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  1. A question that begs answering..... Whats your opinion guys?

    Will the advent of superbikes coming into India direct from the big manufacturers spell out a dead end for the superbike grey market that has thrived all these yrs in India? Or will these modern day smuggler types continue to survive, thanks to being able to offer bikes at so much cheaper cost........ without legal import duties paid, without papers, without service backup, without insurance, without spares back up, with proper trained mechanics to back up their bikes.

  2. Methinks you should go for the Unicorn if you want smooth engine and can live without features. But then agaihn, the new RTR is really sporty and packed with innovative new stuff. So what if it gives slightly lower mileage, as an enthusiast who cares about mileage when there is so much power at hand

  3. Go for the Unicorn or then possibly even a CBZxtreme both which you will feel comfortable riding. Avoid the RTR for sure as this is a sports bike that has seating position very uncomfortable for tall people like you. The Pulsar is better than RTR but still not as comfortable for a tall guy as the first two. Im over six as well, and have taken a test ride on all these bikes.

    Best of all, send an email to I once had problems and they helped me very nicely regarding that. Bye bye

  4. I think that all the bike importers today bringing in bikes to India are all cheating the customers, no papers, no customs paid, no proper registraition, no insurance and sometimes also old redone bikes sold as new. Does anyone else know more? Who si the right dealer selling bikes in india all legal, all clean? Who is the best?