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  1. I want a economical yet powerful music system for my ZEN . Budget between 10 - 12 K in Baangalore. If someone let me know the configuration as well as price range approx.
  2. Is there a post for new E Class. If yes please send me the link as search option didnt show any. If no. Have the pics ....
  3. Unfortunate end to such a good car. Seems like Ford never wanted to sell this awesome car. SUV like car, but looks confusing. Neways....
  4. Zen 16-17 Kmpl city, 22-23 Kmpl highway Indigo LX 14- Kmpl city, 17-18 kmpl Highway
  5. Indigo CS on Vista.... will take another year or so... Tata will move the game ahead with Indigo at max.
  6. Went to Chennai and back and with the no of kms run , FE is improving. Driving normally at 70-80 KMPH i got FE of almost 23.6 KMPL.
  7. asheesh1982


    VW has not tasted so much success as Skoda, may be Skoda has eaten up there share as well.
  8. New Tata Indigo may come by March 09. Indigo CS is the best buy in current date.
  9. Looks hit this car bad. Else this is an awesome care. ford should Do something about the rear of the car. From front it good looking even better than Fiesta
  10. It was obvious that Timo is going to lose out with slick tyres. But he managed to pull off till the finish is a great achievement here... Well he might get a chance at McLaren for 2010 may be .. a good driver with ....
  11. Any idea when Bravo will be launched ?
  12. Honda doesnt have an option of alloys as told by the dealer. A car costing almost 10 Lacs should have this. Also they are not confirming the booking as of now as not clear of the allocations. Read in Overdrive this month issue. Fuel Effeciency of City and SX4 on par. And verdict says SX4 still is better than City though by a margin. City has 118 bhp and paddle shift going for it.
  13. Just hold the doorpanel near the rearview mirror of new City and the sheet bends. Wondering how safety norms are met by the car.