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  1. can you tell me from where did u get those video monitors from....i would like to have a set of those in my car
  2. Guys remember the XUV story which said "looks are very important" and for a guy for whom duster did not work because of its bland looks Terrano might just be the perfect recipe..... and yes all the goodies (some even better) from the top end variant can be installed in base variant for a fraction of the price you pay additional for the top end variant........and you can have a killer SUV.......I might just go for the Terrano
  3. TATA have to be good on pricing for this one bcoz going by its earlier pricing aim at 18-20 lacs and why would someone pay that price when adding a couple of lacs more can get you an Endevour or a Rexton and if u stretch your budget a bit even a handsome Fortuner and all of them come with A/T's
  4. Going by the pricing of ARIA the A/T wont attract a lot of buyers as it may be priced near the 18 to 20 lacs range, and I don't expect someone to pay that amount of money for a TATA
  5. YELLOW ECOSPORT...............................Strange!!!!!