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  1. In which city do you live? In Mumbai the fiesta classic had 1 lakhs discount and free insurance 3 weeks back; thats a direct saving of 1.3 lakhs.
  2. Firstly though the Fiesta look like proper 3 box sedan but it is as cramped inside as todays sub-compacts and the boot is not that large enough. Try the Xcent/amaze or the Manza ( which is proper 3 box) the ford engine is atleast 2 generation behind than the others in the market. Also the Linea classic will fit in your price bracket but nowadays it has only 75bhp diesel engine.
  3. He might be suggestion which used car with good FE. I would say go with a Logan because I have seen taxi drivers saying that it gives around 19kpl in city like Mumbai and on highway expect around 22-23 kpl.
  4. First and foremost the evaluation of your Rtiz is too low can you tell us how many kms has it run? Also the VW Polo has a 1.2 petrol/diesel/TSI engine and a 1.6 diesel and Ertiga is a 1.4 petrol and 1.3 diesel and given your running I will go for a diesel definitely. Please clearly state the use of vehicle since the Polo and Ertiga serve different purpose were one is a niche model and other is a people mover. Polo feels way more cramped than Ritz since it has lower height and also I won't recommend going in for TSi since it is available with DSG gearbox which has had severe mechatronics failure rate in India/Asia and it cost around 1.5 lakhs to replace.
  5. He might have bough it for around 16.5 lakhs in September hence I think the 10 lakhs price is fair and E4 model is better equipped. go for it.
  6. SRV was a flop model which was a decade ahead of its time but also due to GM's poor product placement strategy as it was only 50k cheaper than the Optra which by far had better plastic and interior quality so it was a no brainer. 3 lakhs is a really an over-ambitious amount for a petrol old flop model with poor FE, I would avoid it but if I will buy then no more than 1.75 lakhs because the tyres need changing (tyres too age and become hard). Also you will have to change belts and other unknown maintenance costs so the car will overall cost more than 2 lakhs.
  7. Tata is equipping the Nano well nowadays but it motto to change the perception of Nano won't be possible w/o a proper facelift. Clearly the Nano tanked as a model and it needed to have atleast 10k sales a month to break even. Tata should cut their losses and get the Euro Nano (facelift) and price it at 3 lakhs top end model and may be 25k more for AMT models; it will be more appealing to young people since that design is a bit sophisticated to the current one.
  8. LPG is a lost cause anyways nowadays ;may be you could add CNG with existing hardware of LPG? Is it open loop/ closed loop /sequential system in the car. Check valve springs for rust as they are the first sign of damage in bad kits due to inherent dryness of gas combustion.
  9. Tell them if they can't diagnose the issue then they better replace the ECU and ECM. Also tell them to check alternator and its pulley because switching off engine in middle of driving is a safety hazard and puts your life in danger and the ABS and airbag won't function if the car is switched off ,also loss of power steering and power brake is a direct problem. Also get the wiring harness checked if there have been a cut made by rodent/rats. Also if some more accessories are working intermittently then thats a malfunctioning Body Control Module. Have patience give them the car for a couple of days for full check up.
  10. Thats an amazing catch you got there, limited edition are not made like this no more atleast in India, the s10 has a short ratio gearbox that the normal 1.6 sport and thus better acceleration. Looking at the pictures I will say get the headlamp replaced the chrome has worn off and the lighting won't be bright also check if the timing belt is old and the rubber is hard this is the most important issue with old Palios. Also replace the brake fluid with DOT4 (since its been more than a decade) and bleed it and see if the disc's need skimming and brake pad need replacement.
  11. Firstly don't buy the linea if you want more space and better packaging from your existing punto but if you are fine with the space then its alright. Give us more details about the fluence the year and the variant since the older Fluence was launched with base trim (D4 I guess) which was costing around 14 on road that time. If it the above then I won't pay more than 9 lakhs for a 2010-11 model. Also look at the approx price in used car market here though renault is not listed.
  12. Safari is a good truck and the new Chassis and improved powertrain and gearbox have improved it a lot and it ends there. The body and the controls still hold that classic Safari styling which is not a bad thing but the interior plastic quality is not comparable to the XUV and the switches and controls are not put together well. The Xuv handles better since its a monocoque chassis and thus the body panels have inherent better fit and finish. If you are going to offroad then buy the AWD XUV since FWD won't have much grip since the laden weight will be more on the rear. But the Safari is RWD so it is better on steep slippery climb but the 4x4 in Safari is an another level of traction (driving in snow and tough terrain).
  13. Realistically expect below 40kpl just because the engine is free revving and you can't ride it slow due to it.
  14. Go with any colour but get the ABS one, ABS should be made mandatory in our dusty road conditions ;its a no-brainier go for it.
  15. And I though it would be just a adding a flaring job but they have raised the rear chassis and the seating position is sporty. I think KTM will put a close ratio gearbox to differentiate for its sibling 390
  16. I don't believe that the G wagon should be modernized at all; its appeal lies in its boxy design otherwise they have the ML and GL class for city SUVs. The current G wagon is boxy but loaded with tech and modern engine and it sell due to its rugged (ala Defender) looks. Making a softer lines of a boxy design is a turn off, if I were to buy a curvy design then I will choose ML/GL class PERIOD!
