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  1. so whats the verdict..with abs or without abs. its confusing me...
  2. Guys, 1. whats the best upsize for vdi+abs on stock rims if they permit... the tyre size of zxi 185/70 2. better headlamp bulbs...(which ones) Hope fitting it doesnt void warranty etc.
  3. Dude, you didnt get the context. I meant that the gears are easy to operate than of indica and vista, Indica is so rubbery doesnt seems like whether gear is engaged or not. Vistas might be cable operated with bells and whistles but it wasnt as easy
  4. thanks sarabjeet i was just wondering that zxi alloys with 185/70 tires dealer has quoted 22k for the same, he says something about genuin alloys from maruti is this deal fine for 5 tyres thnx
  5. dealer made a goofup...he has ordered normal vdi , whereas i told him vdi+abs. Now the dilema is that i really dont know what to do.. normal vdi will take 45 days and vdi+abs will take 90 days does abs on vdi really makes a difference or it can be ignored.. thanks
  6. Because of revised gear ratios to improve city driving..
  7. Wow thats good news for Vista.Indica.. Can you share the comments made in the mag here.?
  8. Surely, I will update the details in a new thread once I recieve the car. For now the ETA is sometime in Nov. Done booking Ozone Blue Swift Color Vdi with ABS. For now thanks to all CIAO soon @Fulcrum
  9. thanks guys.. so its ozone blue swift ddis abs for me.. inputs were really valuable. Booking one today Regards Rahul
  10. I will TD the quadra again in a few days time to see it again however the scores with all of guys inputs and mine included stands right now at 2:4 out of 6 for vista vs ddis
  11. Guys i have driven both quadra and ddis. To me i need a predictable handling car where swift excels. To me reliability matters the most, and thats where the DDis Excels. Vista has to prove itself and it will surely over a period of year. Ialso disliked the gearbox. Frankly if you ask me, Swift DDis is a drivers car and gear shifting is a delight which I found opposite in Vista. its a little sedate.. In our large indian family, i had a privilege to drive many cars... Embera Petrol (WOW), Scopio, Safari, Indigo's Indica, Swift vXi/zxi etc etc. but alto is my first car in the stable, & DDIs will complement it. So thats where favours are shifting towards maruti stable. Not sure if all know...Vista's had been recalled for retrofitting umm something to do with Suspensions or like that I heard it when i was pricking the indica vista sales guys for immediete delivery. Having said that, Yes vista is VFM, but then everday you dont get a Superb Multijet mated to Jap gearbox . I am still waiting on final words on Vista before moving on with DDIS with ABS. Apart from this.. can the chakkas which come with zXi Swift be fitted directly to VDi. Will it hamper ABS.(i read somewhere it does) Thnx
  12. Ok am back from DDIS Vdi test drive. Demo car was run for 30k. Clutch action was little harder than my alto but light nevertheless.. comparable to new Vista. Headroom was awesome... i mean i had plenty of space above my head but sidespace wasnt comparable to Vista.. Seats were firm and I was sitting straight up with fair visibility on the fron t and side barring someblindspots on the column near the rear view mirror outside wala. Gear Shift.. Awesome... slotted perfectly without any drama. acceleration was amazing. Best part i liked was the steering. Felt good for me.. go. Swift felt lighter than vista.acceleration was vrrooooooooom after 2k. Ride was a notch below vista. We found boot space to be ok given the space as muchas alto or id say a little more i guess. rear seat comfort was ok for me. but then no rear defogger or something like that etc etc. but the car felt in control through out the testdrive.. sale adv told me toput car in 2nd and press the pedal to metal and then brake i n traffic to jude the handling. Yes there is a problem when reversing the car.. cant see much behind. but then why not park sesors etc. vdi comes with mannual central lock with iCats so its fine for me from that perspective. Ah one more thing this demo car was rattling like hell.. god knows why. sales guy said sorry some loose panel in back Now interestingly sales guy says.. not to go with abs and save 20k. ( i dont know why, but the logic he gave also was right.. u are driving alto without abs..or for that matter only 1% of cars on indian road is w/o abs.so you dont really need it ) wait period 2-3 months.. agreeing to Jan09 reg just incase the car lands in Dec post 15th. So now here is my ques for gurus...Vdi with Abs or without abs... does it make difference.
  13. My closest friends are desisting me into buying Vista as they are saying let Tata Vista complete one year or so & then plunge into it. Any ideas why
  14. thanks guys... seems like Swift VDI+abs is worth the situation given that 99% i will be driving the car and well I like the way alto handles predictably and i assume swift handles way much better. Swift VDI long termers how do u rate the drivers comfort during long drives. I am yet to get a td for vdi from maruti dealers
  15. thanks for all the comments dear friends.. just returned a while from vista quadra testdrive Here are my 2 cents.. The car is spacious and the seats are firm and accomodate the occupants well no doubt. I had to crank the engine twice to get it started.(maybe alto spoiled me with a short crank). The diesel clatter of yesteryears is not noticeable . Since the height of the driver seat was mid way heightwise, there was merely a three fingerwidth distance from the roof and i had to lower down the seat.(good point for the height adjuster) but the lever intrudes when egressing the car. Interiors are pretty bright and spacious. I had a tough time judging the front portion of the vehicle due to high dashboard (negative for me). gears shift were notchy and nothing to write home about.. altos is better anyday. While on the road, felt like a boat when accelerating and cornering and felt handling could be much better anyday. I mean it wasnt predictable. seemed to go like a slow motion. i mean it might get better as u drive it more often as u get used to it. past 2k rpm in traffic felt it would loose control if a driver wasnt careful . the test car had 1000kms added. The car sure is heavy and it does show when taking ride over potholes and doesnt like changing directions often i also heard that the car was recalled to TML factory for some retrofitting or something like that thats why the delay in delivering the vehicles. all in all a good vfm package and a sedate car but have to get used to the size of the car. i am sure post 1 yr this car will have all the niggles ironed out the diff between quadra top end and ddis abs is mere 34k in pune. since i tded the vehicle for mere 5kms only, these are my thoughts first hand. maybe my last choice so this sunday it will be a ddis to TD it sure is going to be tough call thanks to all
  16. Thanks viveksonkhla for your inputs.. This is where it gets confusing... Somesay Swift for the rush it provides along with the mileage both in city and highway Somesay Vista with the sedate 1.3 Mjd which is good city performer with sub-optimum highway performance . Damn.. I am so spoilt by the choices present...