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  1. Dont forget tail-lights folks ..... tail lights are as important as headlights. I have once smahed my Honday City into a lumbering tractor traliers ample backside which materialized out of the dark at approx 80 kmph. The trailer didnt have tail lights, the car didnt have abs and just 4 seconds time to react. At the very least every vehicle (of any class or format) must have reflectors. We cant build autobahns and not pay basic attention to safety !!!!!
  2. Its ridiculous!! Two problems - most cities dont have footwalks or crossovers or subways. Those which do, have footwalks, crossovers, and subways occupied by Chinese food stalls and cheeni goods (good one first_synn). And all cities are teeming with folks who have no clue about what those fancy white/yellow dotted/full/double lines on the road mean (heck why do they spend so much money painting the roads - can I please have some for my house??). And when was the last time you were honked at from behind when you were waiting for a pedestrian crossing signal (if your city has one that is) to turn red --- 5 minutes back, isnt it? You know where we should start looking for the solutin? In our bedrooms...... We just need far fewer of us PS: By the way, interested folks please read the book Games Indians Play - Why we are the way we are by V Raghunathan. Its engrossing and may help all understand jaywalking, and help modify our road behaviour too :-)
  3. Iuse only High Speed Diesel. Car is new - so do not know whether it damages the car or not. This is news that high speed diesel causes smoke. Is that so? Not seen any confirmatory posts on the site
  4. Hi folks, Just wanted to know if there is a way I can get M&M to fix the steering wheel with audio controls in my Scorpio. Apparently this is available in export versions, but not available in India... and they seem unwilling to install one even if money is shelled out. Anyone got any ideas or are there any other maret products? Cheers