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  1. Just put a philips rally bulb of 100W along with a relay circuit and you will have better visibility for just 1000 bucks along with reliability. Hid w/o projector is illegal and dangerous for the motorist coming from opposite side of the road.
  2. rssh

    XUV500 Launched

    I don't really care about the name ,its the overall fit and finish and the package that M&M must deliver at the price point of 15 lakhs . Also the hideous front bumper in the spy pics must be done away with .
  3. The Galaxy tab is the best compromise in the tablet market right now . The way Samsung interfaced the Os with its own apps is amazing to see.
  4. Tonight there will be too much traffic in the fuel stations and they may only give no more than 10 litres of petrol . These hikes brings the smile wider on my face for choosing diesel . I do hope that the govt charge a bit more tax on the lifetax for diesel cars to recover some subsidy costs.
  5. I use sunglass to drive in hot sunny day . It really cuts fatigue ,I tried the polaroid one also and they are the best when viewing in Indian hot summer roads . Also the transparent polaroids are good for night and rain driving as they reduce unwanted glares .
  6. Firstly I would say that the earlier superb had problem with the DSG box . All these cars were 80% petrol models which have 7 speed box with difference clutch specification to the one used in the diesel superb and Laura which have only 6 speed box . I would advice you to see the difference btw 6and 7speed DSG box failures .
  7. Hello there . Firstly get good damping like Dynamat because it surely lessens the NVH level of car and hence the music can be heard without any rattling . Running and amp for all the speakers can be done but the end result will not is really that good .
  8. I think its a new PR technique to say to the customer that when have so and so months waiting stating that they are successful and giving them an upper hand in bargaining and suddenly after a month they will say sir your car has arrived fast . I won't touch the ETIOS family of cars because its a disgrace to India . Toyota market it as Made in India for India and the overall quality is at Tata level and below in finish and feel . My experience in Etios TD was pathetic ,my earlier maruti Zen had much better NVH.
  9. @23 lakhs for a 5 seater renault is a step too far . It will cost almost 26lakhs on road Mumbai . They can't seriously compete with the Santa Fe which is a successful model worldwide and a seven seater with much powerful engine . Anyways this is more of a brand building exercise by Renault after the Logan fiasco.
  10. Looks like VW liked the classic fiesta's limited editions . The Vento and the Polo are available off the shelf and the earlier waiting period are not there atleast here in Mumbai . Why doesn't VW give and AUX jack and steering control .Even with 5k increase in price for these wouldn't be minded by customers at this price point.
  11. The car looks good but the front end has too many lines which adds a bit too much on the front that the rest of the car . Anyways this will definately not come to India . Period!
  12. I don't see much exterior change except the grill and bumper jobs . I hope the interior get more goodies and city ZX grade plastic quality . Any interior pics?
  13. The sale of the Nano is quiet confusing to say because in the past year its monthly sales figure have gone from 500 to 10000 and to 1000 units . Tata hasn't been able to market the Nano as the real car for the 1st time car buyer which generally is the Alto . It is a well deserved 400 units for the new fiesta ,with the way the car has been priced and the hatchback like space on offer is was bound to be a dud . The Aria is a good product and even the 4x2 is not helping them get sales past 500 consistantly . Tata's name in 10 lakhs + segment needs to be strenghtened for it to get some good sales .
  14. I think the fair price will be 18 lakhs on road for this renault for the 4x4 varient . It needs to undercut the Skoda Yeti by atleast 50k per trim level to be competitive and establish itself a brand value . The understated look can actually help the Renault by not being as flashy nor being too outdated to look either . They might have a good model to play here in India only if it undercuts the Yeti which is a must.
  15. I have seen them many time in Mumbai . I used to think that those were later modified by owners . I would suggest you to seen some performance store were they keep fancy head and tail lamps and may be you may be able to find one.
  16. I would say go for the Verna 1.6 crdi base varient it will cost around 9 lakhs on road . The i20 steering rattle thing is too much made a fuss about I had it @ 2k kms now @13k kms its not there also no new owners are complaining about the steering rattle on the i20 . I will vouch that the AC is pretty average but the car is has nothing called as rattle . The cabin is so silent that I sometimes hear the brakes and turbo whistling .
  17. I wouldn't be that much bothered about the DSG or even Skoda wrt reliability . The Cruze auto is very slow and saps lots of power from the engine . One may not feel that because the 150bhp is itself is an overkill . I would buy the Laura DSG with extended warrenty and road side assistance for peace of mind along with zero depretiation insurance when buying a German car. Just test drive both back to back and you will love the DSG.
  18. I would recommand you to go in for the Laura DSG Elegance model as it meets your requirement more. The Cruze Auto is about average but the DSG is amazing and once you get a hang of them you will find other automatics dissappointing . Personally I like the new Jetta but I agree that the Passat Vento and Jetta look too similar for a layman .
  19. Lets see how BMW is going to control the stimulated radiation . I think LED were the best solution for vehicles lighting system because they give out more spread compared to the LASER ones . Also even if they launch the laser light they will cost 3 times more than comparable LED ones . @winner Obviously BMW will use lesser powerful lamps that focus on the road only .
  20. Go for the polo 1.6 as it has good power spread and good torque in city as well as highways . The new Swift has an excellent motor but the car in now a bit more softly sprung . I would recommand Jazz but that engine lack low end grunt .
  21. I would advice you to change the fuel filter and tell the ASS to check the fuel pump pressure . Also tell the service centre to make a FE run by using tankful to tankful method in front of you .
  22. Finally today my exams had just finished and I was excited that I will finally book my F1 ticket then struck disaster . The cheap natural stand is sold out and there goes the dream of the us 5 friends . Can anyone tell me that if the sold out ticket were only online quota or the whole grand stand is sold out ?
  23. I wish if we could get the 500 at that price in India . I would have given a pink one for my sister on rakshabhandan . Anyyways guiguiswiss it good to see you back with the update . Even in the base trim the 500 looks cho sweet !!! Anyway it actually nice that the 500 is not launched here at sane price becuase the interior plastic quality of the 500 in India would have been a shame and we wouldn't discuss the cutiness of the car here . Fiat ruined the sexy Punto in my book when I went for a test drive , I broke the height adjuster lever ,an aircon vent and the seat plastic base cover .
  24. The car in the first post look grown up and mature ,than this red looking funky car .It looks like a grown up Altis and the red colour and tail lamp don't suit it at all.
  25. I would say the best all round car is the Honda city but others are just a whisker behind . I would test drive the Linea T-JET (I know its a FIAT but just do it ) ,it will blow you away with the awesome torque delivery that engine is capable of giving w/o compromising on the FE.