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  1. The car looks great and macho!! But I don't think that a light weight platform is suitable for an armored vehicle per se. Also there must have been extensive modification to the 1.5 engine or may be they might have fit in a 2.0lt TDi in it. Why would army invest in Duster when it get more offroad friendly Gypsy for around 5 lakhs. Duster is cheap to manufacturer but in India the pricing is on expensive side, also renault India still haven't given us 4WD powertrain which will be more expensive since most of the 4WD mechanical need to be imported.
  2. It is not legal/advisable to keep HIDs in stock reflector, trust me this light will worse than stock headlamp which you will see when you drive in fog/rain. Get projector lens to go along with it ,its blinding to traffic and very irritating . Only car with dual barrel headlamp can take HIDs were there is a dedicated low and high beam reflector (vista /manza/i20 igen /linea/ corolla) .The mixed (single) reflector is designed to work in both conditions hence even if the HID is in low beam due to higher discharge of light some light rays are scattered even in high beams. Please put the HIDs in fog lamp as the lens only spread to lower region of road and if possible get 4000k colour temprature (4300k is real white and 6000k is more blue) and get normal higher wattage bulbs in main headlamps . Its is a request to mods not to appraise illegal/unsafe mods.
  3. Custom turbo charging is something that will atleast cost 60k+ of which 30k is only the turbo cost, cost of piping and custom fabricating exhaust manifold and integrating them with inlet is a massive labour intensive job also the car needs to be ideal with good room for turbo installation, then there is the inter-cooler placement and turbo cooling (usually done via plugging in the oil from sump and different pump needs to be installed in some instance) Check this link out for installing a turbo User discretion adviced(these guys abuse a lot in video)
  4. IMO Honda won't launch V6 in India just look at the many advertizement of the 3.5lt V6 on classified no one is buying any V6's inspite of pricing them lesser than the same 2.4lt counterparts, heck no one is buying the 2.4lt engine itself due to poor FE (even by segment std the 1.8Tsi is more efficient)
  5. You need a relay for 100W bulbs I am using one and will highly recommend it if you are shifting to higher wattage.
  6. Does the gear shift become hard when you downshift before the car starts to jerk? How many kms has the car run? Also check air filter if its clogged and its pipe for any blockages, since you have show it to service center they might have checked this already but give it a try.
  7. Show us a light through picture on a road with fog and w/o fog lamp in both high and low before we can say anything about it. Looks like you have got a white bulb 5000k? Is it a HID?
  8. Just don't buy the car ,if the price is increased then Duster and Terrano price will be almost the same now ,so I advice you to take a look a Terrano. You can't really do anything about the price increase since it is clearly written in the price lists that price is applicable on the day of delivery. Buy from other showroom or other brand itself.
  9. Firstly I will recommend a remap if you are going to be the car for long term then piggy bag ECUs. For diesel engine remaps and power boxes are easy to find but for petrol you need a re-map or new programmable ECU (latter is very expensive). These mod alone will give the best power to money ratio. Only then one should install K&N/cosworth/Green aftermarket filters, next will be a good quality patch of tyres so that all the new power is put to the road down well. All these 3 mods can be done under 50k atleast for hatchbacks but the price increases as you go to higher segments. Free-flow is not advisable because many free-flows actually sap power (not everyone is professional) secondly its a nuisance to people and everyone will stare with disgust. Thirdly is not allowed as per law (though none are allowed but free-flow is heard from miles away). Next the sound will get irritating and if you love it first time, even if you go for more bass than outright sound it will give you headache. Then there will is idle rev mis-match which is tedious process to get right.
  10. Search Auto runner coil spring adjuster on net, just put them on the rear coil springs and the car won't bottom down fully. Also check if you need it in front because I think the i-gen front springs are softer than uber gen i20 so you might need a couple there too (it will cost around 4k for 4 coil spring donut). I have been using them since 2 years and they help to car not to sag when the car is loaded with luggage and people.
  11. How many kms has the car run? If its more than 60k kms then check for worn clutch, cold clutch will be grip the flywheel well at start but after some frictional heating it may be make some noise. Also check the fuel injectors they might be clogged and might require cleaning similarly for throttle body. Also check the air filter and see if anything is stuck in the piping. There can be many different things but check your silencer and exhaust because if there is a hole due to rusting then due to different back pressure engine might need to work harder.
  12. Yup its worth getting the 1020 if camera is the primary feature. Wait a week and the price will drop by 2-3k atleast since people usually don't want to spend 40k for Nokia these days.
  13. I would have suggested the Nexus 5 @ 30k but the camera is not that good. The HTC 1 has brilliant camera but Nokia 1020 is the benckmark but is priced @ 38k and only 925 comes next @ 28k. Won't recommend Samsung cause they all look the same and the build quality is not impressive at this price range.
  14. Buy the brio it is the most powerful and good handler in its segment. Resale value of all petrol vehicle isn't great in the market currently, also nowadays Honda has free insurance and extended warrenty on the Brio and you can bargain for more discounts.
  15. All filter are must for Indian conditions but the AC filter is a bit delicate and need to be cleaned gently. Anyways if it gets too dirty then replace it @ 400 bucks.
