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  1. Coming back to th subject, I find true value is not at all true value cause the maruti guys sell these cars at hefty premiums. Agreed you get a warranty, and you get a good certified and refurbished car, but its still a real rip off when you end up paying so much higher than what the market is for the car in the first place.
  2. Maximus. You are a modest god. How can you say you dont ride or drive well after having achieved such fantastic numbers on such a wide variety of such exotic wheels. Hail maximus.
  3. All RD enthusiasts are welcome to join in here. An RD meet is scheduled for Bangalore on the 9th of Sept 9:30am Brunton road, Bangalore. Interested owners and spectators who need more details can please mail, or call 9845442224 or Rajesh at 9945631047.
  4. Hail hail, I love these classic and powerful Yamaha RDs. Theres an RD meet scheduled for Bangalore on the 9th of Sept 9:30am Brunton road, Bangalore. Interested parties please mail in to, or call Santosh at 9845442224 or Rajesh at 9945631047. All RD enthusiasts are welcomed.
  5. I think Pleasure will be a better bet for you, because it is lighter than the Activa and will be easy for your mum to handle.
  6. Wow Max. A new ZX 14 sounds cooler than cool.
  7. With the markets opening in India, it seems like we may soon get big bikes on Indian roads. But then so many different sorts of bikes in so many different ccs are available. Sports bikes, super sports bikes, naked bikes, super motards, cafe racers, street fighters, cruisers etc in 250ccs, 400ccs, 600ccs, 1000ccs, even 1300cc and higher and so many models as well. So then- Which bikes are best suited for Indian roads? What prices are you ready to pay for a big bike?
  8. Never makes me sad. Really sounded like such a cool bike
  9. Hey guys. Whats the fastest you have ever ridden your bike and what was the bike? I have nudged 135 kmph on a modified RX 135.
  10. Hey Rishad, I think he needs a wide car instead of side car.
  11. stoner

    New TVS bikes

    Im only praying one of the nine new ones is gonna be a fuel injected and full blown 250 cc Taurus.
  12. Just read in todays business standard newspaper a juicy article by journalist Swaraj Baggonkar telling of how bike makers are working out new plans for the difficult road ahead with sales dropping now, and TVS is gonna turn on the excitment from the south. According to his news TVS is gonna get 9 new models into India by March 2008............ New models include a high volume entry 100 cc bike, +125cc executive bike, a scooterrette, electric scooter, and this paper also says to ensure it can make bikes above 150 cc they have a set up of 140 members research team to work on high end bikes. Anyone got anything more to share on this?
  13. Way to go maximus. Dont let anyone throw you around. You sure got style in your ways man.