  17. Why did they use mobil 1 shouldn't they use Mobil devlac1 which is made for diesel engine also the rate at which they have charge you is very high almost 1100 bucks/ litre. I buy it for around 800 bucks/litre , also don't opt for service kit they include engine flushing (which isn't required for normal maintained vehicle) then oil treatment which are just additives then they add greasing which is good for for all of this charging 1600 bucks is too much. Also did you opt for turbo intercooler cleaning ? It is unnecessary unless specified on manual ,next time take out your manual when he starts writting job card and prepare to ask question if the same is not specified on manual. Wheel alignment and balancing is a 350 buck job and the tyre shops have better callibrated machine than most service centres. Also there is no fuel filter change which in itself is a costly item and you will have to change at 30k kms. There is a direct saving of 2500 bucks for unnecessary items on the list. Also mineral oil last easily for 10k kms and synthetic oil for 15k kms (I have run almost 14k kms on synthetic and will service next month)
  18. 11k for Maruti is too much that too with no damage repair/replacement. I though my 8k service at Hyundai was too expensive , nowadays I buy engine oil (that too 5.5lt @ 2300 castrol magnetic D), gear box oil (Castrol long life 80W90 2lt @ 700), fuel filter (@700, hyundai charges same @ 1800) , oil filter (@350) for my parts guy and service it a local HP petrol pump for 450 bucks and they do thorough job of cleaning even underbody and interior. So @ 4500 I get better service with better oil and don't have to travel to HASS but I do have to stand when they are servicing though. Also for things like rubber bushes and suspension related issue I have to intimate them before and they see the car and order parts but still it is a hell lot cheaper. I would advice you to try pump service coz normal servicing is not rocket science and you save a lot.
  19. If you are going to buy a non airbag variant then you can definitely fit aftermarket flat bottom steering but it will not sit flush with rest of interior. So did he test drive the cars recommended above? Also since he is alright with MUV then why is he against SUV body type? XUV500 is seriously spacious vehicle and then there is a W4 variant too nowadays.
  20. The only flatbottom steering you will get is it RS version of Audi in India but imo it wasn't designed for more leg space . I think there is a folding steering called FATBOY steering which is folded for better ingress/egress. Any budget limitation?
  21. @rameshbabu.n I think you have kind of described me except my height is 6'1''. I think the most important thing here is leg space near the pedal and steering adjustment. I would have recommended ARIA is a jiffy but the driver footwell is cramped. Innova could fit him but dashboard is a bit low and rubs on the knees there. In recent test drives I can say that Ertiga has good shoulder space and the dashboard is higher making it a bit more spacious and excellent legroom in footwell. Honda city though spacious leg wise on the rear seat but the steering hinders leg movement even when it is tilted to the top most position.
  22. Enjoy is an okay-ish kind of vehicle but given its placement wrt Ertiga (80k ex-showroom difference and more if you bargain hard). Its has great ingress and egress. One walks into it rather than climb or bend , but there has need a recall but that is all sorted out for newer cars. Also Enjoy is RWD (75bhp) to Ertiga FWD (90bhp) and the power delivery is linear but there is a whine of propeller shaft which is acceptable at the given price and even the third row has good seating capacity wrt Ertiga. If all you want is space at VFM there is nothing in market currently which can beat Xylo for price (almost 3.5 lakhs cheaper to equivalent Innova) , also the H series engine in current model is more refined.
  23. GM should be ashamed with its marketing team, it has got so many products itself in India and they aren't even marketing it properly. How many people know that they have recently updated the Chevy BEAT and they silently launched the facelift of Captiva. There is ZLITCH!! advertizment on the Sail twins and many people think that Spark's production has stopped. How many people have even heard the name of Enjoy recently ? They should remove the DUDs immediately and get better packaged and agressive advertizment for their vehicles. I know this ain't related to the topic but they can't be serious of launching new products when their old fleet is stagnant.
  24. Firstly there is no thing called as Xenon light it is called HID bulbs (high intensity discharge) and one needs a relay and a ballast to supply power to it. These bulbs are available in different colour tempratures like 3000k (yellow),4300k (pure white ),5000k and 6000k (blue-white) and they cost from 1000/bulb to 10000/bulb. Then comes the lens part since yours is a grand i10 it will need bi-lens because the high and low beam in grand i10 is managed by single bulb wereas in new i20 a simple lens would suffice. Overall an average cost for decent light with projector lens is 15-20k. Every change to lighting system in car is illegal (60W) but I would suggest you to stick to halogen and get 100W bulb philips rally with relay (will cost 1000 buck with everything). If still not satisfies then try 3000k HID on fog lamps w/o lens.
  25. i20 will give you more space otherwise the Polo is better wrt build quality but the 1.2 on Polo is unrefined and the one on i20 is underpowered for i20. Try Grand i10 the kappa engine is suited better to that car and it offers almost same space as Polo.