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  1. jmd @ bhandu, mumbai , if this info helps to address my query
  2. thank you all for the replies. as to over riding/driving on clutch - neither i nor my driver drive on clutch, but since some of you mentioned hydralic clutch's vulnerability, this may have been the reason, if it can happen all of a sudden. (the dealer has good incentive in replacing the clutch, which i was told would cost @ 55000/-) other suggestions - talking to skoda etc., may help and i ll try this advice. since it is an expensive part, may be the clutch has some number on it which can be used to check if it is the original (pls correct if not?) thanks again for helping me, regards, surendra
  3. Hi, i feel the dealer is having a ride on me. and since clutch burning out would be wear and tear, i guess insurance cannot be claimed (pls correct me if wrong). can someone advise me how to take the dealer to task? i will have two written statements (job cards) from him- one showing no issues with clutche 3 days ago and the other mentioning burnt clutch today. can i use these two docs and do something? thanks again and appreciate your responses regards surendra
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. i was told that the clutch burnt out and no oil problem. I wanted to know if it is possible that the clutch gets burnt in a couple of days after service, during which it was found to be fine... regards surendra
  5. hi all, i ve a skoda oct rider, @ 2 yrs old, having run 36k kms. i faced an issue this morning all of a sudden - the gears wont shift and someone told me the clutch is gone! i read somewhere that ave life for the clutch is @ 60-70000 kms and so i found it surprising that my clutch conked off so early, that too given the fact that i got the car serviced only lastweek at the dealer (and no mention of any issues with clutch/spring etc., duuring the service)! i suspect foulplay by the i justified? appreciate your help and replies. thank you - regards, surendra