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  1. Hi ,


    I have a 2006 Santro Berry Red Metallic color.I have more scratches on the left side of the car starting from front fender to back fender.When I asked for a quote in MYTVS they said RS 10,000 for repainting the left side of the car.I haven't inquired with Hyundai Authorized delear.I know many of you here own a Hyundai and that too in chennai.Please suggest me a workshop where i can do the repainting with less cost and good quality.

  2. Maruti Suzuki has managed to sell a lakh of Swift Dzires just 18 months after its launch in India. MSIL launched the vehicle with the same petrol-diesel combination as the Swift and priced it between Rs 4.49 lakh and Rs 6.70 lakh rupees.

    The company also said that it boosted production of Dzire from 4,000 units initially to 7,000 units a month now after people were getting tired of the 6 month waiting period that existing not very long ago.



  3. Hi suvirmathur, please most some bills you have paid and mails sent to Skoda. This is just to make sure that your case is valid since you posted only one post.


    You can join Team-BHP and get advice from members who are similarly affected by Skoda.  

    PS: I am not Skoda fan.