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  1. Thank you Librankur for the reply. We're great fan of Scorpio and using Scorpio since 2005. We bought this vehicle on Dec 2008 and driven only by me around 80+K now. We drive frequently throughout Kerala and Tamil Nadu from our base at Bangalore. During first year itself there were issues with the AT and as per the manufacturer (DSI) advice then, the agency replaced it as part of warranty with no cost to me. And this changed one ran for 3 years, and now giving problems. Now it costs around 1.5L and it should be on me, as extended warranty is also complete. I feel, the liability of M&M should be more than just suggesting to replace, but should look out at the option of getting their experts trained by the AT manufacturer DSI-Australia (or now Geely-China) to repair these parts. Or otherwise, like Ford givesg 10yrs warranty for their AT part, which is sensible and customer friendly approach. Hope to get some solution to my issue.....
  2. I've Scorpio VLX AT since Dec 2008 and it started giving transmission issues after it completing 4 years & extended warranty. My scorpio auto-transmission is with the agency for the past 1 month, for auto-transmission problem of not shifting the gears internally and doesn't cross 25 km. The agency & their experts find it difficult and recommending replacing the auto-transmission kit itself. Since it is expensive, I'm looking out for expert advice, if any body can try repair this. Appreciate your help please. Also, is it possible to change this into manual gear? Appreciate your advices. Roy