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  1. Try out Blaupunkt New Orleans 220 2DIN Unit. Its available for around 9k and has excellent sound quality and also has OEM looks with all the features you need. If you like a touchscreen music system then Sony-XAV65 and Pioneer-AVHX169 should also fit you're bill as they too cost near 12k and have all the required features.
  2. bro how do sculpt the model...i mean by what tool or tools
  3. Nothing much looks changed except the red accents all over the car and sportz decal and logos.........I hope it has some performance upgrades also
  4. This isn't the Grand Vitara.....It is the IV4 concept based compact crossover for the European market and its most certain that it wont carry a Grand Vitara badge as it will be cheaper and will sit under the Vitara, and most certainly that Maruti Suzuki will not bring this car to India.
  5. As I had posted earlier regarding my bad experience with Renault. Now since I'm no longer interested in buying Duster from that dealer or anywhere else, I now want to know how to cancel the booking and how much will I be refunded and in what time bracket as the salesman has quoted that there will be a 30% reduction which turns out to be around 15,000 as I had booked the car for 50,000 and I feel that's too much of a penalty just for cancellation of a booking. Please reply as I don't know about it.
  6. somebody should have taken the pics of the dash and the interiors
  7. I have got only an option of the duster or ecosport as I already own a XUV W8 AWD and terrano is 1.5 lacs costlier on road for the similar duster model as Duster is 10.06 lacs and Terrano is 11.67 lacs. Also ecosport has a 7 mnth waiting period. So duster makes the whole sense. But I agree I should change my dealer. And i think I will get an old one as the facelift is due in end May. One question will I get my full 50,000 back or some part of it will be cut? ​STATUTORY WARNING - DON'T BUY RENAULTS FROM GEN NEXT MOTORS THANE
  8. Not yet he is still stiff on his words. I don't even know whether I would get the car or not. And he is pressing on the thing that I should buy the car right now, and not a 2014 model. From the tone of his voice I think on a personal note that he will only give me the car by the end of March or April, even after the fact that the 2014 manufactured car are delivered by January end. What I cant decide is that whether I should wait for the further progress here, or I should change my dealer and if I decide to change, will I get my 50,000 back.
  9. Hi Guys, I booked a Renault Duster on the 30th of October 2013 from RENAULT THANE under the offer of 30,000 Exchange Benefit - 4 yr Warranty - Road Side Assistance - Gang of Dusters Membership. He asked me to submit my old car by 31st of October which was not possible as within 12hrs. decision couldn't be made. He later called me up and said the offer is over and I wont get any of those despite me booking the car in offer period. I sold my old car later on 12th of November and found on 14th the same offer has restarted in Newspaper. I had to give him the full payment but didn't give as now since I waited this long I wanted a car with a manufacturing year of 2014 since only one month was left in 2014. I told the same to the sales person and he said that the new lot will arrive in mid March or April. Just to confirm the same I called Renault Andheri and they said that it will come by end January. I had to bow down to his demand and promised him to give full payment by Tuesday 3rd December. Hearing this he yesterday i.e. 30th November gave me call at 7pm saying that Renault is hiking car prices of Duster by 30,000 - 40.000 and only way you can save yourself the money is by making the full payment by tonight (which bank is open at 7pm). I said that I couldn't do it and he replied by saying "sorry sir then its out of my hands now".I did the same as earlier and called the Renault Andheri showroom and the sales person there said that "the customer who has booked a car at earlier price is given a weeks time to do the payment at earlier price after the announcement of the price hike". As a matter of fact my sales person gave me 2 hours to do the same. Now neither I can buy a 2014 manufactured car, nor get away from paying the increased price. So here I think I ended up being a loser. GUYS PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW.
  10. Just ended playing Battlefield 4 ................AWESOMENESS at its best
  11. Hi Guys, I just wanted to know how to get blacked out B and C pillars. And also that where in Mumbai can it be done.
  12. Hi guys I just booked a Renault Duster. It has an accessory of jump seats priced at 6500 each ,which I think is pricey. Can someone tell me where in Mumbai can I find aftermarket Jump Seats and at roughly what price
  13. i still own a civic which is in its 8th year now still performs well not in any mood of selling it because its such a complete machine. Was sad and shocked when knew about Honda pulling the plug on the civic and ending the era of a worldwide cult car in india
  14. Cmon man expected a bit more. Still a lot like the duster now priceing might be the only saving grace. BTW those alloys are deadly
  15. Wash the car interiors. Spray household vinegar all across the car, a sedan may take up to half a litre of vinegar. Wait for a minute or two and then wipe it with multiple pieces of cloth for different areas.Later leave a perfumed bar of air freshener in the car for multiple days to out do the vinegar and mold smell. This may solve your problem.
  16. Interiors look exactly like the duster with same rounded air vents for AC with the chrome ring on its periphery instrument cluster too looks the same judging by its side view. Nissan should to offer something extraordinary inside to complement the work done on the outside
  17. Its just ugly from the back and at the price at which it will be launched (> 50 lacs) don't know if there are going to be many buyers for this.....but u dont know it with BMW
  18. Honda it is because according to a survey they build the most reliable engines and fit and finish not many can match at the same price points.
  19. Terrano might be marginally longer than the Duster and with slightly more ground clearance than the Duster and also with a larger and more angular window for the third row passenger..........well we just have to wait and see
  20. They should a actually look at the price of a tad less than 25 lacs as the first BMW X1 had the same starting price of under 25 lacs.....this should make the Q3 the killer car of this segment