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  1. @rahul1810, Thanks for your response buddy.. Friends, I'm going to see all the three cars today. Will update you soon..
  2. @RSSH, I agree that Ford has higher maintenance costs.. But why I'm considering Ikon is that I love the car...My other options now are Esteem as suggested by you and swiftvxi06, Used Baleno and Accent... Earlier, I was hesitant to consider the Baleno as its production was stopped long ago..But recently I read all the reviews about Baleno in various sites including t-bhp...Yesterday I came across one ad in Hindu classifieds for a 2004 Baleno. On further enquiry, I got the below information.. Its a Baleno 2004 Model.. Lxi Variant, 45000 Kms done, Expected price is 2 Lakhs, But car is with a dealer now who is doing this on commission basis. Shall I consider this deal? Previous owner is a Doctor. Also, there is a 2005 Esteem for 2.25 Lakhs, 30000 Kms done.. Have to enquire about the details.. Let me know your opinion friends.
  3. First of all,Thanks for the valuable suggestions friends... I was not able to see any of the cars that I planned for..Got some issues in my project... Good thing is, I've moved to my newly constructed house. So, I was not able to find any time for my Sedan Hunt..So, planing to see few cars today evening...The empty Portico of my house makes me worry ... I'm planing to see the Accent 2001.. I've provided the details of this car already.. In addition to that, I've got info about a 2006 Ikon 1.3.. It has 40000 Kms in its odo and the quoted price is 2.5 Lacs.. I'm hoping to bring down the price to somewhere near 2.2 L..What's your opinion friends?.. Jus leave a reply.. I'll update further by today evening after seeing these cars.
  4. @ Buddies CYRUS43,karanraheja,nim12esh,swiftvxi06,rahul1810,tejasmehta990 and rssh, Thanks for your valuable suggestions.. I was not able to make a visit to my friend's place yesterday as we were requested to reach home as early as possible because of the news about LTTE Leader's death. Will make my visit today and update you about the visit.. BTW, I came to know about one Accent from Its a 2001 July model, with 28000 kms in Odo, GLX Topend with ABS, Single Owner. Quoted price is 2.15 Lacs.. Friends, let me know your comments on this car. Shall I consider this car? @swiftvxi06, Esteem is indeed a good car buddy.. But I'm worried about its rear suspension and I'm looking for a car which will spend most of the time in Highways.Somehow, I think Esteem will not satisfy my needs. Only option I could consider from Maruti is the Baleno. I hope you could understand my requirements once I said about Baleno.. krace2009-05-19 02:54:15
  5. @ Archit & Speed, Feeling good on seeing you again buddies.. Thanks for the suggestions....I'm planing to see a friend who is a car dealer. I'm visiting him just to get an idea on the current used car market...I'll get more details tomorrow...
  6. Hi buddies, Finally I've sold my XETA at 2.4 lacs to one of my colleague.. Quite satisfied with the deal.. Car is still with me.. It may part from me after some 15 days once I receive full payment... Now the thing is, I NEED A CAR.. My budget is little low now as I dont want to go for any loans in this time of recession and Myself being in IT Industry . My budget is 2 lakhs and I'm looking for a decently used sedan. My prime requirements are - Decent Maintanance costs - Must be reliable - Must be a petrol engined. - I do only long trips with my car. So it should be little powerful and fun to drive Considering all the above requirements, Only two options comes in my mind considering the budget. They are 1) hyundai Accent 2001-2002 models. 2) Ford Ikon - 2004-2005 Models. Now, Please pour your suggestions.. Am I going in a correct way? Accent and Ikon owners, Please tell me whether Ikon or accent will satisfy my needs. And, Please let me know if anyone knows any good cars for sale as I want to pick a car from known circle in chennai.. BTW, The X6 in our forum logo looks quite stunning... Jus love it. krace2009-05-17 15:04:12
  7. @ CYRUS43 Ji, Thanks for the quick response... Actually I didnt visited the forum for quite some time because of work. A lot of interesting things happened which I would share in coming days..
