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  1. Hello Gops 2009 Running cost of the car - If it the FE - It is proven that it delivers good FE between 14 -15 in bumper to bumber with a engine size of 1.4 ltrs. Maintenance cost. My God it is sooo expensive You could end up paying at least 5 - 6 K in the first service. As against this there are other makes where you pay only 1 -2 K per service and then the service cost mounts with every successive service. By the end of the year in a Mariti or Hyundai, one would have already done atleast 3 services each with an average cost of 2 - 3 K. Ooops i forgot by the time the said three service is over, Skoda gets ready for its first. Common cost of spares. Bumper, tail lamps, head lamps etc. One needs to figure out the quality. I suppose the cost of a padmini or a amby are lower than even a M800 and hence one should buy these cars only. If one needs premium segment, he has to shell out more
  2. I will certainly try to do as you said. Mu problem is that the entire distance in Mumbai where i live i.e. from home to office and back is bumper to bumper and very seldomly i am able to put the car in the third gear. To give you an estimate it takes anywhere between 1 hour to 1.30 hours for a distance of 8.5 kms. Please also tell me whether there is a contention where the mileage will improve after say driving for 2000 + kms. In the above circumstances do you feel that an average of 12 - 13 is good or should i consult the dealer. How many Kms have you already driven
  3. Uneet, Are you saying i should rev up beyond 2000 rpm or i should not. Also do tell me for comparison sake at in what type of traffic conditions do you drive
  4. Hi Gaurav, This is aptsat. While i was reading all your posts on my blackberry, i just could not log on to a PC. Well after much deliberation, i have purchased a Fabia 1.4 TDI PD Silver 2009 Model I have some phoographs of the beauty but i am not sure as to how i can upload the pics Now for your queries I have already driven the vehicle for about 1300 Kms from the day i took delivery that is about 20 days ago. FE - To begin with it gave me a shocker when the FE was only 9 K/L. But is the last 20 days it is giving me 12 - 13. Mind it that i drive only in bumper to bumper trafiic most of the times. There is too much written about the built quality, comfort, handling, space etc. - My verdict : Superb One piece of advise, the discount that you are getting of Rs 65K may possibly be for a 2008 manufactured vehicle - registration will be 2009. Teflon, mud flaps, mirror locks and floor mats are actually being offered by the company and hence all dealers have to give it. Never the less, you can still get a good bargain of upto Rs 50 K if you deal well and get a 2009 manufacture. I lost a lot of time in getting this 2009 manufactured vehice. Got a good discount Have checked from appropriate sources. Your first service can cost you anywhere between Rs 5.5K to 7K but the comfort is that it is after 15K Kms or 1 year which ever is earlier. Driving: It is slightly sluggish in the first gear but then later on it is perfectly fine. On highways, you would certainly rev up beyond 2000 rpm and i now have feeling there is not one single hatch back or entry and mid level sedans that can beat it easily. So full marks here as well Just go for it as it is SKODA Regards
  5. Hi Guys, Once again thanks for the overwhelming response. I have finally decided to buy the Fabia Ambiente Deisel Mumbai registration. The car should be delivered in the next two weeks after the financing clearance is received. The reason i could board the sessions was that i was on a company affair tour for the past week or so Though you have given me enough pros and cons of the models, my reasons for zerooing down on a Fabia are as follow where it scores far better than the other two. This i my personal way of looking at things in order of my priority and Fabia scores way ahead of the other two 1. Brand 2. Build Quality 3. Refinement of Interiors 4. Superb Ability to gulp potholes and bad roads 4. Features 5. FE 6. Luxury Feel As far as the engine is concerned though it produces only 69 BHP, with its huge torque, its a pleasure to drive in the city with great FE. I once again tested all the three vehicles on the same day to make a comparison. On a highway due to its posture one feels like the king. Thanks any way and look forward to your comments on my decision on the above grounds
  6. Hi Guys,Thanks for the overwhelming response and views. Was not replying to the posts as I wanted to get my hands on the i20 diesel which I could do yesterday. Though you guys have provided good insights on the three models, while buying a vehicle I want the following features as well as the following conditions need to be kept in mind 1 I will be driving the vehicle at least for 350 days in a year in mumbai itself and as such I need a car which gives me great FE in bumper to bumper traffic as Mumbai is known for traffic mess at all times in a day. Further I need a car which can swollow potholes with ease without giving much of a pain to the passengers. Since I am graduating from a Hyundai I want a car that has great brand image and when I or anyone accompanying me enters my car should get a superb luxury feel and finally the car has to be loaded with features. ASS though important, I do not mind spending a few extra hundreds on the same. My reading of the three models and the advise that you guys have so kindly shared with me is as follows 1 Punto: superb design and looks stunning in red. Good interior design but not so good plastics.Has a stylish look but not a classic luxury look. Ride quality and handling good.In bumper to bumper traffic it can become a pain as the motor zooms only after 2500 rpm and reaching that point is almost impossible in mumbai 2 i20: Good exterior styling but does not give the classic luxury feel. Interior styling equally good but a great let down plastic. You almost feel that you are driving a improvised Santro. Engine power is amazing and top of the class. Handling is good but ride quality is big let down and it could be shocking in the conditions I wish to drive. Fabia: I do not wish to write much here since in all the parameters here in above the Fabia scores far ahead. The only let down being the 3 cylinder engine but as I said that I have to drive in mumbai and skoda does not cripple with turbo lags even at lower gears and has a great torque. On the average and features front, all three models are almost at par. On the price front the my personal opinion is that that the i20 is very expensive. Basis the above and all your comments I am still bent on a skoda. Please advise
