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  1. Ok, I've suggested the top 10 best bikes of all time, now let's have the best looking racing cars of all time. May I start with the following: 1) Lola T70 2) Ford GT40 3) Lotus 49 4) Tyrrell OO1 5) Ferrari 1997 F1 car 6) Ferrari 330 P4 7) Lancia Stratos 8) Porsche 917 9) Maserati 250F 10) Mercedes-Benz 196
  2. When I was at Car magazine (where I first came across Hormazd) we had an RC45 on long term test for a month. The very tall first gear was a bit annoying in London but fine outside the city. I nearly wrote it off outside Kings Cross station racing the editor on his Fireblade. Good bike, but not as good as the RC30.
  3. No. But if you want me to put in a Harley I will select the XR750 dirt tracker as used by the recently departed Evel Knievel.
  4. The four wheel enthusiasts have run a top ten of the most gorgeous cars of all time. Time for us bikers to do the same I think. Here's my list: 1) Ducati 916 2) MV Agusta F4 3) Honda RC30 4) 1978 Ducati 900SS 5) 1966 Triumph T120 Bonneville 6) Moto Guzzi MKI Le Mans 7) Honda CB400F 8) Kawasaki Z900 9) Egli Vincent 10) Benelli Tornado
  5. You don't like the Dino? I've never read or heard that before. I once had a weekend in the West of England in a dark blue one and constantly had people tapping on the window saying how good it looked. At least I think they meant the car.
  6. We're coming in the first week of April. For a fortnight. I once made the mistake of coming to Delhi and Agra in July and nearly died of the heat. I think the hillstations will be lovely at this time. We're certainly looking forward to finding out.
  7. I think one of the problems is that too many people shrug their shoulders and say 'well, that's the way it is here'. Perhaps a hard-hitting media campaign on the misery caused by road accidents would help. Also, the message should be put across that India is going through great change and taking a bigger and bigger place in the world. It is a point of national pride to cut the horrendous death toll.
  8. Holy smoke, I haven't got around to writing a post in the now not so new forum. There's no excuse. Mrs Goodwin and I are holidaying in your great country in April. We're going to visit Simla, Darjeeling, Dhramsala (spelling?) and Delhi. I haven't been to the north of the country for over 20 years and I'm very excited. My last visit to India was a couple of years ago. Not long, but as usual I will be shocked by the lack of road safety and basic rules of the road. I like driving freedom as much as the next petrolhead and wish the UK was less regulated by speed cameras. Fact of the matter is, too many die on Indian roads. Just as bad, nothing seems to get done about it. I couldn't believe the Mumbai Puna expressway, for example. Nothing is easier to police than a toll road yet I encountered a truck driving with no lights on it late at night. You don't jail the driver, you just stop him driving until his truck is fitted with working lights. Of course, I'm just a tourist with a love of India and of driving. You live in the country, what do you think should be done? Am I being harsh or over critical. Quite a serious post for Goodwin. Don't worry, the next post will tell you about the ?250 Volvo 850 currently outside my house and what I'm going to be doing with it tomorrow. Nomex is involved. Cheers for now, Co
  9. Hi everyone, Colin Goodwin here - as in the Good Life. Lover of fast cars, motorcycles and aeroplanes. And of India, of course. Looking forward to getting stuck into some good discussions with other forum members. Theres certainly plenty to talk about. Current garage is as follows: 1970 Porsche 911S and 1985 Mercedes 280SL. New Fiat 500 on order, should arrive early next year. Very ashamed to say that I dont currently have a bike. Its the longest Ive gone without a motorcycle since I was 13. I have my eye on a new Triumph Street Triple - my wife says we can have one when her Mercedes is in good shape. It might take a while. Before that Indias greatest motorcyclist, Rishad Cooper, will have to be consulted on the choice. Anything anyone wants to know about motoring in Europe just drop me a line. You know where to find me. Ill be doing the same just before our trip to Northern India next April. Bye for now. CG FuelRunGod2007-08-15 23:02:46