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  1. Sadly the x1's, a class and b class has all moved to mid 30's onroad. Out of the choices u have mentioned X1 n q3 have decent rear seat closely followed by B class. A3, A class and CLA all have cramped rear seats. Another european car u could give a shot in v40 if u get a 2014 unregistered model with volvo dealer. Non german alternatives are pajero & fortuner. Santa Fe is bloody expensive in this segment but bottles down to individual requirementts. Expect Q3 service around 25k during first 3 servicea after that around 35-40k for regular services including filters n oil
  2. Luxury cars u are talking about do 220+ km/hr effortlessly They have to be closer to the ground for better stability and aerodynamics
  3. Okay this seems strange ! My 2013 b class doesnt support iphone ios8 via cable connectivity anymore ! Anyone else facing this issue ? Anyone knws any garage that can activate n install gps map in mercedes ?
  4. linkage rod assembly has been changed before the third service and the work was done in a dedicated maruti service centre FYI. Chances of steering bush problem in maruti is epidemic. SX4 and Kizashi owners have often complained about it. Still get the noise, they have checked the suspension, seems to be fine. Lower ball joint also seems fine. The cabin noise is squeaks and rattles, this particular noise is a faint thud coming on bad road from the front of the car.
  5. So after cribing over poor built quality of the swift, a satisfied customer of Ritz , SX4 (lets not talk about it) and a happy Kizashi owner, my brother decided to buy an Ertiga VXI in june 2014. The car has been used extensively in Bombay, to be precis from chembur to VT. Since i am engaged in construction business it use to carry some loads, but all within 100 kilos. It is driven 100 kilometers but not daily, it shares duties with Nissan Tirrano and Captiva. Plus light easy to manuver frugal comfortable negative rattles rattles and rattles front suspension part failure power steering failure ( power steering warning light came on twice but a simple off and on rectified it) beige is a pain to maintain Problem is now i am unhappy with the car, have checked the power steering problem with maruti service centre but they are unable to trace the issue. Middle seat rattling is unbareble now. Why doesnt maruti actually work on this front amuses me sometimes, the problem is generic with their cars. I also feel abit of noise coming from steering rack, not sure, but going through SX4 and Kizashi steering rack issue i fear for my Ertiga. Anyone has faced Ertiga steering rack issue ?
  6. @ AK You find XUV light than its counterparts is because it weights around 1800 kg, because of its monocoque body construction and not ladder on frame. This type of construction have its positives and negatives, its light and cheaper to construct but not a sterdy off-roader but in reality handfull of people really go extreme off-roading anyways. Suspensions decent and well suited for indian road conditions. XUV is a brilliant effort to make a softroader, which makes more economic sense for the company too. Down the line, all we can expect is materials and cosmetic upgrade which will make the car even more desirable.
  7. nothing exciting renault Megan and vauxhall astra 1.4 i study here in birmingham
  8. i don't get it. We want cheap cars and then we complain about safety. Only way cars can be made cheaper and safe is if ABS, EBD & Airbags are manufactured in India.
  9. would be going to the Mclaren factory soon will upload some pics of F1 & P1 The car has outstanding presence, but it ruins the desgine language of the renowned F1. They are working on Buggati killer also, so expect a new car around the corner in 2 years
  10. phase II of this projects has to go till Navi-Mumbai. This project was to decongest the Sion-Trombay road and not entire city. Upto Jacob circle from chembur, the ticket cost will be less than Rs. 30. Efficient and cheaper than the Metro. I hope they expand this more and cover some western parts such as Bandra too
  11. City is 150 kgs, Honda 1.5 diesel motor that does duty on new honda city is lighter and produces similar torque and more power than the 1.4 that does the duty in Altis. Plus City costs 10.16 EX-showroom delhi vs 16.30 Ex-showroom for ALTIS. Toyota has got its calculations wrong. Altis is a nice car, i have petrol automatic at present, i really want a diesel which does not go breathless on highways.
  12. 1.4 diesel again get the bloody 2.0 already ! They are killing this segment, with Civic out, except for skoda there is no serious diesel car in this segment. GT86? are they going to launch this ??
  13. Cayenna diesel, cheaper ! Rangey have gone nuts with the pricing in India. 1.10 for V6
  14. congrats Lucky you, have this no bike rule at my place. A proper comparison of both beasts would be good to