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  1. I sick and tired of the car of the annual year awards because you have so many other awards (21) which devalue the car of the year. Imo there should not be more than 4-5 awards by an entity because here I see almost every manufacturer is pleased by giving them some or other awards.
  2. Take an extensive test drive of the Jag around poor road and take it to a mountain type speed-breaker if the suspension is soft then the front bumper will definitely scrape.
  3. Compare the pics of this to the above the surrounding tinted glass (adhesive layer) is more pronounced in the so called facelift and it has eaten into the rear vision
  4. Wash viper is welcome to the brio but they have reduced the only thing good at the back ie rear visibility with all that steel cladding on the glass. Also I don't see any FACE liftment anywhere except the tail glass.
  5. Jaguar has in recent times earned more brand reputation in India because it is rare and exclusive. Given that XF is now assembled locally the service and spare part downtime will be better, but not in the German trio league. The 520d is a good package especially with BSi its a formidable package (more hassle free) also I think this will suit you better since your height is 6'2 and the XF rear headroom is not good enough for tall people, but if you are going to drive it primarily then it is fine. Go with the brand you want its your money and spending 50 lakhs should not give you regrets later in ownership.
  6. I think people will only comment after the price release in Jan till then even I will not judge the car that much , our is a real price sensitive market.
  7. With those wheel well protuding inside too much I doubt if there is any utility left with it, also remember this car is on V platform i.e. light weight and removing roof severely compromises torsional rigidity.
  8. Innova is the roost when it comes to people mover in comfort. You can buy 5 Innova's , 1 Evalia (almost 3 lakhs off nowadays available at 7 on road) and 2 corolla (a bigger sedan is better than lower segment since the good boot space can be used easily and with new corolla coming you can bargain hard).
  9. I am impressed with the space on offer on the new city and the drive-train ;but cutting on boot and rear wheel well cladding is too much cost cutting for a car which will cost 12 lakhs + on road. Honda must not void warranty on up-sizing the tyres to atleast 195 width.
  10. Check all the electrical system and clean the fuel tank by a professional (may be deposits due to adultrated fuel might clog it). Better visit your local mechanic first and get the scooter checked first hand.
  11. Didn't expect Hyundai to get on the bandwagon of psuedo sedans. Imo the Grand i10 is spacious enough already wrt legroom and height and this iteration will maximize the boot space. I just hope its the sponge under the camouflage and the boot lid ain't that high.
  12. I won't got into more details but the author in the source didn't tell if his friend was ordered Fuel Injectors and what are the number of cylinder engine (like 3/4 injectors). If maruti had developed a 4 cylinder 800 cc engine then they cannot use the iteration for bigger engines in heavier cars. I think Maruti is making a 1.5 litre engine then they will cut a cylinder and make it 1.1lt than 800 cc, also don't forget the development cost of reducing a cylinder is a lot cheaper than building and engine grounds up.
  13. 2800 bucks is fine for underbody anti-rust coat, ask them to double layer the coating on the wheel wells to improve NVH levels.
  14. You are openly inviting people to mess with your engine, inviting rats and cats by providing shelter, creating more drag resulting in poor FE and sometimes the engine may as well not cool enough as the cooling is engineered with bonnet closed and if there is no resistance of bonnet then the air from the grill will directly go to the top and cause even more over-heating. Atmosphere condition is also risky. If you want better cooling then just make a hood-scoop and check whether you bonnet will have same rigidity with hood-scoop.
  15. Your might be OBD 1 and it won't be compatible with bluetooth ELM devices. Do take it to Service Centre it might be a small issue of loose wire or a major problem. Check alternator , air sensor, Fuel injectors etc.
  16. Actually it ain't looking that bad paint job is immaculate ;I would call it weird though. Its most definitely Soccer Mom car and will be used for shopping, school trips, kitty partys
  17. Get yourself membership to the nearest race track , this machine looks stupid on city roads/highway , it is meant to be driven hard every weekend if not everyday. Congrats!!!! Is this a Ferrari edition or dealer-aftermarket edition (trust me there are many dealerships who make aftermarket accessory optional for supercars). How does this compare to the Speciale Edition in performance specs?
  18. rssh

    new duster

    IMO the changes are not that great to make someone wait for this buy but I won't expect Renault to launch the facelift before any festive season.
  19. In one word is NO, none of the body kit provided by aftermarket affect anything on the car since they aren't engineered perfectly to act as a deflector, nor they have the good fit and finish and are prone to damage in Indian road conditions. Another problem is that cars with good GC but soft suspension with ruin the car dynamics since it will be heavier. Its just for looks
  20. Basically the alignment check is done for the 3 things you have mentioned 1. Toe which is adjustable for all road cars 2. Camber which is adjustible for some vehicles 3. Caster which cannot be adjusted and one need to replace steering column most probably (most vehicle have -ve caster) Cars like Qualis/ Sumo /Safari the toe and camber can be adjusted for both the axels. Most sedans and hatchback come with fixed camber and they cannot be adjusted but only readings can be taken at the alignment station. If its not in manufacture limit then may be suspension arm/ steering rod is bent. Also Mcpherson strut is a design in which the shock-absorber is mounted inside the spring and its popularity is due to its compact size which help is packaging. IMO Punto come with torsion beam setup at the rear axel like other hatchbacks.
  21. Scorpio chassis is already being used as armored vehicle in Mumbai atleast. I spoke to one of its driver and he said the power is around 150 bhp and it weight a lot, and delivers only 5-6kpl in city.
  22. Please don't buy from this dealer for pride sakes, they are not keeping you well informed about their delivery system and nowadays Duster is available off the shelf so why is he showing this attitude. Get your refund and go buy from another dealer and take delivery on temporary registration and register it in January. Try competitor vehicles or the identical Terrano out XUV W4 will also come under same price bracket so you could look into it.
  23. For an armored car Duster is not suitable the chassis need lots of strengthening to carry that additional weight, but army doesn't always needs armored cars they need a good off-road vehicle (like Trax) which have excellent credentials of ramp over angles and long suspension travel ,which car be hard to implement on Duster. For ferrying officers etc Duster is a fine vehicle but it ain't robust, the torsion rigidity of V platform is not so great (gypsy even less but its a ladder frame). Also the outer roll-cage on the picture shown above is mainly to support the automatic turret system since it cannot be mounted directly on the roof.
  24. I think you need to give the HIDs time before you will realize that they are as poor as stock lamp and they only illuminate the surroundings (like a fog lamp does) and they need to be focused for the main headlamp. Which brand is the HID? Is it 35W or 55W one and did it come as a kit with Ballast or you bought them separately.
  25. The car I am looking forward to is the Jazz and Honda positioning strategy. If its at par with Amaze then Amaze sales will take a massive hit but Honda can't price Jazz more higher than Amaze since top end Amaze already costs 9.5 lakhs and a 50k increment will mean 10 lakhs OTR ,people will rather buy a Honda City with a bit more cash. The YL7 can't get here any sooner, remeber the current Sx4 is here since 07 I think and we have seen Honda launching the City Zx Vtec + , then 3rd gen model ,then facelift and maruti has done a minor facelift with new M series P and DDiS engines with no plastic quality improvement whatsoever. I am expecting good product which will appeal to the segment buyers and should be better built.