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  1. i 20 would be better when compared to service and maintaince .other than this both cars scoure same points.
  2. comgratulations ,realy a very good decision, Jazz is no were near punto.if you have booked Jazz then you have lost >1 lakh .
  3. I heared new Teana being tested and thats it.. no news of when it is going to be lanuched
  4. Honda has said 2000 units per month as their target ..I can bet that they will not be able to sell even 500 per month .At max they can reach 300 to 400 units per month.
  5. A big NO!!!!. you go for Linea.. ACI is not saying its highly ovepriced for 1.2 liter engine.. they are trying justify the price.. bad part Sudan2009-06-11 06:09:34
  6. its priced too high !.
  7. captiva would be the best option for now.I think a 3 years maintaince free warrenty is given by GM.please correcte me if i am worng
  8. Xlyo E8 would be best buy.
  9. hey pritm ..please don't start threads which are similar to Team-BHP. I am saying this because there is some discussion on this topic that thread started in Team-BHP is duplicated here. So we need to start a thread which given unique identity to this form. Please don
  10. TD both linea and Verna to make a decision. Both are equal positive and negative.
  11. cool finding man .. so we expect Punto to be with in next 2 weeks
  12. Its a good move by Hyundai to sell the outdated car
  13. it looks like cheap plastic toy.
  14. i10 would be best .I read the UK review and said its good but cabin is noisy. Sudan2009-04-20 11:20:26
  15. I am sure that this will be the civilian version of Axe.
  16. The interior looks worst than any other pickup. oh man with brown color dash and ash center console which never looks pleasant. why M&M taste goes so worst.
  17. hope it comes in our cars
  18. The BMW X5M and X6M are the latest offerings from BMW
  19. Sudan

    I20 v Fabia

    @Kinshuk please go through this thread before going for Skoda. Its in your hands to buy Skoda after reading this thread.
  20. can any one tell me when E class can be sold with discount of 10Lacs. why they haven't sold it before with the same price .This clearly shows that people are forced to pay more for what they get...if the model is going to be discontinued will not reduce there production cost for sure.
  21. yes i agree with speed.This SUV should be priced around 14L to15L
  22. Congratulations on buying a New Verna ..please post some pics when you get it.