  8. Hi Friends, Today morning when my friend said that his Skoda VRs is up for sale at 2.5 lakhs, I just flew in air for few seconds.. Most of the friends here might know that I'm struggling to sell off my XETA and get a good sedan. Now I guess you might imagine how i would have felt when I heard about this Skoda. Actually the thing is, This Skoda is a 2004 Model with 40000 Kms in its odo and no airbags. .. Confused?? Yes, it has no air bags. It has met with an accident and has been brought back to shape at a cost of Rs96000 (Friend has shown the bill from Skoda dealer here). But as the air bags for inflated, they need replacement. But thereplacement costed about 2.6 lakhs. Hence it was ignored. Now friends, tell me whether it is wise to buy this Skoda and put the airbags later.. For your information, I'm seeing this Skoda for the past two years as it is with my friend. The accident is also not a major one. But the impact was enough to inflate the airbags.. Though I'm inclained towards buying this big tank, I alsoo have some amount of reluctance to stay away from this car. Please pour in your suggestions.. The question is, Shall I go for this car and put the air bags later on, or jus remain silent and save for a sedan in future.
  9. I second autofreako... Go for the i20 bro..Aveo is a average in all terms.. Great negative is its sluggish response. Hyundai will get u more resale value and less maintanance cost..
  10. Hi OM138, If your budget is around 2 or 3 lakhs, I would hav suggested a used car. But for your budget , go for the Accent Exec as it comes fully loaded and you will get peppy cash discounts as hyundai is pushing its last lot of Accent.. Driving in Mumbai (Or any other city) traffic is not that tough as you think.. Main thing is , jus seek help from any of your friends who is good at driving and will be able to spend an hour with u everyday. Jus drive the car in free roads with your friend's assistance (Hav him in the co-driver seat). Gradually get used with the roads will less traffic and then in heavy traffic. One major thing is, 'If you think, u will do'... I mean, I you drive the car with a fear of putting scratches or something, Sure u will do.. So, always drive with a cool attitude. Even if some minor scratches happens, you can do a minor tinkering after a year.. So dont worry about scratches and all. Jus go for the Accent and hav a friend with you aways till you gain confidence on your driving... If you are not able to find such a friend, Then go and hire a driver and do the same procedure as everyone said. Important point is, You are hiring the driver to learn driving, So, you drive the car full and full with the driver assisting you. Good luck and drive safely..
  11. Dude, Best thing would be selling the bike in TN itself. That will avoid a hell lot of confusions in the NOC and Re-registration problems, If someone from KA considers the transfer RTO Charges and buy your bike, You will get only peanuts for the bike...
  12. Heiiii Subzero, I always envy your Palio Man ...But what makes me bother is the mileage of the 1.6 and maintanace cost... Can u throw some light on the maintenance part? Like, how much it would cost for a normal service and like things.... BTW What mileage you are getting dear???
  13. Nice topic TV!!! I would prefer to wait for a year to see how the car is doing on roads and will decide...because, Simply, I don't want to be a Guinea Pig for TATA
  14. Hi Friends, Due to some reasons, I'm selling my XETA and close its loan. After the loan closure, I'll have around a lakh in hand and I want a decent car with all the goodies that my XETA gave me... Few to highlight are the Space, Little road presence and a big car feel. So, I think it would be wise to go for a used palio.. Probably a 2002 or 2003 model in a decent condition.... Friends pls suggest whether my decision is correct or should I consider some other options... I like fiat for its build quality and looks...Friends pls suggest.... This is a quick deceison and needs to be executed quickly..So, pls pour in your suggestions and also let me know if there is any good Palio or other car which u think will satisfy my requirements...
  15. Hi FRG,DD and Archit, Glad to see you all again after a long time... BTW, Archit, what happended to Vibhor???