  16. The car looks promising upto a price point ,since Honda may not enjoy steep premium pricing like Vtec Zx + types since the Vento and Verna has strong market sentiments (excellent resale value); it all will come down to the price. The exterior are better if you look at facelift POV but the side profile looks a bit awkward ;plain front fender turning into smooth curve with agressive crease lines it looks confusing also the rear door to boot integration looks awkward (ala Fiesta). The interiors looks fresh and modern but blue circular ring have the bling but it may be more distracting an night. I will hold my view about the touch-sensitive AC controls coz you will have to move your eyes to the panel to change the AC settings (ergonomic flaw IMO) when driving. About the diesel and petrol engine Honda seems to have forget to put new technologies this time. Atleast a DOHC in Petrol would have been nice improving a bit on torque (still no graph of torque/power figures). It will be disappointing to see no change made to the diesel engine atleast a VGT should have been there for better power figures. Honda won't get the same refinement that Hyundai 1.6CRDi engine has trust me, the i-Dtec is Aluminium engine and Honda is new to diesel technology for small capacity wereas Hyundai have had diesel since they established the company and have extensive R&D in it. City being a heavier car should have more power and torque wrt Amaze.
  17. I always vaccum clean the air filter and AC filter before starting the detailed cleaning session of the interior and exterior of my car. Most manufacturers and people forget about this AC/pollen filter. Imo if you park car under a tree then you must clean the filter every month . Its generally under dashboard of passenger side/ behind glove box etc.
  18. Upsizing the tyres will void only suspension warrenty but you can do it but though 16 inch alloys will look great but the odd tyres size 205/50R16 has less option and good tyres cost around 7-8k in that size. Go for 15 inchers you will get good options in 195/55R15 @4050 to 8000k options. Changing speakers won't void warrenty unless its in the stock speaker area and no wires are cut.
  19. Ritz is still more expensive than Stingray, the ex-showroom difference is only 20k btw stingray and normal WagonR and now there are discounts on the Stingray itself so it still more cheaper to buy than Ritz.
  20. I think Honda has new strategy nowadays, they have removed the Civic from the range and filled the med-lower end of variant to the Amaze ,also looking at the pics this city looks a size bigger more like gen 1 toyota corrolla size-wise. Price wise it looks like we would be lucky if any variant of diesel is priced below 11 onroad Mumbai.
  21. Changed 4 tyres yesterday in OE spec to Yokohama Earth 1 @ 36k kms. First impression is good but I will run them atleast 3k kms for definitive verdict. Apollo OE stock tyres were manufactured in 2909 (i.e. 29 week of 2009) but 2 tyres had severe puncture in them and constantly lost air pressure also they were more worn out due to faulty alignment. Now I had promised myself an upsize to 15 inch alloys and wider tyres 195/55R15 spec atleast but it didn't materialize (damn should have done it after delivery itself). Now dad didn't want to change the OE alloys so I searched the market for 195/60R14 and 205/60R14 tyres but really didn't get many options. I wanted the Bridgestone MY02 205/60R14 but no dealer in Mumbai had them (why put the size on website when you don't even want to release the tyres). So the Michlein XM2 were really expensive for what is a bit more quality rubber @ 6200 a piece. Also yoko dealer had ES100 in 205 and 195 specs but these are performance tyres and will create a racket on cement road and after say 20k kms. Now in OE spec (185/65R14) Yoko had Earth 1 , C ,S and A drive . I wanted the C drive since it best for known for low noise @4700 but the latest tyres were 0413 and I didn't want tyres more than 6 months old so Earth 1 it was. Also I got free wheels alignment and balancing and black and decker vaccum cleaner (ps if someone is interested in it pm me I haven't broken the seal). Plus they gave in WD40 250 buck can for free and I got my old tyres back and will decide what to do with them. Apollo really have stiffer sidewall which I could feel when I pressed it uninflated, but the Earth 1 is a bit more softer to press, the softest it ES100 and I fear about tyre bulge on pothole. The apollo cost @ 4050 and earth 1 @ 4400
  22. This is not available for igen i20 its exclusive for ASTA O variant only.
  23. Optra AT is a good car for its time but you will get horrible FE think along 6-8kpl in city traffic and also GM will have to import parts which is very expensive ,also Optra is a Suzuki-GM developed vehicle (as sold in US - like Scala/Sunny!!). Reliability is good enough but then it will be better to buy an Octiva of the same vintage as that car ages well thought it will also be similar in maintenance wise.
  24. Honda first needs to establish better production numbers before even thinking of beating the Swift because 10k units for its product is too less given the company now has 2 plant (UP & Rajasthan). They need to put a local supply base and not rely on imported stuff from Thailand which really hampers production like it did with previous gen JAZZ due to Thailand floods. Also this car is more of a competitor to the i20 whereas the Swift is a competitor to the Grand i10 (size and segment wise). Also I think the Jazz will be priced at par with Amaze hatchback (or mostly 20k lesser variant to variant).
  25. I can understand the problem with the service centre regarding FIAT since they are moving to standalone service stations. But you can always service you vehicle via local mechanics its really not rocket science and parts can be ordered online check out this website dedicated to FIAT India It has all the accidental and service parts of every fiat sold in India.