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  1. Hi, I agree that Fiesta 1.6S and Dzire are in different segment. But that was the point I wanted to clarify, since both are 3box-cars, what is it that Fiesta1.6S has extra and what positives Dzire had. I am thankful to hsb_sx4's reply. That was what I was looking for. With that reply I am almost convinced to try out Dzire but because the waiting period is too long for it so I am sure I wont' go for it.
  2. mndvishnu@ thanks for the link. The pictures are nice and the new city looks great. I can atleast surely wait till end of September. And, hope there is no waiting period on the "new city"
  3. Fiat does not sound like an attractive alternative, due to several historical factors so I wouldn't like waiting for it. mndvishnu@ are the spec details for "new city" available? I would really like to buy the car around Diwali so is a concrete launch date/plan known?
  4. Regarding the suggestion to wait for new launches happening in the festive season, is there any comparable car coming up? AFAIK, most new cars coming up are more expensive then Fiesta1.6s. My budget is upto 8 Lakhs.
  5. Hi, I would like to buy a car for my family. After searching the forums here I was convinced on buying Fiesta 1.6s (even had a TD for it). But now I would like to compare it with Swift Dzire. Please share your thoughts. Rahul