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  1. Vento will not come with DSG Auto Gearbox, Instead 6-Speed Conventional Automatic is coming, alongwith Manual versions. Yes,Its a normal auto box not a DSG. They say bookings in all over India will officially start in few days and pricing will be announced in coming days.Deliveries will start by third week of september. VW Vento has the longest wheelbase in the segment (when compared to ANHC,SX4,Verna) and the smallest turning radius. Pricing will be competitive as most of its parts will be made India unlike Polo. Colors- Red, White, Silver, Black, Beige, Shadow Blue(already in Jetta). tappet2010-08-11 16:34:43
  2. I am working in a VW dealership.Today i went for the VW Vento training.we saw the car.we explored it for half hour.they gave us details about the car.would like to share with u guys.Vento specs were given in a booklet to everyone there from VW. VW VENTO specs: Engine: DOHC 4valves per cylinder. Petrol- 1595cc, 4cyl, 105ps@5250rpm, 153Nm@3800rpm, 5speedMT. petrol AT-6speed auto with 2overdrives. Diesel- 1595cc, 4cyl, 105ps@4400rpm, 250Nm@1500-2500rpm. 5speed. Dimensions: Length-4384mm width-1699mm height-1466mm wheelbase-2552mm ground clearance-168mm unladen weight-petrol MT 1186kgs, petrol AT 1258kgs, Diesel 1263kgs Turning radius-4.97m Fuel tank cap-55lts Suspension: McPherson strut with stabilizer bar Semi independent trailing arm ARAI mileage: petrol AT-14.5kmpl petrol MT-15.5kmpl Diesel MT-20.5kmpl Tyres: 175/70R14 187/60R15 Performance: Petrol MT. 0-100kmph in 11.1s Petrol AT. 0-100kmph in 12.4s Diesel MT.0-100kmph in 10.8s
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  4. sources say it will be launched on july 6th.. . pic1- http://img216.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc383&image=03391_DSC00203_122_383lo.jpg pic2-http://img235.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=03096_Image42838_122_482lo.jpg&loc=loc482 source-rodeobiker from overdrive.intappet2009-06-23 07:56:30
  5. thats a Pulsar with R15'S fairing..its no way the new pulsar..nice paint job!
  6. if the specs and price are true..it will be a massive hit..any idea when the Ninja will be launched??
  7. congrats anurag440044.take good care of it.
  8. We pick up from sources that this bike will be launched on June 23. This is on the flagship model that Bajaj already has
  9. Grande Punto to be launched tomorrow(17th june)..source-- http://www.zigwheels.com/News/Grande-Punto-to-drive-into-India-this-month/Punto12_20090602-1-1 . every time i see Grande Punto im reminded of the Grande Punto in "Need For Speed Most Wanted" game ..cool car tappet2009-06-16 12:37:38
  10. ZigWheels has confirmed reports of a new Bajaj performance bike which is through with its development and testing phase and is ready to be launched before the end of this month! Details are thin and speculative, but we'd like to take our gamble and say that this will in all likelihood be a new bike from the company's Pulsar range. Given that the company has recently launched an upgraded 2009 version of the Pulsar 180 DTSi, we'd also go a step further to speculate that the new bike is likely to be aimed at a segment higher than this in terms of performance. source-zigwheels.com
  11. why? how you doubt..i dont understand ..you think kms is more?
  12. RTR 180 launched today..Rs 63,990 Ex delhi...top speed of 125kmph..0-60kmph in 4.15 sec..(TVS claimed)...i want to see a performance comparo between RTR180 vs R15 vs Karizma.
  13. yes...the delivery guys dont care about the customers bike.get the bike delivered yourself.you will not have any problem riding your bike with TR..but dont ride the bike for more kilometers till u get permanent no after registration..try not to go more than 50km..once i was stopped by a cop in chennai..i was in my new unregistered bike..the cop asked me how many kms i have ridden so far..i said 20..then he said , registration wil not be done if i ride more than 50kms.
  14. TVS Apache RTR 180 has been launched today..it is as powerful as R15..do a test ride on it and then decide..
  15. 1. Good Looks.-Stunner 2. Comfortable.-Unicorn 3. Good for long drives.-Unicorn 4. Top speed between 100-150-Unicorn 6. Average between 50-60-Unicorn 7. Price range 50,000-60,000-all 3bikes costs more than 60k,.. Honda Unicorn Suits Most Of Your Needs.. For less than 60k you can have Yamaha Gladiator & Honda Shine..