamaha RX 100 Honda VFR 800 Honda CB 1300 Suzuki GSR 600 Kawasaki ZX 12R Suzuki Hayabusa Hero Honda CBZ Yamaha WR 450 Honda MTX 125
  11. stoner

    New Bike..

    I would go for the Hunk cause it is so good looking, with a fast engine and should still give decent mileage. But then again, if I was really feeling rich, theres nothing to beat the Pulsar 220 in India.
  12. Yes.... I agree, the RX was a super looker. And so was the KB 100.
  13. Isnt Yamaha working on a new over 160 cc model as well? And Suzuki............
  14. Leave it standard would be my vote.... bike silencers work best as they come from factory with company engineering taking all aspects into consideration. Sorry, this is only my own humble opinion.
  15. Leave it standard yaaar. I agree with Praful who seems to really know a lot on bikes..... I hope Praful helps me out when I need it and have save up enough to buy my next bike.