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  1. so whats the verdict..with abs or without abs. its confusing me...
  2. Guys, 1. whats the best upsize for vdi+abs on stock rims if they permit... the tyre size of zxi 185/70 2. better headlamp bulbs...(which ones) Hope fitting it doesnt void warranty etc.
  3. Dude, you didnt get the context. I meant that the gears are easy to operate than of indica and vista, Indica is so rubbery doesnt seems like whether gear is engaged or not. Vistas might be cable operated with bells and whistles but it wasnt as easy
  4. thanks sarabjeet i was just wondering that zxi alloys with 185/70 tires dealer has quoted 22k for the same, he says something about genuin alloys from maruti is this deal fine for 5 tyres thnx
  5. dealer made a goofup...he has ordered normal vdi , whereas i told him vdi+abs. Now the dilema is that i really dont know what to do.. normal vdi will take 45 days and vdi+abs will take 90 days does abs on vdi really makes a difference or it can be ignored.. thanks
  6. Because of revised gear ratios to improve city driving..
  7. Wow thats good news for Vista.Indica.. Can you share the comments made in the mag here.?
  8. Surely, I will update the details in a new thread once I recieve the car. For now the ETA is sometime in Nov. Done booking Ozone Blue Swift Color Vdi with ABS. For now thanks to all CIAO soon @Fulcrum
  9. thanks guys.. so its ozone blue swift ddis abs for me.. inputs were really valuable. Booking one today Regards Rahul