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  1. The front Shockers will cost around 2200 Per pair from a TATA service center, plus bushes and labour, you would end up paying around 7500 For the front. Not Sure about the rear ones.
  2. To me it looks like a Swifftized child of WagonR. Look closely at the front bumner and headlight and then close your eyes...and think of Swift...
  3. If you arelooking forward to buy thse car ASAP then you should forget about swift as its going to tkae 3 months to come to you. An you can gert fully loaded version of Vistaor I10 in the price equal to a mid renage swift. Rest is your choice . Buy a car you want to drive rather than buying a car that you have to drive because you bought it.
  4. Do we have enough road space to drive cars like these. I don't think there would be enought drivesr to movee these long cars around City roads. The problem with India is , we are getting world class cars to drive, with no roads to drive them on.
  5. I dont think they would be looking for manufacturing cars in india ....sheer cost benefit analysis....
  6. Bad news Guys... From: New Delhi: Tata Motors is scripting the last chapter of its long-running battle in West Bengal. The company has begun its pullout from the Nano plant in Singur. The official announcement on the pullout is expected within the week. West Bengal government sources told CNN-IBN that Tata Motors have given up on the project. According to sources, the Tatas started moving equipment and plant parts from the site to an undisclosed location 10 days ago. Vendors have also removed their equipment. Sources say that both the state government as well as Tata Motors feel that the project cannot take off in Singur, given the strong opposition from Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress. The pullout is expected to take some time, but sources say that around 1,000 cars will roll out from the Tata Motors Pantnagar plant in Uttarakhand by mid-October. Meanwhile, Karnataka, Maharasthra and Haryana are now the frontrunners to anchor the mother plant. Reacting to Tata
  7. I am not defending any delaer here, but the inventory management system in any Auto service center can not sell the part to anyone. They are ment for internal use only and spare part is allocated only against a jobcard that's opened at the time of recieveing the car at the service and the billing is done only after a jobcard is complete and signed by is always difficult to get a sparepart from any delaer due to strict inventory management.
  8. After all the pain Tata is going through.....they woulgd like to stand up face to face in front of Mamta....and shout....." This is how we do it"
  9. Now if I am buying the spare from the can I make sure I get the genuine Shockabsorbers.
  10. The car sure looks great....from the inside to the outside....but I think its severly underpowered for the looks that it carries.....its based on the Chevrolet Optra, from head to toe and from front to back. Its exactly the same, except for the fact that the boot has been chopped off. In effect, its almost like somebody rammed the Optra from behind and the SRV was born...........
  11. Who's going to tell this to cops..They still go by the old books....But if you intend to keep a copy of this article along eith your car documents might help
  12. My car has done around 48,000 Km. But I do take care of WB/WA, and get it done almost every alternate month. I think it would be a right decision to get the Shockers replaced.
  13. Some smoothe roades around city do tempt you to go faster....and they also are the spots for cops to meet their monthly targets. Did you know that every policse station has been given a monthly target to generate x amount of revenueevery month.....thats why you see cops coming in full swing towards the end of the month.
  14. Hi, Since you have only used patrol casrs in Past ...adapting to a diesel car is going to take some time, because there is ta slight drop in the pickup in diesel engines. Having a slight drop in the power with AC on is not only a Diesel car problem but this also happens in Patrol cars but its more prominent in diesel cars. Diesel Varient in Esteem was not very popular and was discontinued by even Maruti pretty early in its product life cycle.
  15. Nice Pic Vibhor, Why don't you try and creat a pic with both Car and a Bike in it...
  16. Make sure that you chack ypu tyre pressure regularly. Keep the chain tension appropriate. make sure that the foot break is adjusted so that it does not press down when byk is moving.
  17. Ok lets try couple of things first: 1. remove your left foot form the clutch completly after yoou have completed gear shift. 2. Empty all the coin holders and small storage boxes on the dashboard. 3. If you have got gear lock installed in uousing of the gear cover check if thats installed too close to the gear lever. Then we can reach some conclusion. Rgds Vivek