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  1. honda has preponed the launch of jazz. the car will hit indian market in july 2009.
  2. honda has preponed the launch of jazz. the car will hit indian market in july 2009 to increase their market share.
  3. i gave my earlier statement on the basis of customer's feedback forum(carwale), in which one of the fabia owner claimed he gets 22km\lt on highways and 16-18 in city! and figures that i mentioned are from ACI. i think owners feedback carries higher weightage!
  4. its really a very good idea! i'm looking forward to it, and share the arguments with the people face to face! i hope you will come over "speed". seems we'll turn the winter "HOT"! cheers
  5. you are right, but economy depends upon individual's driving also(though in this case both have simmilar economy) anyways the economy of both the cars , according to ACI:- swift (d)-14.4-city 18.9-highway fabia(TDI)-14.1-city 18.5-highways
  6. man just read the post first and then reply. dude i said that they very doing "pretty" well, the old model zen was maintaining its piece of market share in the segment when it was discarded, just check the records. as far as esteem is concerned, no doubt its sales had dipped(which i never denied), with new cars from different brands entering the market its obvious that the sales of existing cars will dip, but when new cars comes, its not the sales which decides the performance of a particular vehicle, rather what matters is that how does the old models perform against the new ones. take your time before posting buddy!
  7. @sarbjeet- i totally agree with you! ABS actually comes into effect if you are driving very fast on a wet road and you apply full brakes, it will help your car to stay in control(road) rather than giving you a spin! but its upto you, as far as i remember you had a budget of around 6.5 lacks, so if you car afford ABS go for it else go for tyre replacement with alloys. but remember if you get zxi(ABS), you will get both ABS and alloys......its better to go for factory fitted accesories rather than modifying it later on!
  8. but maruti has tendancy to discard a model when it is at its pek or doing very well. the production of esteem and old zen(both the models) was stopped even when they were doing pretty well in the market. i think MS has changed their strategy a bit, they are looking to acquire more market share by offering more than one model in the same segment rather than promoting a particular model! i hope it works for them!
  9. well i would like to contradist here as far as engines are concerned, i think both the engines are fab and both support their respective cars very well. if you compare fabia gives you more economy than swift diesel. the only difference is that fabia has 3 cylinder whereas swift has 4 where i am dissapointed with skoda engg. i think if skoda adds some more peppiness to its engine, the car will be quicker even below 2000 rpm (for which it is criticised for)! maybe skoda will upgrade the engine as the probable change in fabia!
  10. i agree with you sgiitk, but diesel engines are "ALMOST" equivalent to maintaining a petrol engine.there is some difference between the two and i guess its the cost of maintainance! correct me if i'm wrong.
  11. you must have been mistaken dude! fabia 1.4 TDI Classic comes for Rs. 6,50,468 Ex showroom Mumbai. In delhi it will cost even less(due to diff in Tax percentage). check out the link for orices of all the models: source-Carwale
  12. @speed- i think we are here to discuss on the topics so that people are benefited from the reviews we all share on the forum rather than pointing out english writing mistakes, we are not in any english class or something like that.what is more important is to express our views on the topics. so its better that you stick to posting your views rather than commenting disrespectful remarks!
  13. @speed-dude, where in the world do you live where maintainance of diesel is less compared to petrol? Diesel is always heavier on pocket as far as maintainance is concerned, and that is the reason why people recommend you to buy a diesel powered car only if you are covering minimum of 50km daily! so please update your knowledge first before commenting! back to the topic, seems you have taken 3500 as the exact amount, anyways the exact cost came out to be Rs4670. still i feel its not much on annual basis!
  14. @Riyaz- welcome to ACi forum. well the new elantra's pic is uploaded above, it certainly doesn't look like i30! so there is no way i30 is going to be new elantra!
  15. but don't you think it will kill the sales of their new cars, which will decide whether the car is a success or not! sales figures is all that matters after all!
  16. @raj- can you confirm the variant also, because the price you said is of higher end !
  17. this zan does have alloys, but it rather appears to be full wheel cap! "sporty"- maruti have changed the meaning of this word! i guess they are reffering to some wrong dictionary!
  18. @bluesapphire- i don't think hyundai is launching this car mainly for export purpose, especially after the success of i10. i think this is really a very good product if launched in the right price bracket.but considering getz's price, i20 with better and more powerfull engine, i guess its base model will cost around swift's zxi price tag!
  19. there is no point to keep an eye on getz's sales once i20 comes into market,its going miserable with its sales and once i20 is lauched, its quite understandable that people will divert towards i20, especially after the success of i10. but yes as you mentioned, it is the intial plan of hyundai, but i really wonder why?
  20. @jupiter- here the point of durability comes, if they offer a reliable and durable product it means it will last for much longer time. viz- you buy a good quality stuff that lasts 3 years and cost you 300 bucks whereas somebody else buy same thing but of cheaper quality for 150 or lets say 100 bucks and lst for one the end of 3 years, what will be the total cost? quality does matter dude!and it bears realitively higher cost over average material....!
  21. well i don't remember the exact price, but i guess its onroad price is somewhat around 6.6-6.7lacs!
  22. as i said i'm not sure of the exact cost of servicing, but it is somewhat around 3.5k, and if you compare it as an anual bill, its really nothing. as per your reference tyota and honda have similar servicing cost, keeping in mind they deal in petrol engines only(especially honda)! whereas laura's sales are 99% diesle, so you can copare it yourself which cuts more in your pocket a honda or skoda? and yes the service was his second, so probably it didn't cost him much, but still i think considering it to be a diesle its nothing as an anaual bill!
  23. thanks for update speed! but don't you think that maruti is offering a lot of products in the same segment? are they trying to catch maximum slice of market share at the cost of individual car's success?
  24. i might but not now.i read it somewhere in newspaper that hyundai denied i20 as new getz!