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  1. I don't think now investing in Alloy wheel is a wise financial decision. Give the car a good mechanical inspection; check the rear drum brake for worn lining as it is often neglected by service centers, check all the suspension bushes for hardness and replace if necessary. Check shock absorbers if not changed recently ,spruce up interiors add new seat cover (3k) ,get the car detailed from reputed shops like 3M and check for corrosion and apply underbody anti-rust coating since it might have worn out (also it improves NVH).
  2. How much did it cost for the above changes also did you fit the correct RHD headlamp. Also did it require some VAG code to be altered and does this have corner lighting facility ?
  3. I use my hand (and old brush) to rub the toothpaste and pour droplets of water to make for lather. then leave it for some time and then spray water. I agree that hard water is the main problem sometimes there are many white marks left even after thorough wash.
  4. Yup at this running level you really don't need to change the oil and filter. Synthetic oil can easily last 15k kms/ 1.5 years ;about upgrading headlight get 100W bulb with ceramic holder and relay ;some maruti service centers provide this facility and it wouldn't void warranty.
  5. Well I can't even say too late competition has moved on; such is the level of this dated model. I thought that they would bring all new model during last facelift. This is just going to pressurize the dealer whom the company may force allotment sighting new model to keep in their inventory. Ford has so many great SUVs sold around the world and they keep lugging a broken horse.
  6. I have tried almost every kind of shampoo be it car or hair shampoo. IMO car shampoo are alright but they don't produce much lather (My car is parking under shade so prone to crow S***) and I found using cheap hair shampoo is better. I sometimes use normal (white non flavoured) toothpaste and massage on windscreen it removes dirt and tar spots most of the times.
  7. Congrats!!! Why not give the dealer a DD from bank directly debiting from account using your passbook. It might speed up the process since the dealer will take a day or two extra to process the cheque. Also do a PDI if possible and ask dealer for the 1.6S spoiler as freebie leave OE mats and mudflap which anyway are not of that much great quality ,try ebay/snapdeal for 3D mats which are prefect for out dusty environment.
  8. Great Teaser. Do update with maintenance what to see how much is the difference btw petrol and diesel i20 Don't worry go aftermarket there you can easily fit one for 5k max. Hyundai people claim that they need to change bumper since it doesn't come with fog lamp attachment, after market people fit it using the same attachment (I have seen it myself) after all its not rocket science. If you are going for alloys then firstly wear out your stock tyre and then get 15 inch rim and new tyres. PS- Loved the way you used the smileys.
  9. I would avoid Mahindra if reliability is major concern just search Stallio on web. I would go for Honda engine bike, the old CD Dawn is handsome and costed around 45k for drum spoke wheel variant.
  10. Thats a good one servicing outside dealership ;I recently serviced my car AC through a good petrol pump. Since removing the sunfilm the heat was unbearable and the AC fan speed was inconsistent (and family was showing displeasure). The AC guy first removed the filter and it was full of leaves (I cleaned it 1 month back myself). He ran the AC then w/o filter and the fan speed was faster but cooling was lacking. Next he removed the front bumper and the radiator was almost black. Afterwards he put caustic soda to clean the AC/radiator and intercooler. He then started the AC and there was a definite improvement in cooling but he said it can be improved further and topped but with R134a gas (MRP of bottle was 799) and he ran the AC and said if he said if I was not happy with the cooling he will remove the dashboard and clean the cooling coils. But I think the work done was more than enough and now the AC cools nicely at 22C setting. Also now I am not using the AC filter (paper one) and have ordered mesh type filter which doesn't hinder airflow and run in AC in recirculation mode only. Cost - 1500 inclusive of 700 as labour and 100 as chemical cleaning (caustic soda). Place - Ballard estate HP petrol pump
  11. I saw the new Aria at Concorde motor Mumbai and the only change is headlight/ tail-light and a better tuned engine. They haven't really changed much the AC vents are ergonomic flaw and I can't rest my left foot anywhere the footwell is too cramped which IMO is a major flaw in a big car. During the drive the suspension was a bit softer than earlier version (I think so) but overall disappointed with fit and finish and there is no 4x4 in pleasure variant. Dealer had more than 10 stocks of older version but the package didn't impress my uncle.
  12. So that is the price of semi synthetic oil but most service center will exploit saying that they don't have semi-synthetic and you will be forced to use full synthetic at ridiculous rates.
  13. It depends on dealership tp dealership and IMO no dealer provide engine oil from their canisters.Better to call and ask the service advisor before going in for service. IMO not all Castrol magnetec are Full Synthetics some are semi-synthetic as well . Castrol Magnetec Professional 5W40 is fully synthetic were as the one you and I am using is semi-synthetic.
  14. I don't really know if EGR cleaning is needed ,I haven't yet done the same on my car since I bought it. May be it was good in your case and Maruti diagnosed the issue fast and that is the pleasure in owning a brand with excellent service network. @kdae90hp why not start a thread here itself ? Removing EGR is a simple process but you need to code the ECU not to open EGR valve.