  7. I did go and see the i20 diesel. They have still not started the test drives. The enteriors are the same except the Crdi batch. Now for the prices. Their Asta model equivalent to an Ambiente of Fabia costs a whopping 7,93,000 on road mumbai individual which is way above a skoda fabia given the current offers which works out to somewhere close to Rs 7,50,000 on road mumbai individual. It is surprising (not much) that like when they launched the getz diesel which is a car bland of any features excepting a powerful engine was also priced wrong. This one as it appears is way beyond common expectations
  8. Though i have been reading all your posts, its been a long time since i have logged in. Need your help, as by this weekend i have to choose a car. The reason why i wish to buy a new car is that i want a diesel motor to provide to me great fuel efficiency. While replying to this post, i do not wish to consider a swift or a ritz or dzire or equivalent car as i wish to promote myself to a premium brand and a premium car which provides great features, is fully loaded and very safe. With this in mind i have already test driven the Fabia and Punto. I have seen the i20 but not driven it as the test drives have not begun as yet I currently drive a Santro top end and as such i am not very excited to go for a Hyundai once again (It is besides the fact that Hyundai Motors are great engine) I am also not so very excited about the looks Fiat Grande Punto in red looks stunning. Its a great proven car in europe. However it is still a Fiat in India and that too with a Tata alliance. Not sure what would be my future with this car. Finally the Skoda Fabia. Its a Skoda and the imprint on the engine is that of a VW Audi - with a made in Germany mark. (Obeserved Closely) . I have always been in love with this car and have currently finalised it. My concern is that i should not be making a mistake. Please help ? Thanks and RegardsCYRUS432009-09-21 18:36:51
  9. Hi Guys I have not stoppped visiting the thread. For a very long time i had not seen any reviews on my question hence the pause for a while. I am extremely happy to know that there are so many Fabia fans. The entire thread has made me look at Fabia only rather than anything else. I might visit the dealer today itself and finalise issues on booking the vehicle. There was a question raised by a member that there are so many cars in the pipeline in the next few months and hence should one opt for Fabia at this point in time. If my review of the auto market is correct, i do not see any diesel cars being launched at this price and comfort at least in the next one year ??? Almost all cars are petrol whether hatchbacks or sedans. Would be happy if some one could confirm my study
  10. I think i10 is in. Swift is good but with features, i10 scores far better. Place your bet on i10 and you will be a happy customer for sure
  11. Fulcrum Your proposition is absolutely right. You should not go for the Fabia. I think, your choice of Swift DDIS ( Suzuki is by far the largest selling car maker in India with great ASS) makes absolutely great sense. Especially when you have considered the following 1. You do not want a Volks Wagen Car ( Other Brands under the same parent are Bentley, Audi, VW and Skoda) 2. You are absolutely not interested in unimportant things like refinement, luxury, style statement, Brand Value, performance, features, safety standards. 3. You already are sure that everytime you go the service station you will have to shell out heavy bucks or at least a buy wheel cap worth INR 2K while in other cars the savings in the services cost is so much that you will have enough to buy a second car. The last time i took my 800 after the free service period was over, to the authorised service station, i had to shell out only 5K for regular service and steeing greasing. This car has run only 9000 Kms in 2 years At the end of the day, its your call and one needs to buy what fits in one's budget and which product makes one happy. My objective was to suggest a co AAA member to make the best choice and buy or at least consider a far superior product.
  12. Swift is very good and even Vista is almost close. But when you say you have a budget of 6 - 8 Lacs, a fabia would easily fit in that budget. When compared, a Fabia is miles ahead of swift and vista in terms of performance, built quality, interiors, style and luxury. The Fabia provides interiors which cannot be compared with either the swift or vista. In fact the comparison cannot be done as both swift and vista are hatch backs and Fabia is a PREMIUM hatchback. Suggest you please visit the Skoda showroom before taking a call and understand at length the features in the Fabia On the spares, i am sure you must be aware that once you buy either a swift or a vista, you have to get its first three services done in a years time and one cannot afford slightly expensive spares so many times in a year. Besides, in the case of Fabia like many luxury sedans, the first service happens only when you have done 10000 kms which means less going to the service station which means less spares costs. I am personally booking a Fabia in another 15 days after having done research on all hatch backs for almost 6 months now. At the end of the day its which car make you feel happy. Fabia does it for me.
  13. Thank you all guys. Practically all answers have led to the Fabia. On the resale value will Fabia score over the Fusion ? Coz at some point in time may be 3 or 4 years from now when i think of replacing the vehicle i should get a good price. Another aspect which i wanted to share with all was the fact that if one chooses to buy a Skoda Classic with black interiors, he can at a cost of INR 15K upgrade to two tone Black and beige interiors.
  14. Thank you for your prompt response. I now have two votes, including mine, on the Fabia as against 1 on the Fusion