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  1. I will suggest Renault Logan petrol higher end which will be around 5 -6 lacks on road.. You have realy a big space inside and boot,good mileage and maintance also will be low... i heared that face filted Logan will coming in early 2009.The only drawback is it has dull interior.

    if you want diesel you can go for swift...

  2. i10- a good car to drive in city with good mileage (higher price tag for you get)

     Wagon R duo- low running cost but may be replaced by Splash

    Estilo- no good looks..

    Spark- good mileage, city car and three year no maintance and service cost by which you can save good amount of money...


    i10/Spark will be a good choice..


    if your going to use only for office purpose then Spark will be the best since there will be no maintance cost for three Years!!!!!...

  3. Hyundai is testing I20 near chennai..I have seen many test cars ... even one with Left hand drive!!!!. They come to a petrol bunk(in Avadi) to fill the tank and i was not able to take pics since i was not having camera at that time.. The company is testing about 15 vehicels  both of petrol and desiel... They are driving about 400Km/day.. so i hope I20 will be a better car than GETZ..

  4. It is because the buyers are satisfied with what they give. It will change only when we the Customer demand more from them for the same Price..

     In India most of the buyers see only the fuel  and low maintenance  cost but the Quality, features they give are not very important for most of the customers... Even VW jetta doesn't have side air bags in Indian version but is has it in US version for the same price...