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  1. Thanks to everybody. I emptied the tank running all through these days then filled it with regular unleaded and the result was amazing everything back to normal the co level was just 0.001 and my car easily passed the puc
  2. I use Hella dual horns fitted with relay in my zen 2002. The horns cost Rs.450 and for relay Rs.100
  3. Yes I take Speed from a single pump always
  4. Normally Alto or Maruti 800 comes fitted with single horn only . They are not effective in busy traffic conditions like India. So I would suggest for going for a custom fit of quality horns of brands like hella, bosch or roots. But in order to fit them you must install a horn relay as wiring of alto may not able to support dual horns of those brands . I myself have fitted hella with a relay in amy alto lx mpfi 2002. You can visit Hella website to chose horns and can hear the sounds of different models.
  5. Presently I am having Zen 2002 Lx MPFI. After running 33000km recently i replaced clutch, front struts , lower arm etc. and all the liquids the car (engine oil, gearl oil, coolant) consume. As my pollution expired on on Aug18 i went to emission testing centre and after testing it was found the car is having much higher CO level so i was advised for a thorough tuning including cleaning of throttle body and injectors. During tuning i replaced all the plugs, air filter and petrol filter including cleaning of all injectors and throttle body. After tuning I went to the emission testing centre and found the pollution level has not come down infact higher. I returned back to the service centre where the mechanic said it is normal as the car is still having cleaning liquids in the fuel lines so i should visit the emission centre after running the car for two days. What I like to know is this normal or something else is wrong with my car ? I will let everybody know after i visit the emission centre after 2 days.
  6. My first car was my Dad's Fiat 1100D, i also learnt my driving on this car
  7. Opel Corsa is a very good car but it is a reputation of high cost of spares, high fuel consumption. The car is solidly build and 15000km is very low mileage. If u r ready to accept those cons u may go for it
  8. This type of dual pricing will lead to rampant corruption and black marketing of the fuel and ultimately negating the benefit of subsidy. A simple example is of subsidized lpg and commercial lpg.
  9. Actually dampers and springs refers to suspention componenents.Overhauling of suspension means changing the shock absorbers, springs and rubber components lower arms, ends etc for both front and rear as the esteem has independent suspension for front and rear.
  10. it is not the question of avoiding Ac . Modern engines are designed keeping in mind to take the load of Ac which is not the case in case of older generation engines of Fiat 1100D. And it is always true the Ac saps considerable engine power, thats why when u r in more need of power to overtake just switch off the Ac and press the pedal u will feel the difference.
  11. Nice project. I had this 1100d from 1982-1988. You can improve the dashboard are by installing a wooden one with multiple gauges which a very distinctive look. Some people has fitted Ac in this car but at the cost of engines efficiency. You can add a free flow exhaust for better engine response and good rumbling note.
  12. Yes it is good decision to buy a used sedan if u dont like to burn a hole in u r pocket.If u want to run cheap then go for Esteem VXI EII version. It is a real drivers car and very easy to maintain. If u look for little up market Accent is a good choice. Ikons are expensive to maintain
  13. You cant compare spark with alto, first of all Spark is a 4 cyl car and have 1L engine compared to altos tiny 3cyl 800cc engine. Gm cars are more solidly built than maruti cars. Alto only wins in two aspects fuel efficiency and service . But Gm is not that bad eight er. Go for spark after all it is a better package
  14. thats 110 km in my esteem 96. But u really need nerves to drive esteem fast as the car feels very light, i wished i had a honda vtec