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  1. Guys, after a long break am back with some updates. Front and side sun films - LLumar Custom side skirts De badged rear logos Pioneer DEH 6250BT DRL's Here are the pics: Pioneer DEH 6250BT Microphone for bluetooth DRL's (Packed) DRL's (Daytime) DRL's (Night) Custom Side Skirts Sun films naveen04in2011-02-25 06:30:27
  2. Yes, as he had mentioned, since am using 4300k HID's the performance is really good.
  3. Yes, it's true. The beam is altered by the projector movement.
  4. Yes, I have projectors installed. As SB mentioned, the full details are given in my thread
  5. Here's my ride. Auto Gauge 4300k HID's running on Projectors Low High Low high
  6. Yes. 13k is way too much for tails. Maybe I should wait a bit else check out Blore or other places.
  7. @sb: Yes, am talking about this one. But only available in one shop here in Cochin and they quoted 13k.! The second one isnt available in India i guess. Any help?
  8. @sb: Thanks for your comments. Yes, no HID's again. I basically use Swift only for city purpose and is single driven with rarely people joining me. So GC not an issue. Water logging will be a problem. But, am just thinking on this. Now, am planning for LED tail lights, but this is not currently available in my place. Searched whole of Cochin, but out of stock. Any help regarding the LED tail light? Am looking for the new model (32 LEDs) and not the old ring led
  9. Thanks for the comments. Yes, took off the mud flaps. Not a great fan of those. I still have the stock fog bulbs. I had plans of installing 6000k HIDs onto my fogs but backed out at the last minute. Now planning for LED tail lights and side skirts.
  10. @bluesapphire: Thanks..I had planned to get the black alloys from lenso.. but it was beyond my budget so got these.. I really liked this model as it had a wider lip when compared to lenso..
  11. @bornfree: Thanks a lot for those comments.. Waiting for my car to get serviced. Will post full pics once done..