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  1. IF you have enough budget for Fiesta...please go ahead and buy Fiesta....Desire is nothing else but a tailed version of Swift and as everyone is aware of Swifts cramped rear seat..... so thinking of Dezire as a family car is a big ahead and enjoye driving Ford Fiesta..... Cheers
  2. If you have allready put his in consumer cout , believe me your interest would be taken care of. There have been instances in past when consumer court has ordered the car manufacturers to refund /replace the non performing asset. Visit this link for more details:
  3. Some of the cars that would fit your budget would be: Patrol: Chev Spark Maruti wagon R Hyundai Getz GLE Fiat palio Stile Maruti Zen Estilo Chev UVA and Soon to be launched Maruti A Star Diesel: Tata indica Vista Now if I was the planning for a this price band...I would look at Chev UVA if Patrol and Indica Vista if Diesel.. and Hyundai Gets would be the last option I would have considered......
  4. I perfectly agree with you here... But in my case the car moves towards left even in straight roads. This I can tell with confidence because the movement of the vehicle is not gradual but quite fast. If the roads were not straight then it would follow the roads but this car moves left as soon as the steering is left free. One has to drive to really get understand. Also while applying breaks suddenly one does not get the full control ( I am not able to explain the exact feeling) ..thats why I needed an expert to drive the car and tell me if what I am saying is true or not. Imagine if the problem was just of alignment couldn`t the best engineers from Maruti Suzuki rectify it???? They tried doing many things but could not rectify the error which made me to take this matter to court... just needed some support from the experts but not able to find any... In that case why don't you take it up with Maruti Suzuki management....escalate it upwards if Dealer is unable to solve the have spent lacs so you deserve the best.....speak to their regional office.....or to corporate office if required......if that dosen't work ...take it up with consumenr court of your region...... You have to shake the entire Maruti Suzuki Management if required...... Thats your right as a customer.....
  5. Hey Why dont we have...Fiat 500 and Fiat Palio Stile.......
  6. May be TATA and Fiat are trying to do what Nissan and Tenault managed to do some years back....collaborate....cocreate and reap benefits.....guys if they manage to pull this off....we will have this as a major example of Interorganization collaboration...after Nissan Renault...
  7. There are two parts to this problem.One is outside the car and one could be the car itself. Let me explain One by one. Outside: The Roads: if you are driving your vehicle on a Highway/Freeway ....Internationally roads are banked towards outer side ..mainly to avoid water warter runs towards the drain on the outer side of the road. So in India the major roads and highways are banked towards you will feel cars moving towards left while driving on a high quality road. More anked the road ...more vehicle would shift in favour of the slope.....This should not be a problem. The second part of the problem : human brain: Since we sit on the right side of the car and drive it.....our brain is amart enough to make us feel that vehicle may be moving towards right we tilt steering to left ...unknowingly...unaware....So of you have a sore right shoulder after a long drive are suffering from this syndrome..may be this is causing your car to move left. Mechanically....if allignment is ok.....shockers are new ,,,,tyres are having right pressure.....or car has not hit a major pothole....The only thing that is causing the car to move left is any off the above mentioned reasons...... I suffered ffrom the same...thats why I know it.....
  8. Hi All, Thanks a lot for the inputs. It would be great help if you guys can share Tyre prices for Following specs in NCR 165/80 R13 83 S Make ( Bridgstone/ MRF) I have called up multiple dealers across noida and have got varied prices from all of them Ranging From 2600 to 3000 for Bridgstone, and 2200 to 2500 for MRF. Please revert, your inputs will be of great help.
  9. Hi All, My Fiat Palio had its front tyres worn out from the inside. I took it to my tyre dealer he said Chamber or Camber is out , so I left it with him to be repaired with him. He returned my car to me in couple of hours with camber adjusted. On my next visit to YTata ervice center the mechanic told me that the shockers have been adjusted by welding, and are now no good. He also told me that I needed to replace Front shockers that would cost INR 7500. Also there is a huge difference in prices in shockers when I inquired from other Service center (he said they would cost INR 4400 for the Pair) Now I am confused because I have to replace the tyres as well as a cost of around 20 K. Please suggest if I can continue using the same shockers without any damage to my new tyres.
  10. If you can make a down payment of 3 Lac(I assumed as you have not mentioned), why go for a used car, go take a look at Tata Indigo Compact Sedan. You can get top of the line version at less than 5 lac on road, make a doenpayment of 3 Lac and get 2 Lac as finance from any bank. Go for Tata Indigo CS LS TDI, it should be priced around 4.5 Lac.
  11. Hi All, I am planning to replace tyres on my Fiat Palio. I have researched the market and now I am confused on which brand to go for. I have evaluated Bridgestone, Goodyear and JK tyre. I plan to go for tubeless version for 165/80 R13 83 S. Till now only JK tyre has coinfirmed the availability of these tyres with them, whereas Bridgestome and Goodyear people are pushing me for bigger tyres though at more price. The difference in prices is around thousand rupees for one tyre. Bridgestone -JK tyre Price = 1000 INR Please suggest if it would be a good option to go for JK tyre.