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  1. IMO fitting OEM seat with height adjuster will be an expensive proposition ; also the i20 has the lowest set dashboard in its segment (i.e. not in your face types) I think your wife may not be able to see the bonnet which no one can in i20 IMO. Get coir foam cushion which are thicker at the hip point and thinner under thigh so that reaching the pedal won't be a problem and tilt the steering to the medium up position. My sister who is shorter is fine with this position (I have height adjustable seat in my i20).
  2. Didn't like it one bit, firstly the production version in flesh may not be as large as shown the in picture, also it looks like the designer got inspired from movie DEATH RACE.
  3. Looking at the spy pictures the Punto facelift will get restyled front and rear bumper with 15/16 inch wheels and the Avventura the wheel size and GC is big (maybe 17 inchers i hope). Also the pictures above shown as production model is doubtfull; definitely the wheels will be different and the orange splash inside and dials above the AC vent won't make it. But I if they give what they have shown then I will pay 9.5+ on road price for it.
  4. From the interior pic the rear seats are more reclined and the window line is lower and its nice to see that they have included bottle holder in door. Love the diamond cut alloys drool worthy.
  5. It look now more of a baby Jetta/Passat and I really don't like too much resemblence between same car family if I were to buy a premium offering which looks the same.
  6. The demister is designed to let in air from outside. Why it does so? Because it needs to balance the level of humidity and temprature to that of the outside which will help is faster demisting. Its a life saver especially in rainy season were visibility is restored within 5 secs when torrential showers fall.
  7. IMO why should one push a hatch/ boot lid and get a dent with a hand when closing there is no excuse that it should be closed via handle its is a cost cutting and I can only wonder what will happen if there is a big shunt on the rear. The boot lid of the old dzire is even worst you can actually bend it with your hand at a few places. I know a guy who 3 year old kid (20kg +) was seated on the bootlid when they visited a dhaba for luch and there was a dent and he never had that problem with his old esteem.
  8. Isn't there a front demister switch on the AC controls which sends fresh air and blow air full speed through the windscreen vents. Almost every car with AC has this.
  9. @hersch maybe welding a X-cross stell member may help reduce the dent but it is a waste of time and money because there is no gurantee that it may occur again. MS will not do any recalls on the part since there is no reliability/ safety issue with the part and it is something "What is see is what you got!". Were as the Punto pre 2012 were having really thick sheet metal but then there was a weight penalty. The 2012 models use thinner sheet metal and the overall car weight has been reduced by 70kgs but it is still better than any car in the segment. Don't let that dent spoil your ownership and next time handle with care the bootlid.
  10. It is high time and maybe too late for them to launch the new Santa Fe everyone is waiting for it to be launched for 1.5 years + and if it ain't a CKD then what the purpose for testing it out for more than a year. Hyundai should avoid Purple colour in the pic above no one will buy that. SUV need presence and that colour makes it look small also Santa Fe should come with LWB and 7 seater (though its still not a full size SUV which IMO the Force 1 is) asap. Also it should be cheaper than Fortuner by a lakh fully loaded only then will people even think about buying it in the first place.
  11. Get a gearbox link cable ties replaced they might have become worn and ask the ASS to tighten them. Pre-blue eyed WagonR have this problem in the new model cables are replaced by link rods to remove this problem.
  12. The CS looks better proportioned (a bit like Verna) than Dzire but Tata need new stamping press they are still using the Vista rear doors which really look dated. They need some new crease and re-profiling of the sides in there new models.
  13. The SX O with all these feature has been launched almost 2 months back (they removed 6 airbags sadly). I hope Hyundai finds customer for CX 1.4 because if its the same price as a EX 1.6 then no one will buy it. Almost 40 bhp difference between the two gems of engines is enough to offset any extra features in favour of 1.6 .
  14. Honda should not have 12 variants for a single car , it confuses the customer and is an inventory nightmare for dealers also getting the colour choice of a particular variant becomes tougher. The Indica Vista one had 15 varients with 10 colours to choose from and even the dealer were confused to which car had which what feature clearly. I think Honda should remove a couple of feature from S and remove the EX variant altogether.
  15. Even I have voted for F14T . It is anyday better than 150 italia ,F138
  16. Wrap tobacco of strong smell in muslin cloth and securely tie them inside the engine bay. The stink makes rats go away and trust me I am a victim of rats they shorted my alternator and airbag control module.
  17. Since its a hybrid then all I can say is that you check electricals and even an increase in wattage of headlamps must have caused pre-mature wear on battery. The petrol engine is 1.3lt 90bhp unit with 20bhp worth of battery power. Also Honda has 10 year warrenty on the battery which you may require to replace (costing around 4 lakhs or less) with in 8-9 years depending on wear level. Don't buy car if it has not been serviced at service centre ? Also check engine mount and ball joint for wear because these are expensive and most common problem in civic.
  18. @ babi if you want real leather then it will cost more than 20k but the seat contours will be better and car will look plush. If you want slip on ARt leather / PU then one can get them from 3k - 6k .
  19. I never though that there was a 30% penalty for cancellation of any vehicle ever. I think most manufacturer charge only 5k for cancellation and 51 k for booking amount, read booking slip if you were provided one.
  20. rssh


    Passion xpro has a good market response and it is a bit taller than other in its class and durability is better than Bajaj. Its a splendor underneath so don't worry about it (it has 5 yr warrenty too). You can look at dream yuga/cd dawn which are a bit better in styling and offer same piece of mind.
  21. Check this website for used car deals ,its pretty much accurate http://indianblueboo...m/indexhome.jsp expect about 3 lakhs
  22. I really can't give a deadline for CLA but I saw yesterday Audi A3 being testing in Mumbai (1.6lt at 120bhp as claimed by driver) so may be merc may wait for audi to price the A3 then join the party.
  23. Congrats!! on the most wanted car in current times, it has been a long wait for you and it is a craving well waited for. Why is there a mandatory 18k essential pack ? Also IMO nothing dealer can force on you more than ex-showroom price.
  24. I would say get a sunfilm with 90 % visibility try 3M CR90 and Diamond series Vkool films (max cost will be 30-40k don't pay 96k he is just asking too much) 3M will set you back by 30k max. @ rameshbabu he will get away from traffic cops because the law says that if the windows are pre-tinted from factory then its alright and the 530d then darker tinted glass than 520d also they have electric curtain mesh which is more better than tints. Traffic cops never check luxury sedan for tints.
  25. I think ACI should now start classifying Ecosport/ Duster twins as Crossover than SUV, I kind of agree with GTO but i20 may be handle rough roads were the ecosport may be better. Also the quality of plastics is no were near i20 (I was dissappointed when I sat in it for 1st time) ,I think Grand i10 is a genuine contender along with Amaze and I would choose amongst them for car of year. Also saying that people are flocking to buy Ecosport warrents award but 2 years back even people flocked to buy XUV but it wasn't crowned (niggling problems but it made a new segment at 15 lakhs). Ecosport when compared to its rival Duster (but one can argue that duster is a size bigger) is a sweet VFM but wrt hatchbacks it costly and at par with entry sedan segment and a bit above pseudo sedan segment. Its a cross-over not an SUV. Lets see if Hyundai will bring ix20 which it readily markets as Crossover.