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  1. @ Kinshuk /bluesapphire : even those want a sedan without boot no need to pay the premium price for the car whose actual price is less than what they get in hands. This is something the people who are buying should be aware of it.


    Jazz may be priced similar to other countries  but not all features given in other countries will be given to the customer in India.


    India customer should reject the car stating that its overpriced when compared to other countries. By which they will at least reduce the price or provide us with same spec what rest of world have. Indian consumers should wake up at least by now.


    Eg. I20 High/Mid end version has four wheel disc brakes  as standard but we don't get it here even though they are produced here.

  2. Hyundai Blue-Will Features-

    • Recycled PET soft drink bottles were used to make the material for the headlamp bezels

    • Engine lid and interiors make use of bio-degradable materials

    • all-aluminium Gasoline Direct Injected 1.6-litre engine mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission and a 100kw electric motor

    • glass area in roof incorporates dye-sensitized solar cells producing electricity to charge the batteries


    cheers smiley32.gif

  3. I can't really understand that ,when dollar goes down they increase price saying dollar price is low. When dollar goes up they  increase price and say dollar price is high.smiley5.gifsmiley7.gif

    The car manufactures never reduce their car price unless there is some sop by Govt and that too for limited period.

  4. This might come true but it might take time.

    In my view Tata Nano as power windows(F) in its high end at 1.75lk.

    so all people will demand power windows when they pay even 3 lacs for a car by showing Nano as an eg.

    So be read to get moreVFM cars.smiley17.gif


    I think we see a marginal decrease of price due to Nano effect or more features for the same price.

    Sudan2009-03-26 09:38:04

  5. @sgiitk:i am not sure whether in EII cities we have 91ON.

    But as far as i know there is no Indica/Vista EII ,its EIII which is sold in EII cities.

    So they would have done this to Nano too. Anyhow now base Nano is not 1 lakh its 1.13 +5K would not have been an big issue.


    I think in 2010 Euro moves to E V. so Nano Europa will  be  E V  for Europe  when released there.

    Sudan2009-03-24 05:18:55

  6. I didn't really expect TATA to give BSII & BSIII engine .In 2010 BS IV will come into effect for 11 cities and rest of India BSIII. So for 8 months they are going to sell BS II in non BS III cities very very bad part of TATA.

    This clearly shows that TATA doesn't care for Environment. smiley35.gif

    TATA has failed in Environment part. smiley7.gifsmiley7.gifsmiley7.gif

    Finally Nano is a polluting vehicle after 2010 with BSII.They would have given BS IV for all variants as goodwill   to protect environment.

    I am not against Nano but with the pollution standard.  

    Sudan2009-03-24 04:23:15