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  1. 1. Only friction inside the engine can cause overheating to such extent. may be you managed to rev the engine high in early morning start this could be possible . 2. You said you are losing coolant....please tell me if you see coolant leaking from the car and if there is leakage than from which part. of cooling system.
  2. HI, Allow me to suggest few things . 1. Please get the cylinder head removed and ask the mechanic to check for any hairline injury on the inside of the cylinder body and also on the piston outer wall. If there is a minute damage it would be the most obvious reason. This could be solved by re-boring the engine ....would cost you a lot. 2. The simpler reason could be : there is something wrong with the temperature gauge, get that replaced and see if this works. The car temperature generally increases in stop go kind of traffic but this high reading is not ok. 3. Avoid keeping the clutch engaged during the stop go traffic....Shift to neutral as often as possible. 4. Stop over revving the engine when stationary at any red light..I have seen people have this tendency.
  3. 4. How many kilometers per liter? You know my car will be parked in front of my house for most of the time and I will manage to do a whopping 30000 KM over next 5 years so fuel economy is really important for me.
  4. This one is really good.... 3. What is the resale value of this car? Because I am going to sell this car just after I take it out of the showroom.
  5. 2. How cheap are the spare parts? Because I am an ***** who manages to break my car every day so I need a regular supply of spare parts.
  6. Ok So So lete me be the first one to contribute. 1. How many service centers does the car company have all over India? Because I will be getting my car serviced every week.
  7. Lately, lot of my friends have been seeking advice over car purchases from me (somehow they kind of trust my skills on this ). During the entire process of visiting different car brand shops I had pretty funny and angry experiences. There were even instances where people would ask all sorts of stupid questions from the salesmen which would have the poor salesmen running for cover or covering their face and hiding a big smile over the stupidity. Here is a list of some of the questions I found really interesting to share. But at the same time I was amazed at the kind of factors Indians consider while making decisions on our Cars. So here we go to make a list of some great Indian questions. And for fun I have named this "Checklist of an Indian car Buyer".
  8. Just cancel your booking you think crap like this deserves such a pain..... Just are the one paying ....and you are the one suffering......thats a great much for Maruti Suzuki legacy......just for few extra thousand at the time of resale of your car...... We indians need to grow up.....or else these car manufacturers and dealer networks will keep on taking us for a ride.....always......
  9. I believe in India only Enfield Bullet offers maximum flexibility towards modifications.....Its got a lovely engine and a great shape that can take any number or kind of modifications....
  10. In India....ractically anything sells..... Remember some guy packed refined ash intot polybags in Gujrat a few decades became an instant hit.....and he was able to establish a brand by the name NIRMA..... Thats how we Indians are ....we accept practically anything and matter what quality ......
  11. I think when nano comes out ...there will be a change in the road tax structure ...and may be people will have to pay some extra money for registering a nano...remember Tata can only price the car 1 lac ex.showroom.....what about another 20-30 K in city like delhi.... But what if Nano can be converted to CNG......Hmm
  12. its only after driving 45000 KM over three year you will be able to reach a breaking point between Diesel and Patrol, assuming that the services and other charges will remain the same. But thats not the case as we all know Diesel engine needs more services , more money. I would not recomend Diesel car for an average user who would do less that 20000 KM an year. For more details please mail me
  13. Too many many curves......not as good lookind as X3
  14. Hi Pravesh Welcome to the forum, I believe the members will be able to help you in your decision. Cheers Vivek