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  1. You have 2 good tyres for stock size. Apollo Amazer 4G tubeless @ 2500 and XM2 @ 3200
  2. To counter speedbreaker take a diagonal pass so that the under chassis hit is minimized and install rubber donut on the springs so that the spring do compress fully . Remember this is not a spacer and I have intalled in the rear spring in my i20 since 2 years +.
  3. Finally its home !! Post lots of picture and also if and when you are installing accessory then take picture of the installation process.
  4. Damn that one of the nicest looking sleeper car and I would still buy that VTec variant just for the raw power. Also did you change both the disc and drum pad, also is this a regular brake pad or a ceramic one. My OE brake pads faded in 20k and left lot of brake dust but the replacement are still going strong @ 45k. Do share the contact detail of the brake pad supplier, I pinged them on FB but they aren't responsive enough.
  5. IMO you cannot change the cable to rod system easily. Most probably the cable and the bush kit might need replacing and it cost under 3.5k . Also beware of Sai Service they are known for messing up the car and give inflated bills ; when I had my Zen earlier they charges 14k for change of 1 wheel bearing along with normal service (in 2007).
  6. IMO city has better protection because the bonnet is longer and in case of front end collision it has got more space and time to absorb the crash than in Amaze but I find build quality of both Amaze and Honda city below industry standards nowadays. The sheet metal is too thin and the panel gaps and uneven fit and finish lead to speculation of poor quality control and inferior use of body parts.
  7. Both manufacturer do not test their car together and also since the plate in TN so it is Hyundai testing the suspension for better ride and handling. Don't really know why would they camouflage the swift since clearly they were testing uncovered Polo and swift before.
  8. Go for it also do make sure that the wider tyres fit perfectly on the alloy wheels. How many kms has your wagonR run?
  9. I guess out of the shortlist you have; you are inclining towards newer car which are launched recently. Also this being your first car then I would recommend to go for variant with ABS as standard. I10 grand comes only in asta Optional and Celerio in ZXi Optional. Also have a look at i20 Sportz petrol nowadays it is running discount of upto 30k and priced similar to grand i10. Also 6 ft tall people are well accommodated in all 3 cars. If you are on tight budget then see WagonR stingray Vxi Optional it will be cheaper than Celerio and you will have some exclusivity too.
  10. IMO both these car are in different segment the build quality of Celerio is more towards WagonR segment wereas the Figo is in a +1 league and has excellent build quality. Also the way I see it you are paying only 70k extra for a robust car in upper segment and paying less for diesel as well.
  11. @navneethsatheesan what happen in case headlamp breaks in an accident? Did you opt for extra cover in the insurance for the expensive headlamp and HU?
  12. Most additives are fake and don't really make a car get better FE. They can only clean some carbon deposits in the injector but using is often will do more harm ;there have been cases of injector failing and warranty nulled after check fuel in the tank containing additives. If its not there on the manual then why spend on additives. Additives were invented so remove carbon deposits in older car which tend to loose power over time of over 5 years. It shouldn't be used always check out this video an old car looses about 1bhp per year about 12 bhp in this case but 12bhp out of 190 bhp , so doing the math a 80bhp 1.2 engine will loose only 5 bhp. @anirudh btw which car do you own?
  13. Hey I have suggestion try cosmetic wooden and silver trim on the interiors Check this out its looks good and not cheap in the pictures. I am looking for one myseld but my music players and vents are in brown colour so this won't suit it.
  14. Yes apply sunfilm on the windscreen and rear windscreen as well they help a lot. I have used CR70 in my i20 but it developed wrinkle after 4 years due to heat so I removed it along with other films. Vkool are really good but expensive try Garware icecool 90 transparency film. XM2 cost 5500 a piece and you may get only 3000 for the MRFs so about 12500 for 5 tyres or 7500 for 5 tyres if you go for yoko Earth 1s @ 4500. If you get more than 3k then its a no brainier but make deal before you take delivery otherwise shopkeepers will not quote good figure. @rameshbabu cops nowadays don't stop cars with the netted curtains which are worst than sunfilm so no one is policing the law and we have wasted money stripping expensive films.
  15. For safety first one should wear a seat belt then the vehicle should have active safety system to prevent accident like ABS, ESP ,TC etc Then the passive system like SRS airbags and others ,but also good build quality and good star ratings in crash tests. In case of ABS not working in bumper to bumper traffic it is better to read the owner manual before faulting out the system ; manual clearly states that ABS won't work if car speed is below 10kmph/6mph.
  16. Just take your car to 3M after delivery they will tell you the best and first ask for demo if not satisfied with response. I think its called Ultimate protection. Also don't get the PPF film as it turn yellow overtime and looks bad on light colour. And yes underbody 3M coat cost under 3K. Also do get that spoiler aftermarket after delivery. Also which tyres were on the car at PDI? If its MRF or goodyear then swap it to Yoko C/Earth 1 or Xm2 if you can.
  17. Its was really awesome Sunday if you had watched TV [rather a good internet connection ], starting with GP3 then GP4 then F3 then Porsche Cup then F1 then Football Laliga.WTCC ,WSBK and WRC couldn't watch as it was clashing with others.
  18. This is a torque engine which pulls effortlessly and its main purpose is to extract more mileage. Getting more power out of this will reduce its reliability and the gearbox and clutch might not be rated to handle more power/torque and could be damaged in the process. Remember the mHawk engine in Scorpio developed 140bhp but M&M wasn't sure about reliability hence reduced power to 120bhp. They then got the new generation gearbox in XUV5OO and have 140bhp but they cannot fix it to Scorpio due to different engine mounting and output shaft. Also most tuners don't ever see M&M owners getting remapped engine and this less experience factor should deter you from being a guniea pig for them.
  19. I think it would be better to sell your car and buy one which has power steering. Maruti will charge 18k for conversion and usually the second hand/ aftermarket ones can't be trusted for reliability.
  20. B class is a very mature product though it may not have the looks but it has good space (better than C) and you slide into it; and not climb or crouch into the seats. The 7 speed gearbox is excellent and its really a MPV (with the space on offer) and perfect for urban environment.
  21. Love the OE fit of the HU and the arrow turn indicator in the ORVM (but aren't they distracting when tuning). @librankur For kenwood one needs a navigation unit separately (around 20k) and a navigation ready unit (HU). One can put connectors/adaptors and there is really no need for tapping , and being a CANBUS system in VAG cars one can easily get information on HU (like maxidot display). The Optical Parking Sensor is a great example of this system one can fit Passat HU and sensors and it will display on HU. Also there is Automatic Parking Assist which can be installed (Canbus compatibility needs to be checked) which automatically turn steering and you just have to press on gas and brake.
  22. Do write to Ford stating that your dealer is not providing the new cut price and you will cancel the booking if you aren't provided the new price. Check this out Anyway I have seen M&M giving back a cheque after taking delivery since the dealership didn't have updated price on delivery.
  23. @neerajd If you stll haven't taken delivery then please ask for a re quotation from dealer Ford has further reduced the ex-showroom price by 20k. Anyways the price is the same one as valid during delivery so a reduction in price is something that you can demand.
  24. Was browsing through youtube and this is a very apt video for your selection.
  25. I don't really like mint flavoured paste and a normal white colour one works mine, you don't want to attract ants with a peppermint flavour on the windscreen .