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  1. Varun, as said by thackervijay it will a sedan not a will not be possible for Hyundai to sell two Premium HatchBack at same time. This might be possible if Getz is discontinued and i20 is moved to Getz segment.
  2. Going to wait till Sanand facility is Up.. I don't belive in lot
  3. Oh man.. if cruze is priced around accord or teana ..then there will no no takers for the cruze.. i don't think so that the car worth so much..
  4. Sudan

    New 3 series

    The car looks really cool.. I wish to own one
  5. Then what is use of reduceing CEVANT..Very bad news
  6. I think the build might differ from Indian make.. i.e steel qualtiy
  7. I think side view mirrors are long which will be easly broken in heavy traffic
  8. Sudan

    Toys vs Cars

    A good note Jbond .. what u have said is 100% true.
  9. GM can consider only CNG not LPG beacuse LPG has a big darwback .the engine will not respond to the acceleartor
  10. If their is no change in features of UK spec then price is good one.
  11. Sudan

    Car of the Year

    New City would be the Winner for sure
  12. now Hyundai as improved a lot US market also..many consider buying Hyundai...
  13. In business terms it's selling engine to Tata and even to MSuzuki for Dzire... It doesn't have any link between services... I think Fiat is seriously considering their own showrooms and that's y they are delaying Punto..
  14. Uk civic looks really cool and the interior with gear on dash looks nice but it is below than the Indian Civic Interior..
  15. if SUV chey-Captiva Saloon -Accord
  16. Major players are coming to India but giving us the models by removing half of the features (Spl.. safety) which they are giving for the USA and Europe markets... One of reasons for this is, no demand for those features and even though they remove those features they can sell in many numbers by saying this the car that is best sell in other markets... I hope that Indian buyers will awake on this.
  17. Even honda Jazz was said to be released in 07 but its not still released... I think out of 50 car only 15-20 will make their way to show room next year..
  18. u have three more months to cancel the booking u wait and see the launch of i20.. I have seen i20 test car its some wat bigger than getz and looks cool. There is desiel option for sure because they were testing diesel engine car also..
  19. I heard that In Us they have stopped Hummer H1 since it can't meet the emission standard that true?
  20. It's a bad thing yar.. finding a defect after almost 2 years.. I think MS would have received many complaint and they are forced to make this move..
  21. Driver Seats in Sport version doestn't have push back? ..In the pic i would see there is no space for push back...
  22. Its really a good news.. All most all of the customers consider about after sale service and give high priority for this.. If TATA can make this will surely will become a great lader..
  23. I think one only solution to stop their nonsense is to choose not to Vote option during election