  15. IMO car looks great in black interior and the silver finishing adds a nice contrast to the interior. I recently test drove the Terrano at the showroom was impressed with the ride quality but NVH was less and also there are many ergonomic flaws with the vehicle. The new power window switched always hit my knee and the foot well is cramped really couldn't find a place to rest my left leg (my foot is 12 size),also the plastics ain't of great quality that I am used to in Hyundai.
  16. 1250/litre is just too much Maruti ain't cheap anymore. Aftermarket you get mobile devlac 1 easliy for 900 (subject to availablility). This is a dream for service centres ;they buy synthetic oil drums in bulk for 700/litre and sell a 550 bucks/litre profit. Thats about 1800 for about 3.5 litre in profit alone for 1 multijet engine. @hitlerinlove I would advice you to not take extended warranty coz in paid service will cost in region of 8k alone.
  17. Actually without any A/T gear shifter snap we cannot really say that it is on test ,also M&M will mostly outsource the Automatic to a reliable vendor this time as the one in Scorpio wasn't as reliable as M&M would have wanted. Also since this engine is mounted a bit differently (to Scorpio) they need to meet the chassis mounting specification.
  18. Castrol Magnetic and Selenia (Fiat) are semi-synthetic oils and cost about 400-500 per litre and imo are sufficient for Indian Conditions. The pure Synthetic for Diesel that I have used is Mobil Devlac 1 and it costed me 750/litre but nowadays most synthetic oil are costing 800-900/litre. For 1.3 multijet engine you need around 3.2 litres and the oil change interval for normal mineal oil is around 10k kms and for synthetic ideally is 15k kms. As per Maruti circular they want to extend the service km's by 2500km but the end customer (that is us) will need to pay 3 times the price of oil; net more profits for service centre.
  19. I would say that the band btw 2000-2400 is flat but there shouldn't take ages to cross it. Get the fuel filter checked may due to bad fuel the filter might have had taken in too much water ,read the owner manual to see how to remove the water from the filter. Better would be to get is checked by a neighbor hood garage.
  20. Don't worry much about parts problem since the Figo is the chopped form of the Fiesta itself and maintenance parts are easy to come by and I think since Fiesta has had a good success the body parts will be available for atleast 7 years to come after its discontinued. Also test drive Etios but I wouldn't recommend buying one as it doesn't have build quality of either of them but take a TD to assure yourself about its safety/fit n finish.
  21. Yes it is the characteristic of multijet engine , in FGT the lag is prominent in below 2000rpm and in VGT lag is there below 1500rpm with a little flat band from 2000-2300rpm. The saying there is no replacement for displacement is valid in this case but then nowadays we have supercharger and turbocharger both on same engine to provide more grunt out of smaller displacement. Drive a Old Verna or i20 diesel and the lag is more prominent below 2000rpm. The most linear power delivery diesel engine I have driven is the 1.5 renault DCi engine in 82bhp guise. Also don't forget to idle the engine for 30-60 seconds after a long drive it help the lubrication of turbo and cools it down. But in case of water cooled turbo engine (as Tjet) one can switch it off immediately.
  22. It is definitely a Vehicle going from yard to dealership because of the white protective covers on most of the body and also lets so analyzing if it is a AT since there ain't any concrete evidence and M&M usually out-sources AT transmission (like in Scorpio). M&M design centre is in TN doesn't mean that they test vehicle there itself. If is were a MH 12/14 in TN then I could have though of it as a vehicle on test. Also there is no extra antenna/ wiring on the roof/bonnet which helps to collect data.
  23. Firstly were are you sourcing the engine from and are you prepared for the hassles in changing the engine number on RTO card. Also if the engine cost 55k then removing the old and fitting in the new will add to more cost (i would say 20k). Also is this engine taken out from another car ? If so then you will need a certificate from the owner of that car while registering at RTO. Why spend so much money if the car is running properly? Try a rebuild and see if it warrants a new one.
  24. Let me try to help you with a bit of technical insight ;the engine is the same used as in with the swift but the only difference is the turbo. Swift uses a Fixed Geometry turbo wereas Ertiga/Sx4 used Variable Geometry turbine. The turbo lag is felt more prominent in FGT cars and you can feel the lag below 2000rpm in most car irrespective of the gear you are in. Were as VGT has 2 turbine in the exhaust were the smaller one spins before hence lesser lag near idle rpm were as the other turbine spins at higher rpms ie around 2500 rpm is DDiS engine. There is a flat spot around 2000rpm since one turbine is just starting to spin and other is at max (around this rpm the wastgate/valve opens/close) hence you feel a bit flat also it is more pronounced in the top gear hence you feel this. Thats why nowaday we have tri-turbo engine which cater to boost at low-mid=high levels.
  25. Its not the engine (infact the 1.2 Tsi is international award winning engine) its the automatic gearbox DQ200 which has many problem being reported. If it were a manual with this engine then would have happily recommend the same. I would buy the 1.6 diesel polo instead for piece of mind. Why not try out the Vento TDi it has bigger boot and it will be a change for a body type too? The Polo IMO is too cramped for even a moderately tall passenger in rear seat.