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  1. I think X6 is the best looking BMW
  2. @vr.46- apache Fi does not have real time mileage indicator. and i havent yet tested the 0-60 timer as i rarely get open roads to do so and i am a very sedate rider. and as i told earlier my bike was nearing the end of runing in period when accident occured. therefore i cudnt test 0-60 indicator before that and i have become xtra cautious after the accident. i was always a sedate rider but i have become even more cautious now as u cant trust other motorists and pedestrians.but as far as i have heard. the 0-60 timer is accurate
  3. hi all. thanx for the replies. @sudeepd the prob is not at any specific speed it is there irrespective of the speed and usually between 2000-3000RPM..and i think this isnt an air intake prob .. as far as i have heard this prob is common in many apache Fi. I called the service center today and they said that part will take another 4-5 days. they said delay is being caused due to year ending and Tvs wasnt releasing new parts due to year ending and accounts settlement and TVS has started releasing parts only yesterday. @vr.46- i wont be able to keep the fuel pump due to reasons stated above by sudeepd
  4. thanx for the replies guys. the prob regarding warranty has been solved. i called up the service center yesterday and they told me that the fuel pump will be replaced under warranty. they said it will take 7 days for the part to arrive.
  5. thanx sudeep i will definately ask for warranty. but this pickup prob has been seen in all early model apache fi across the country.
  6. hi guys! i had purchased my apache Fi in sep 08. it had that pikup missing problem but could not get it rectified as the service center guys didnt know nething about it. Today when i was coming back home from college my bike stalled 3-4 times. whenever i cross speed of 60-65 or 5500-6000 rpm the bike turns off. it makes a sound like that of when u release throttle and when i tried to give more throttle , there was no response. it hapened 3-4 times. and bike had severe pikup prob b/w 2000-3000 rpm and usually at slow speeds. so this meant that i cudnt drive slow or fast i had 2 drive @ 30-45 kmph all the time.pikup lag felt like petrol was getting blocked and bike also used to give jerks sometime. i took it to the service center(CPL autos okhla, new delhi) they said there might be some prob with the fuel pump and it isnt covered under warranty. hw much will fuel pump cost if it has to be replaced?. i want to rectify this pikup prob permanently so plz suggst me some good service center in delhi for this. the bike had this pikup prob from day 1 as i learnt how to ride bike in this bike, i earlier thought i wasnt riding properly but later i read about this problem in orkut but i had an accident in december and was @ home for3 months. after that i gave bike for service and told them to rectify this. this prob disaapeared for 2 days but reappered later and after 1 month this incident happened. the bike is currently with the service center . plz tell me can i claim warranty and some good service center to rectify this problem. plz help me guys.
  7. sorry for posting again but forgot to say that vista is spacious and comfortable but it is underpowered and somehow i dont trust tata quality and A.S.S and the console in the center looks weird .
  8. go for swift vxi if u can. it has the neccesary features and is a good car overall. i hav just bought it and i am happy with it. being a maruti u dont have to worry about service and spares and acc. to me chevy spares are high priced(im not sure on this) getz 1.3 is also a good car but it willl be phased out soon. and @ the price of getz 1.3 gvs . you can get swift vxi. space is less in the swift but its manageble and swift is a great performer and handler. hey guys is there any upgrade to the swift being readied for launch????
  9. hi guys i took delivery of my swift vxi yesterdayi was supposed to take delivery yesterday afternoon but things got delayed due to heavy rush on account of navratras.the car is excellent. pickup is nyc and comfort is also good. the car is really silent . i havnt driven it much. the delivery process was smooth the salesperson was very nice and gave a full demo of the car and explained evrthing properly and was very courteous. the staff was very helpful. the whole dealership process was god except the 3 hr delay in delivery. i also manged to save on insurance by claiming no claim bonus. this car looks good in white.interior space is sufficient for our feels like a big car becuse i have upgraded from alto. power steering is also very light and easy to maneuvere. overall i am very happy with the car and dealership. i had bought the car from AA vehicleades in savitri nagar, delhi
  10. we cancelled the booking @ competent motors and booked car @AAA vehicleades again as we got an even better deal from AAA. we also changed colour choice to White(vxi) we will mostly gt delivery on 27thmarch(friday)AA offered 8000 more for my old car and 4th year warranty as well
  11. fabia is a good car but with expensive sales and service. in my opinion you should wait for punto and jazz
  12. so far experience with dealer has been nice. i booked my car @ competent automobiles, connaught place, delhi. the salesman was very polite and it was a good experience and they followed up properly and i got the cheapest loan offer @ this dealer and highest valuation for my old car.the previous car( alto) was also from the same dealer and our experience was good that time also. therefore we went to this dealer even thogh its 25kms from my place.we also went to AAA vehicleades in savitri nagar, the salesman was ploite and nice but we were getting lesser valuation for our old car and costlier loan.
  13. bhal chandra thnx for your reply will post a review soon. can you tell me how has your experience been with swift??
  14. FZ-S in silver red combo looks good
  15. hi ! i have booked a swift vxi and would be taking delivery within a week.I would like to know how can i decode manufacturing month and year from chassis and engine number? e:g my 2003 alto lx has chassis n.o -MA3EYD81SOO259239 and engine n.o- F8DN3040976. plz guide me