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  1. I have driven the vehicle on mumbai-pune express way around 10 to 15 times, and evry time the results are the same. whether I drive on the left hand side, center or right hand side.. I need an expert who could testify my statement now.
  2. The process is going on right now.... What hurts most is the casual attitude of Maruti company towards the problem. Whenever I have contacted them I just get a reply, " we`ll get back to you soon".. The matter is in consumer court 7 months now and would you believe Maruti advocate has filed their statement just last month!!.. right now I am in search of an expert who would report my problem and stand by me in the court! thanks for the support , it means a lot at such times
  3. my car consistently moves to the left, specially at speed above 50 km/hour. Naturally in the congested roads one cannot experiment with the car. In my case I did the alignments, wheel balacing, interchange the tyre...everything possible but still the problem persists . So I took the legal route. I have owned many cars from ford escort, indica, opel corsa, indica. This is the first case where I observe so much mis aliignment. Its something wrong from within and cannot be rectified from just balancing and alignment.
  4. I bought this Suzuki grand Vitara SUV, but unfortunately I had a sore experience with this set of wheels. It has a left alignment problem, which the technicians of Maruti co are not able to rectify after many attempts. Now they have even stopped bothering to repair it. Imagine a New SUV under WARRANTY from Japan and not getting repaired ( on a straight road if I leave the steering wheel it moves towards the left ) Can you please tell me any expert in automobiles who can give me a report about its malfunction after checking the car. If you know any expert where I can get my car evaluated please inform me at or call me at 09320022910 regards Mithun Rao