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  1. To me the worst car is the Omini coz the dash is not good, performance, structure,fit n finish,safety,ergonomics,space,grip,etc r the worst. It just gives economy of m800 .
  2. High power lamp r required in our country n i hav fitted a 130W white bulb in my car. I think that the power rating does not affect the on comin cars if the focussing of the light is good .the blinding effect can be also because of the scratches on the wind screen coz they scatter light .Before putting high power bulbs i changed the focussing of my car to 3 levels.
  3. I think that the crash tests in india should be not as strict as EU coz their cars run above 150kph on an avg. i think that new cars with greater safty should replace the older ones ,even if they r priced high like the m800 n omini. First we must install seat belts on the cabs then think of other.
  4. rssh

    Small Cars

    my ratin r MS WagonR Duo Santro Spark Alto Zen Indica palio
  5. oops!!! i didnt tell that i m searchin for a dealer so that i buy my car
  6. good review in the test drive i noticed its capabilities which is beter than its counterparts. My dealer also told me abt the same n i like the diesel but due to my low milage i m stuck in the same decision ,i like the joy ride n performance but the high maintainance cost bothers me so i opted for ZXi. your frnd is of which dealer as i want good satisfaction
  7. rssh

    BMW or MERC or AUDI

    As i thought that Merc hav lost there market in EU to BMW n Audi. I wonder y autocar gave a Merc 722 poster with there sept issue.
  8. Hi guys which brand u like the most and Y? Tell us abt which car of there u like. I definately like the BMW brand as there priority is the fun to drive factor n they do not compromise the driving dynamics over luxury. My favourite in it is the M5.
  9. according to me the best fuel is power n speed93 .They do not differ much they r reliable but slightly expensive. Certain additives r added to it to remove the adulteration and i fill them alternatively
  10. we hav fuels of higher octane like speed power etc. the govt. is abt to pass regulations for 5% ethanol mix blend .The diesel has become clean in recent yrs n consumers hav started to realise it.
  11. Since the technology is upgrading at fastpace shouldnt india adopt better emissions norms from the next fiscal yrs. Euro 3 in urban n 2 in rural hav been there since 4 yrs . I understand that it ll make vehicles costiler but shouldnt it help us to breath fresh air.
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    it might be comin by mid-08
  13. Yes u r right the zens engine was superb its only the body prob or else i would hav never sold it. the new zen cannot be called an upgraded zen as it is sluggish and the gear box sucks. thanx
  14. according to me santro makes more sense coz it has got more space than spark . Buying spark would be next to m 800 . It just hav cosmetic change which r not needed for a hatch(alloy, over head rails). The dash is the worst part with speedometer in the centre cant digest it . its quiet conjusted at the rear ,the boot is so small that forget abt it. To me the hundai is better even if it is old, i think hundai should a new hatch.
  15. Thanx i ll now sell it for sure, but then i ll buy a new hatch definatily n it would be the Swift i think the ZXi (P) is the best go considering the use but my dad says as the fuel price rise diesel should better (VDi). And i know the diesel is peppier than petrol sibling i m confused. please compare them n which one is better in terms of keeping it atleast 8yrs.
  16. I think Karizma is better lookin . But if anyone is intrested in fuel injection n looks no one can defeat apache rtr fi
  17. i think the flame is sexier than the xcd n i think they r meant for direct comparison. Good work tvs
  18. I hav a 01 zen lx . it is a second hand car and has just clocked 16000km (the value is correct). We rarely use is n maintainance is not so often. Recently it started giving many problems so i took it to a reputed garage he said that the body pannels hav rusted and as he opened the dash he saw that the chassie had been of other car. i m thinking of exchanging as i ll get good offers in the festive season but the mechanic says that i can use it for only an year. Should i sell it or keep it coz i rarely use it.
  19. nfs porsche is even better than most wanted as it always does not show black n brown